Monday, November 18, 2013

J. Crew Review: New Arrivals that I actually like :)

I've been a little off the Crewlade recently only buying closet staples (t-shirts and such) at rock bottom prices but I liked some of the most recent arrivals. I don't need anything right now and so feel happy to wait until after the holidays when I will have some gift cards and then inevitable 40% off sale offers. Does anyone else feel like these are happening way too frequently? I seem to remember 40% would happen about twice a year before - once in the summer to clear out that stuff and once after holidays. Now it seems like every couple of weeks! Not that I'm complaining but this tactic seems to mean that prices for items stay higher but you are offered 40% off which makes you more inclined to bite. Just a thought. Anyway, of course I fell prey to a few non final sale popbacks (hello vacationland dress, will you work for me?) but I'm going to try to abstain for while :)

Silk Boy Blouse in Owl Print (size 2)
I love anything with a bird print but didn't find myself particularly drawn to this blouse. That being said, I liked it more when I put it on then I did on the hanger. It has a nice relaxed drape and fit and the silk felt nice on the body. From far away, the printj ust looks like an interesting medallion print, not owls, which I sort of liked. 

 Boucle Motorcycle Jacket (size 4)
Love. Moto jackets are so in but I just feel sort of silly when I try on the leather ones. I have not been on a motorcycle since about 2000 and I've never driven one :) This is one size bigger than normal because it was all they had and I would prefer my normal size but this one certainly wasn't huge. It fits so beautifully and the boucle is really sturdy giving the jacket a beautiful structure. Too cute.

 Open Cardigan in Heather Graphite (XXS)
This is a size down from my normal. The knit is super thick and dense which I liked. The sweater naturally falls in the right places and hugs the shoulders correctly because of the thickness. It almost has a jacket like structure to it  which is nice. Definitely cozy. I don't think it's doing anything super fabulous for my body but I guess this style isn't really supposed to. A belt might add a little pizazz. I should probably feel embarrassed that I just used the word "pizazz".

 Double-Zip Sweater in Colorblock (XS) in Graphite Charcoal

Adorbable. Nothing super fancy but the zippers are a really cute touch. I prefer the way the sweater zips with the zip parts unzipped - a great way to give a peekaboo color or print underneath as well. The length is right, the neckline not too high, the colorblocking on trend. Very nice!

 Fluted Skirt in Double Crepe (size 00)
This is a size down from my normal and while it fit I would prefer my normal size. I liked this more than I thought I would but I still can't really get behind this shape. Feels way too skater to me but I think it would be cute on someone much younger. The seams at the top do make it lay well on the body and the "fluting" is well done. Just not my general taste.

Overall, I really like some of these newer arrivals, especially the boucle jacket. What are you liking?


  1. I've been seriously considering the Double-Zip sweater, but I'm not sure about the zippers at the shoulders. The Side-button sweater looks similar, so I may go with that one. Thanks for the reviews.

  2. Love that jacket and it looks amazing on you!

  3. I tried to resist but also got the owl print shirt. Never noticed the boucle motorcycle jacket until you're showing it, look great on you!

  4. I have the Fluted Skirt in both Black and Ivory. I love mine and have worn both several times. They fit my height well. I like the Moto Jacket too.