Saturday, November 23, 2013

Anthropologie Review: Starlit Stripes, Channeled Dots, Leopardo, Gilt Bouquet and others

Oh the holiday dresses at Anthro this time of year! So fun to look at! I'm not exactly filling my dance card with a thousand parties to attend so I'm usually trying on these dresses for fun, but if one particularly struck my fancy perhaps I could find an excuse to wear it!

Starlit Stripes Dress (Size 2) by Leifsdottir
Leifsdottir can always be trusted to produce something interesting but this just didn't pass the test! The sequins are SOOOO scratchy on the top. Like unbearably so. And then the silhouette is so unflattering. The top is very fitted, which looks nice, but the waist is quite high with the skirt flaring out several inches all over from it. Yikes. Reminds me of Mother Ginger in the Nutcracker - what could I possibly be hiding under my skirt? Snacks for later? Several pregnancies? A flotation device?

 Channeled Dots Column Dress (size 2)
I tried this on on a whim and wow! I think it does the body good. The material is synthetic but is very soft and comfortable. Contrary to reviews online, I did not find this to run big at all. Most of the reviewers claimed it ran big in the chest, which for me is a plus, so perhaps that is why. I don't think the colors or shape is particular unique but I do think the overall look is incredibly slimming. Wish it wasn't on sale for $99. $50 would feel more appropriate.

Leopardo Sweater Dress (XS)
Soft. Soft soft. Oh my this dress is like wearing your favorite throw. I don't know if this dress got slightly stretched out or what but it definitely runs big. It looks fine in the photos but I definitely felt like it was too big in person. I don't think I can handle an all over leopard print but I love the material of this dress and the idea. Comfy chic.

 Starshine Brocade Dress (size 2)
I was attracted to the colors and shine on this dress. It's not terrible but it felt a bit snug up top. Here's another dress where the waistband is placed fairly high - not empire high but weird in between high. This placement always makes me feel like I'm trying to wear little girls clothing. If you are younger, this will be adorable and very festive (and on sale!)

 Gilt Bouquet Skirt (size 0)
I would definitely need my normal Anthro size 2 on this one. I could get it on but it was snug at the waist. It's very pretty - the overlay is beautiful and the volume of the skirt is easy and not overdone. The material did not feel particularly expensive to me but the overall vibe is elegant.

 Brocade Peplum Top (size 2)
Clearly this top is not meant to be layered over a voluminous skirt. I adore the print and colors. It fits fairly well and is a cute little top. Again with the awkward waistline - although I supposed this is more of an empire fit. It felt a little maternity but I still liked it. The material was way more substantial than I had anticipated and had a bit of sparkle to it. Nice.

Another sale item that I was drawn to because of the gorgeous color. In the pictures you cannot see the waistband which is a nice way to delineate top from bottom. In these pictures I think it looks like I have some weird long-waisted thing on but in person it appeared more proportional. The sweater knit on top is quite comfortable and the skirt portion is interesting. The delicate pleating gives it structure and the overall shape is more tulip rather than a-line. Everything seems to drape nicely.

 Roseate Blazer (XS)
Tried this on for fun. I love bold floral prints but this made me feel like a granny. Granted I would not pair it with an ornate sweater dress but still. The shape felt a bit too 80's (cue flash
 Sydney Moto Jacket (size XS)

Moto jackets are clearly in this season and I am still trying to figure out how to partake in the trend without looking too trendy. I think J. Crew has two excellent options with the Boucle Motorcylcle Jacket (see review here) and the Stretch Wool Motorcyle Jacket. Anthro has this cute little option. I liked that the jacket was out of sweatshirt/sweater material - really made it casual but in a fun way. The collar falls nicely and the quilting is super cute. my only complaint is that the pockets stick out a bit on the sides. If this one flaw could be fixed, I would be head over heels for this jacket!

So many fun things to see at Anthro. What is on your holiday wish list?


  1. Love the Tiered Arden and Channeled Dots dresses! I adore the shiny festive dresses, but I never go anywhere that fancy during the holidays.
    Thanks for the reviews :)

  2. The Channeled dots dress is definitely my favorite. It's so flattering - love it on you!