Tuesday, November 25, 2014

J. Crew Review: Linen Baseball Tee, Side-Slit Tunic, Collection Tropical Jacquard Short, Collection Lace-Up Dress in Mixed Prints

a few more quick reviews!

Collection Lace-up Dress in Mixed Prints (size 2)
Okay. When Final sale goes away I get a little loony. I've been eyeing this dress forever and just wanted to try it. I knew I wouldn't keep it but I was just... so... curious. There is something sort of adorable about it - the print is so fun and upbeat. The pink on the torso is a little crazy. The worst part is the lace up. Seriously makes me feel like a 1970's pirate. it's a bit blousy through the waist and hip area. Fluttery sleeves make me feel a bit twee.
Still those colors - that print - loveth. I think i'm too old for this dress :)

 Side-slit tunic (XS)
The picture does not make this look so exciting but it is lovely. Just the amount of drape to hide the ol' baby belly and just enough hug to give some shape. Really like these.

 Collection Tropical Jacquard Short (size 4)
Again, final sale goes away and I start drinking the crewlade like a crazy cat lady. I actually really like these. I sized up per the reviews. The fit on the side and back is lovely. The front picture I'm not loving because there is a pleat on each side but I think it's also because I tucked my shirt in like a big dork. The colors are truly neon but when it's just a little bit on a short, I don't mind it.
Close up of print. Eee.... so fun!

 Linen Baseball Tee (XXS)
I'm not saying this is super exciting but me likey. Again, just enough drape around the ol' belly to not make my feel self-conscious. Plus, nice lower neckline. I sized down and that was the right decision.

Liking some of those old sale items. Perhaps I'm just getting sale goggles...


  1. Late to this party, but thank you for all of these great reviews. I am just catching up today. I love the merino v-neck. 12 gauge for once! Oh, the colors on that dress! But that is a confused style.

  2. Hi -- you sent an email to me and I can't find it. I even keyword searched mutu because I knows it was in there, but it's not popping up. Re-send?