Monday, August 25, 2014

J. Crew Review: Military Shirtdress

I'm sort of in shock that this dress has already "sold out". Of course there are popbacks almost every day, but still... The reviews are all over the place with people saying they love it but the back fits poofy and that overall the fit is a bit snug in the shoulders. Here's my take:

Military Shirtdress (size 4)

First of all, this is one size up from what I usually take. It's hard to say if I would still need that post-preg but I did feel like this size fit quite nicely in the torso. The shoulder seams lined up with my shoulders perfectly and the top fit close to the body without being constricting. The material is sooo soft - like a sueded cotton? Love the shirttail hem - I always think that elevates a dress from simple to cute. The color is a perfect army green (the green looks more green in these photos than IRL). Also love no pockets. I know, I know. Pockets are useful but they are also dangerous. If they aren't perfect than you have a big ol' hip problem.

A close up of the button neckline. It's hard to tell but there's a grosgrain ribbon lining on the button placket which I really like. As you can see the back is not poufy at all on me but that is because my tummy is taking up about a foot of material on the front :)

Overall I really really like this dress. I think it would be easy to layer with a stripe tee, tights and booties in the fall. What do you think?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Ann Taylor Loft Review: Crochet Trim Tank, Doubleweave Cotton Zip Jacket and Lou & Grey Striped Chambray Dress

Popped in to make a return and a few things caught my eye. I have always liked Loft tees. They are super soft and I find that they hold up very well over time. Other items there have been hit or miss for me but I really think they're trying these days and I want to give them a chance!

Crochet Trim Tank (XS)
So adorable. I love any sort of tank that actually covers my darn bra straps. I would imagine this runs a little bit on the big side since I'm wearing an XS and it fits fairly well. The crochet trim is a darling detail and I love this color of steel grey. The crochet part stood up a little funny but I think that's because I'm really pushing the top part of that tank to capacity. Ahem, if you know what I mean.

 Lou & Grey Striped Chambray Dress (XS)
So super cute and summery. I love it. The material is super light and the stripes going in different directions are so cute! It was clearly tight but I'd imagine you could go with your normal size. A great throw on and go dress for summer.

 Doubleweave Cotton Zip Jacket (size 2) in Soft Teal Wash
The material of this jacket was so delicious. Stretchy but not overly so and soft yet structured. The little pouf sleeves were not too much and the whole thing felt well constructed. I always think I'm going to wear blazers but really don't that often so I passed but if you do wear them - this is a nice one.

The 40% off sale continues. Have you picked up anything?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ann Taylor Loft Review: Racing Stripe Maxi Tank, Wallpaper Floral Sweater Tee, Sheer Pointelle Cardigan and Striped Sunwashed Tank

I rarely even go in Loft but I probably should. They are churning out some cute clothes these days. My main turnoff is from an experience I had years ago where every single pair of pants I bought there stretched out beyond recognition. I just felt like I couldn't get my size right so I crossed them off my go-to list. They had a crazy 60% off sale items the other week and I thought it might be time to give them another try. I had seen the Wallpaper Floral items on other bloggers and was intrigued. Here's what I found:

Racing Stripe Maxi Skirt (XS)
 I keep on trying to get maxi skirts to work for me and I think I finally have to face facts and admit I just don't like them on my body. As far as maxi skirts go, however, I think this one is pretty cute. I love that it fit straight and the little racing stripe adds a bit of interest. The material is very soft and stretchy and very forgiving of lumps, bumps and panty lines.

 Petite Racing Stripe Maxi Skirt (PXS)
 The petite was a little too tight and short. Even though I am only 5'4", I would go for the regular on this one.

 Sheer Pointelle Cardigan (S)
 This one is so lovely! I love pointelle when it's done right and this sweater feels well made and adorable. Normally I would be an XS but with the pregnant breasts right now I sized up to a small and I think that was a very good decision. I didn't want the sweater to look overly precious so the bigger size helps with that - more length and not such a buttoned up 1950's look. Great summer piece.

 Wallpaper Floral Sweater Tee (XS)
 This sweater is quite thin but very soft. I think it would be good for work. I can't decide if it's sort of interesting and fun or heinously ugly :) The background is definitely more white than it appears on the website (which I like since cream/yellow tends to make me look ill). I think the fit is spot on and I like the interesting vines in the pattern. Still, do I want a sweater that looks like wallpaper? I don't know. Thoughts appreciated.

 Striped Sunwashed Tank (XXS)
 I ordered this tank because it was $6 and it's hard for me to find plain, not transparent tanks that hide bra straps. I own the maternity version of this and wear it all the time. It is thin but not overall so and I like the stripes.

 Striped Sunwashed Tank (XS)
 Not a huge amount of difference in the two sizes. I went with Xs because I like a little length and if it ends up being too big later on I can always shrink it. For $6, I'm happy.

Did you participate in Loft's crazy 60% off sale? What are you liking there right now?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

J. Crew Review: Gold Star Ecru Shirt, Popover in California Poppy and Feather Paisley Top

I am behind as usual and in full on nesting mode trying to prepare for the baby. This, of course, is a bit difficult considering I am home with my 5 year old all the time and she does not exactly enjoy games like, "Let's clear out the baby's room" or "Let's see what toys you can give to the baby". I'm sort of kidding but I am starting to feel like the baby will arrive and she will have to sleep in a bag by the side of the bed if I don't get my butt in gear :). Anyway, here are a few quick reviews to distract myself from my own lack of efficiency.

Popover in California Poppy (XS)

I like this print. I do not love this shape so so much. I tried it on because I spied it in the sale section while the 50% off was going on. I bought the feather paisley top which is the same shape so I passed. I definitely think you should size down on this one. Even at 8 months pregnant, there was some room on the side. I have a feeling I would like this a bit better loosely tucked into some jeans or something. The print is cheery and I adore the colors.

 Gold Star Ecru Shirt (XS)

I love stars almost as much as I love stripes so was very interested in trying on this top. First of all, the material is THICK. Reminds me of the same material as that military pocket shirt that was in the sale section FOREVER last winter. The stars look a little cheaply printed onto the material to me. They are slightly shiny but not that much. I was shocked to find that the XS fit perfectly which probably means you should size down on this one. It's pretty roomy. It's sort of cute but I definitely felt a little butch in it. That thick material - I just don't know how to wear it. Is it a jacket? A sweater substitute? Not sure.

Trying to work it in all my pregnant glory.

Feather Paisley Top (XXS)
I've blogged about this before. The colors and print are so lovely I just had to go for it. This is an XXS which is tight right now but will be the perfect amount of blousiness post baby. The material is rather thin but I think I can get away without wearing a cami. I love the contrasting trim at the neckline. It's those details that make this piece special.

I think I'm finally shopped out now that 50% off is gone - but I'm really looking forward to being able to wear some nice new clothes in a few months.

How are you feeling about J Crew's dwindling sale section?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Madewell Reviews: Nightsky Short-Sleeve Sweatshirt, Poncho Dress, Silk Pencil Skirt in Irisvine and Gymnasium Skirt

8 weeks to go! And thank goodness because now I am seriously feeling PREG-nant. Woah. My sleep has been so cooky. The other night my little bean got hiccups and I think they were pissing her off because she's hiccup about 5 times and then just thrust herself around angrily. Oooo. Funny to experience but not good for sleepy time. I've been stockpiling some Madewell reviews for a while and finally have had a moment to get them down today. Enjoy!

Unknown Tee (XS)
 I did know what this was called and then neglected to write it down so now I can't remember. It was on sale for $29.99 in store. It's an example of an everyday basic that Madewell does quite well. I liked the faded denim color of the shirt and the nice soft material that had just enough heft to it. Also love a shirttail hem.

 Nightsky Short-Sleeve Sweatshirt (size S or XS - can't remember)

 I'm pretty sure this was a size small but can't say that for sure. I was really glad to find this in store as I have a sort of weird obsession with short-sleeve sweatshirts and wanted to try this on. I didn't like the fit at all - too batwing. As some reviews on the website state, the bottom trim has no give so if you are hippy it might be a little snug down there. It's extremely comfortable but I didn't think it did anything exciting for the body.

 Poncho Dress (XS)

I was totally shocked that this dress has glowing review on Madewell! What the what? I like that it's different but it looks like I stole a circus tent, a fairly chic one, but a tent nonetheless. I don't know how you could make this look like NON-maternity wear. Even at probably around 7 months pregnant here, it was still way too big. In the first picture I'm trying to hold it in at the waist which improves the silhouette. The side view is ridiculous but that is because of my baby belly - not sure how it would fall if there was nothing there. I would size down on this one.

 Gymnasium Skirt (Size S)
 This looks atrocious right now but I can see it being so cute, casual and easy when I don't have things pulling it in every direction. It's just a simple little pull-on, stretchy skirt but I like it. I'm always looking for something like this during the summer when I just want to be super casual but still wear a skirt. Nice weight to the fabric which means it drapes pretty well. I tried on the XS at another time (my usual size) and I think that is what I would take.

This is my sucking it in (a hilarious practice when there's actually a baby in there and not just last night's pizza) and trying to wear it closer to my waist. Not obscenely short - yay!

 Silk Pencil Skirt in Irisvine (XS)
 Again, I love simple easy skirt in the summer. This is clearly more dressy because of the silk but the drawstring waist and print keep it appropriate for almost anything.

Here I am trying to wear it closer to my waist. Very nice, clean silhouette. I sort of love it. I always try to get a few things with elastic waists for post-babydom because it's nice to have just a little give while all your little pieces try to retract to their former state. 

Madewell's extra 40% off sale really cleared out some stuff but things pop back all the time. I highly recommend the very on-sale and highly adorable Back-Zip Sweatshirt and the not on sale but equally adorable Morningside Shiftdress

What are your favorites from Madewell this season?