Sunday, November 29, 2015

J. Crew Review: Some sale and Lace Panel Dress

I did a quickie run-in to J Crew on Black Friday and I was shocked, not in a good way. There was no signage about the "special 40% off" items and no treats or even particularly festive music. And most of the SA's were wandering around like deer in headlights. And it was pretty empty. Anyway, I wasn't looking for anything anyway but I was hoping for an air of excitement (which at least Anthropologie had down the way...)

Favorite Shirt (size 2)
I need a new white shirt and this one was excellent except it was so transparent. I really liked the length, the fit, the covered button placket, everything. Felt only slightly roomy in my usual size 2. I also ordered this classic white shirt which is slightly less transparent and also fits well. Not sure how I feel about 3/4 sleeves, but I might have to check this one out as well. Haven't tried this one at the GAP yet, but it's a steal at around $24.

Flare Dress in Watercolor Floral Print (size 2)

I've tried this on before. It's quite lovely and gives a really flattering silhouette. It is a little snug in my usual 2 but then again so are most things these days. Once winter hits, my body seems to want to pack on a little extra love around my middle... I did buy the shorts and I think they're adorable!

Perforated Drapey Side-Slit Dress (size 2)
I own the previous version of this in a size 0. This 2 felt really big. It looks fine in the picture but it just felt awkward. The previous version had complaints of a high waist but this one seems too low. Anyway, I do really like this dress and the color is bright and fun.

Lace Panel Dress (size 0)
This is the only new arrival I tried on and I think it will be quite popular. The placement of the lace is flattering and the overall shape feels classic and classy! The size 0 was way too tight - I would take my usual size 2 for this one (I typically size down in shift dresses etc but take a 2 in dresses like this).
This lace detail dress has a totally different vibe but I like it. This one at off 5th is white but also slightly less fitted which I like. Or if you like maxi length, this one is very similar but full length - fun!

Classic V-Neck Cardigan Sweater (XXS, XS)
I feel like I'm always on the hunt for cozy but nut not bulky cardigans and this one fit the bill. If you want a more streamlined look and don't mind extra fitted arms, size down. If you like things to just graze your body do your normal size. I like it both ways so I actually got this one in the XS for a little more slouch and another one for a more sleek silhouette. The sweater is super soft and cozy and I'm hoping it won't pill like crazy but of course it probably will ;) Joe Fresh makes this cute one in the same color for only $20. Madewell has been my go to for sweaters lately and I like the drapey look of this sweater and the classic look of this cardigan.

Did you do any shopping over Black Friday?

Monday, November 23, 2015

J. Crew Review: Plaids and lace

Boy Shirt in Blue Pacey Plaid (size P2)
 I apologize - the link is to the other Pacey Plaid because I cannot find a link to this one. Anyhoo - P2 is not my usual size but I really wanted to try this shirt before the return of final sale and it was the only size they had left. I actually like the way it fits except the arms are just a little too short. The fabric is fairly thick - in a good way - I actually quite liked it. I also like the vibrancy of the complementary colors - orange and blue - a nice and unusual combo for a plaid shirt. Wish those darn arms were longer in the petite. I think the body would be too long in the regular.

Close up of the colors - I'd say this is pretty true to the colors IRL.

 Boy Shirt in Dawson Plaid (size 0)
 I saw this in store and was attracted to the beautiful muted tones. This is a size down from my sort of normal shirt size at J Crew (who knows these days with all the crazy oversize fits) and there is still plenty of room. The material is quite thin and the shirt is LONG. I feel like I'm drowning in it a bit but it is beautiful.
 Ah. nice muted colors. My husband really liked this one but I'm not sure that it doesn't look too baggy. It comes in a scarf version which I'm pretty sure I'm destined to buy.

Boyfriend Flannel Shirt in Dark Plaid (size 0)
 Ok. This is seriously weird. I tried this shirt on last winter and returned it and then suddenly the other day there was a full size run available. It's been sold out for AGES! Even weirder is that the material feels totally different. The one I ordered last year was SOFT and fuzzy like an old flannel and this one almost felt rayon-y. The fit is just sort of off - the side slits are too high and the pocket are not exactly loving me.

I do love the different color combination. 

Other Plaid Shirts I'm contemplating:

Ugh. I love this dress because it's so darn cute and yet so darn comfortable and the vee is just low enough. The lace is REALLY nice. I would never have even thought to order the grey until I saw Gigi talking about it here.
I'd say this was TTS for me for shift dresses. I almost always go down a size when it's a shift. It's really lovely and a deal on sale right now! I might have to keep the grey and the navy!

I also tried Madewell's floral lace shift dress which is very cute and comfy but much thinner.

If you're looking for a slightly more bohemiam vibe check out this one from Nordstrom. I LOVE it. Definitely less dressy but probably more work appropriate for me.

I also love this Ella Moss version in a similar colorway. Definitely dressy and sexy with the detailing on the back. Check out this Lucky Brand version - again a little more casual but looks so comfortable and yet fun at the same time. Of course good ol' Forever 21 does a cute version for $17?!?!? And finally, this subdued one from White House Black Market is quite elegant.

Wondering what Black Friday will bring. I feel like I am usually disappointed by the major holiday promos at J Crew. Plus until that final sale goes away, I'm probably not going to bite on much. How about you?

Monday, November 16, 2015

J. Crew Review: Sequin Herringbone, Perfect Party Skirt and Windowpane Jacquard Mini

I can't believe I'm already thinking about the holidays and it's not even December. I can't help it though - I LOVE this time of year. We dragged the kiddos to the mall the other day (who am I kidding - they love it) and my toddler was mesmerized by the giant holidays balls and snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. My 6 year old chose every single set from the Lego Store and I got a few minutes to go in J Crew. Happy holidays indeed! We don't go to the mall too often - most people around here hate it (I have no idea why - I think it's convenient and awesome) - but my daughter loves it. She said, "I love it here. Everyone just looks so happy". Tee hee. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Martie Pant in Sequin Herringbone (size 2)

I'm usually a size 0 so I would definitely say that these run small. Of course I have also gained about 4-5 pounds recently because of Halloween candy and I think hormones. Baby's nursing less and everything is rebalancing so here we are. Anyhoo, I think as soon as I stop eating crap from 9-11 I'll be just fine. They are very lovely pants and the sequin is subtle enough that I think they could work for day. The length is perfect for me (5'4") and I like that they are not "grabby" anywhere. Felt very classy.

 The Perfect Party Skirt (Size 0)
I'm showing a close-up of the lace because I'm just not loving how it's thrown on there. I find it a bit strange. This also fit a bit snug for a size 0 but I think a size 2 might be too big. I would not call this a party skirt - more of a office party skirt?

 Zip Mini Skirt in Windowpane Jacquard (size 2)

I never gave this a second look online because it just didn't appeal to me. Even in these pictures I find the colors a bit dull. But, in person, the fabric is really gorgeous - so many beautiful colors to pull from. I do often size up in the minis so I think this is TTS. It's a thick fabric and I just felt like it looked a little too stiff on - wasn't as flattering as I wanted it to be. I might try it on again after I kick my bloat pounds :). It's on sale and also comes in this cute dress and these even more adorable pants that I just may have to try.

What have you liked from this most recent rollout?

Sunday, November 15, 2015

J. Crew Review: Campbell Blazer, Perfect Shirt in Stewart Plaid and others

New arrivals are here and they are altogether pretty darn cute. I still don't understand what is going on with pants at JCrew - I really wish they would bring back the cafe capri (not updated please) and the andie chino but... I'm loving all the plaids. I am a total plaid addict and there are some cute ones right now. I love the Ridge Plaid - reminds me of a plaid they put out about 5 (?) years ago that I never added to my closet. Also wish I had been able to try the already sold out Black Watch Tuxedo Pant.  I'm trying to mostly resist until after Christmas sales (boy that seems a long time off) but I'm enjoying making spending plans :)

 Collection Featherweight Cashmere Long-Sleeve T-Shirt (XS)
The online reviews say this Cashmere T is itchy but I didn't find that to be case at all and I'm pretty sensitive to sweaters. It is really thin but I expected that since it is called a t-shirt. It definitely runs SMALL. I would size up at least one size. Nice 3/4 sleeves. Felt dressy and polished. And on sale. I'm wearing it with the Zip Mini Skirt in Windowpane Jacquard which I will review shortly (size 2).

Sweatshirt with Side Slits (XS)

This also ran small. While I liked that it gave me a nice shape I felt like it looks funny for a sweatshirt to be so tight. I think I would prefer a size small. The side slits seem a little high but I think this would be better in the bigger size. I found this cute little one at JC Penney for only $26. I like the look of it for running to the gym.

 Perfect Shirt in Stewart Plaid (size 2)
I own the original of this but I think this one is slightly more vibrant in the color department. It is such a lovely plaid and I will say that I've worn my old version constantly. When I was in the store, there were 2 other women trying it own and both ended up buying it. It felt that it was a little snug in my usual size 2.

Solid V-neck Cardigan Sweater (XXS) in Midnight
Oh how I wish this were longer. I love the merino knit, the color, the placement of the v-neck, but it's just too short. Granted this is a size smaller than my usual size (only one I could find) but even an XS would be a bit short. I prefer things hitting at least at the hip.

Campbell Blazer in Blue Herringbone (Size 2)
The herringbone fabric is so beautiful. I'm not loving the single gold button or the fit though. I love the idea of a blazer but feel like they always make me look a bit brawny on top. Too much shoulder even though I'm not very broad-shouldered at all. Maybe a petite would be better? Or maybe something more fitted like this. If only it was in my budget...And, I never shop at LLBean but this blazer looks so nice - very fitted and classic.

Have some more reviews coming up... will try to post soon!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Banana Republic Reviews: Sloan-Fit Faux-Leather Trim Ankle Pant and Shirred Gray Knit Dress

I'm telling you, Banana is really doing something right these days. Or maybe my aesthetic has changed, I don't know, but I'm really liking what they're selling. They've been doing this Friends & Family deal where you get 50% of 5 full-priced pieces. I'm such a sale shopper that it's hard for me to even consider this but I find it's a good time to stock up on items that usually don't go on sale there. Last round, I got the Indigo Skinny Ankle Jean and the Medium Wash Skinny Ankle Jean. They are very similar but different enough and I love both of them. Highly recommended. I'm pretty intrigued by the gray and black versions as well.
Anyway, here are a few reviews...

Textured Tunic Tank? (XS)
I'm not actually sure if this is the Textured Tunic Tank but it was the closest I could find. BR has a funny way of letting items disappear off their website. I was drawn to the soft material and the lovely color but the fit is a bit off. Those armholes. Boo. So much bra. If you are ok wearing a camisole, it is a very comfortable little tunic and looks great with the pants I am about to review below for a monochromatic look.

 Sloan-Fit Faux-Leather Trim Ankle Pant in Black Rose (size 0)
I love the Sloans. I have them in navy and a textured style that is sold out now. I vary between a size 0 and 2 in them. These 0's felt a bit snug but they also felt like they would stretch out a lot. I loved the little leather trim and the great color. Unfortunately, the leather trim sort of made the pockets stick out a bit so I would be tempted to just sew them shut if I was going to buy these.

 Shirred Gray Knit Dress (XS)
Eek. Feels like a sweatshirt looks like a dress! There should be a jingle for that. This is literally like wrapping myself in a chenille throw and yet I feel pretty sexy in it. Definitely needs some jewelry and booties but yowza - comfy cuteness personified. My regular XS felt very good. Lots of onlines reviews were complaining about the waist being too big and I didn't really find that to be the case. I sort of know what they're saying but I'm glad it's not tight everywhere. I do like to breathe. And eat.
Also comes in a sassy skirt version.

 Shirred Gray Knit Dress (PXS)
Sometimes the petite sizes are better for me but yikes this is too short. And while we're at it, too tight. Still feels awesome though. Also comes in other colors in this form. Looks basically the same but I think the material content is a bit different. Love the blue and mauve-y shades.
Sort of reminds me of the material on a Velvet dress - I found this one that looks similar but is in a beautiful cobalt color.
And look at this other cute look alike that comes in lovely colors and is under $60.
I've never tried ModCloth but I LOVE this tie-dye like version. The tulip hem is so cute! And $20.99.

What do you think of BR's latest?