Tuesday, November 25, 2014

J. Crew Review: Linen Baseball Tee, Side-Slit Tunic, Collection Tropical Jacquard Short, Collection Lace-Up Dress in Mixed Prints

a few more quick reviews!

Collection Lace-up Dress in Mixed Prints (size 2)
Okay. When Final sale goes away I get a little loony. I've been eyeing this dress forever and just wanted to try it. I knew I wouldn't keep it but I was just... so... curious. There is something sort of adorable about it - the print is so fun and upbeat. The pink on the torso is a little crazy. The worst part is the lace up. Seriously makes me feel like a 1970's pirate. it's a bit blousy through the waist and hip area. Fluttery sleeves make me feel a bit twee.
Still those colors - that print - loveth. I think i'm too old for this dress :)

 Side-slit tunic (XS)
The picture does not make this look so exciting but it is lovely. Just the amount of drape to hide the ol' baby belly and just enough hug to give some shape. Really like these.

 Collection Tropical Jacquard Short (size 4)
Again, final sale goes away and I start drinking the crewlade like a crazy cat lady. I actually really like these. I sized up per the reviews. The fit on the side and back is lovely. The front picture I'm not loving because there is a pleat on each side but I think it's also because I tucked my shirt in like a big dork. The colors are truly neon but when it's just a little bit on a short, I don't mind it.
Close up of print. Eee.... so fun!

 Linen Baseball Tee (XXS)
I'm not saying this is super exciting but me likey. Again, just enough drape around the ol' belly to not make my feel self-conscious. Plus, nice lower neckline. I sized down and that was the right decision.

Liking some of those old sale items. Perhaps I'm just getting sale goggles...

Sunday, November 23, 2014

J. Crew Review: Swiss-Dot Tuxedo Shirt, Sweatshirt Dress, Flannel Shirt in Buffalo Check, Cap-Sleeve Shirttail Blouse, Belted Cardigan

Just some quickies. The lovely bambino has been going to bed earlier and sleeping for longer and I have every intention of taking advantage of that!!

Swiss-Dot Tuxedo Shirt (size 2)

Yeah. Hmm... I love the idea of a tuxedo blouse but they don't look so hot on me. The swiss-dot is lovely and delicate but entirely see through. The collar seems strangely small. Out of proportion small. The fit is also a bit boxy. This is my usual size 2 and it was a bit big which is shocking since my chest is pretty large right now.

Sweatshirt Dress (XS)
I want to love this. Sooooo badly. It really is the most lovely heavy sweatshirt material and it feels like yummy yums on. I don't think it's doing much for my body. My husband asked why I was wearing a blanket. While I don't think it's that bad I'm not sure it's that great. I really want it to work and so am trying to find things to pair it with to fancy it up a bit.

 Flannel Shirt in Buffalo Check (size 4)
I like this shirt. It's quite bright and the material is nice and soft. I sized up to accommodate breastfeeding business but I think I would take my regular 2. It definitely feels roomy. Wish it were a bit more subtle but overall nice.

Cap-Sleeve Shirttail Blouse (size 2) in Clay Sand
I'd say you could size down on this one. I tried on a size 0 later and it also fit great. I'm actually glad I bought the 2 though because it was less grabby at the hips and I like the low neckline. The color is beautiful. I'll probably wear a cami underneath.

 Merino Wool V-Neck Cardigan (XS) in Heather Mineral

Love this color. It is great great great. Not sure how I feel about the length but I guess you can't have every sweater by boyfriend length. It was on sale for either $49 or $39 plus 40%. The wool feels thicker and nice. Only thing I noticed is that on some the button holes were sort of stretched out. FYI.

 Mohair Cardigan (XS) in heather river
Not a huge fan of mohair. I think the sweater is fine - love the length and overall slouchy fit - but couldn't really get excited about it.

 Merino Wool Belted Cardigan with Lurex (XS) in light mauve
This sweater is so confusing. The belt is a hot mess. I'm showing you the back because they attached the belt REALLY low so when you go to tie it, it makes everything bunch up. Frumpadumpalous.

I love it better without the belt but since it's attached it's a no go. 

 Crab Top (size 2)
I actually love the fit on this one. The stiffness is appreciated for a nice structure. The crab is a bit bizarre. My husband said, "Is there a beetle trying to pinch your breast?". That's not good. It's a shame. If it had a different graphic I would have kept it but as is, boo. Plus, as everyone has mentioned, the graphic does not line up at the seam. Sloppy.

Hoping for a fun black Friday promotion but often find J Crew to be a bit stingy. I supposed we'll see!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Anthropologie Review: Kmeria Maxi, Brilliant Bowknot, Sylvan Moto Roll-ups, Quilted Floral Pencil Skirt

I slipped into Anthro for about 10 minutes the other day to see if I could find anything fun in the sale section. Here's what I saw:

Brilliant Bowknot Tee in Turquoise (XS)
I adore the colors in this shirt but the fit is a little wonky. I think it looks passable in the picture but the scoop neck was REALLY low. Overall the shirt felt a bit big and like the whole thing was sitting too low on my body. Gorgeous colors.

Kmeria Maxi Skirt (size S?) 
I love the print on this one. I don't think it did much for my figure though - felt like the skirt wore me instead of the opposite. Also, it really feels like polyester. Like yucky thrift store 70's polyester. I don't think I could pay $99 for that.

 Sylvan Moto Roll-Ups (size 27)
I passed on these but that could have been a mistake. They are a nice light weight and the fit is very comfortable. Sometimes I wear a 27 at Anthro and sometimes a 26. I would say these are pretty true to size. Since they are cotton, I imagine they might stretch out a lot by day's end. Cute summery pants.

 Quilted Floral Pencil Skirt (size S)
I was immediately drawn to this skirt. I like the quilting and the drawstring waistband. The S actually fit pretty well but I just had a feeling that after I finish shaping up post-preg that I will wish I had the XS. It's so comfy - like wearing a sweatshirt on your butt :)

I didn't have time to explore much else at Anthro but am looking forward to a revisit. Hoping for a fun Black Friday promo...

Sunday, November 9, 2014

J. Crew Review: Sale Edition

It's 4 weeks in with new little love and although it was hard, I decided I needed to get a sitter. For just a few hours. I didn't exactly whoop it up but I did make a much needed trip to Trader Joe's and of course a little "treat yourself" stop at J Crew. I'm primarily shopping for tops that actually fit but not finding too much luck yet. My bottom half is returning to normal more quickly but thing's are still shifting about so I feel less comfortable shopping for bottoms. Here's some of what I found in the sale section:

Sequin Dot Tee (size S) in Navy
I actually like the drapey but shaped fit of this one and the nice scoop neckline. I'm just not a huge fan of the sequins sewed on it. It be quite cute on some but just not totally my style. In most of the tees, I sized up to accommodate my nursing chest.

 Side-Zip Stripe Tee (size S) in Bisque Authentic Navy

Size XS 
The XS fit better and still had plenty of room to spare so this is definitely an oversized top. I like the little zippers and the material but those drop shoulders! UGH. They always make me feel like a linebacker. I have a lot of striped tops that I'm still able to squeeze into so I passed on this one.

Side-Slit Tunic (XS) in Pale Pink
I realize this does not look at all impressive in the picture but I sort of loved it. Fitted enough at the chest and then floats away over the recovering baby belly. I really liked this pink color too. Unfortunately it is very see through so I knew this would be a pass. I did order the darker colors online to see what I thought. Looking at these pictures I realize it may have been prudent to try an XXS but I just ordered the XS. Good post-baby tee.

 Drapey Stars Tee (Size S) in undyed rose gold
The shape on this is nice although I think the sleeves are a bit too long. I did not like the stars - they looked really cheap to me. Very F21-ish. Plus, more see-through fabric. Why can't anyone make a t-shirt that you can actually wear a bra under?

 Lambswool Zip Sweater in Lavender Multi (size S)
Too big for sure so I would definitely take my normal XS. I liked the color a lot but the shape is a bit blah. The neckline is too thick for my btaste. I do like the zippers and the slightly longer hem in the back.

 Shiny Puffer Down Vest (Size S) in Navy
This is super cute. I love the shininess. The S fit very well. I wish there was just a little darting at the waist to create a little definition. I could use that right now :) I still feel like these types of vests always add visual poundage, plus I bought one at Madewell last year (although that definitely won't fit for a while )

Overall not super impressed but I did place an online order since the dreaded final sale has gone away. Yahoo!
Did you jump on anything during this promo?