Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shoe Review - Ivanka Trump Indicon

It is rare that I invest in new dress shoes. New flip flops, new clogs, that's about it. I'm loving the leopard print craze right now but on the clothes. Doesn't look great with my skin tone and a little too bold for my taste. I'm more of a graphic print girl. Anyhoo - snagged these on the 20% off promo a few weeks ago with the thought of just trying them on and probably not keeping them but... woah. They are fabulous.

Excuse the pics - it is really challenging to take pictures of your own feet!

Ivanka Trump Indicon (size 7.5)

I don't know if it's possible for a shoe to be "slimming" but if it is, these are! The pony hair is wonderful, the print is perfect (a lot of online reviews says it looks cheap but I disagree) and they are super padded. When I first put them on and I didn't think they would work - I have bones jutting out on either side of my foot and it makes it tricky to find pointy-toed shoes that fit - but the minute you take 2 steps in them they soften right up. The heel height is perfect and the overall look is so elegant. I HIGHLY recommend these shoes. This might be my chance to jump into leopard this season.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Anthropologie Sale Purchases - Popham Peacoat & Tsuru Blouse

I really just grabbed a few thing in store and I'm still not sure what I'll keep. One is an adorable cashmere beanie for $10! Yay. These are the other items:

Popham Peacoat  (size 2)

I probably could have taken a 0 in this but things were moving fast and I didn't see one and I'm glad I even got the chance to snag a 2. This coat is SOFT and the colors are so vibrant. The toggles are wonderfully rough and the lining is well done. A really well made coat for $65! I'm not sure if I NEED this so much. I do have another swing coat in a blue color AND I just bought the herringbone poncho from J Crew. But this is tempting. Like wearing the blanket at a football game. Except nicer and more flattering.

Unknown purse by Long Boom?

There is a long shoulder strap as well. This purse is adorable - similar in proportions to the Spotty Satchel that everyone loves. The color is a lovely tan/peach mix and the lining is adorable. Again, not sure if I need this right now - I am usually carrying my oh-so-chic diaper bag and when that is not in tow I have a huge satchel for all my school stuff. Hmmm... tempting.

Tsuru Blouse (size 4)

I grabbed this in the size 4 because the original time I tried it on it was a bit snug on the waist (size 2). I love this color but I'm not really feeling this top. The drape is a little off, it's a little low cut and I think I actually do need the size 2. The price was right but the fit, may be not.

Still waiting on my Art of Parties dress (please please let this be fabulous on), some shoes including the colorblocked heels and another little frock.

Anyone else debating some 50% off items?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Anthropologie Reviews - Graphic Flutters Dress and more...

I meant to get these up during the big Black Friday promotion but I was too busy shopping! I have never really engaged in Black Friday as I have always lived in NYC and the idea of fighting those crowds is just not very appealing. But now that I am in a much smaller city I thought it might be fun - and it was! I hit the online and in store Anthro sale and scored some goodies - I will post those later. Here are a few try-ons from earlier...

Linea Cropped Cardi (XS I think) in Lilac $49.95
Love the snaps and the fact that this looks sort of handmade. The arms were a bit snug so I would probably want a S. I passed because I am always wary of anything cropped - not so flattering on the short-torsoed. Maybe having some regret not purchasing this as the knit is fairly substantial and it is sort of adorable in a retro sort of way. Alas.

 Love the vibrant colors of the print and the blue panels at the shoulders but overall - just too shapeless for me. Especially at that price.

Unknown Chemise

The print is lovely but there are snaps down the side and I didn't see this as something totally comfy to sleep in. I am currently interested in upgrading my sleepwear (really, is there anywhere to go but up when you've been wearing the same stained t-shirt for 2 years?) but this is not quite it. I had my hands on the PERFECT one at the 50% off sale but somehow dropped it and that was the end of that. Boo.

Oh my God. This is the most divine dress ever created. The silk is woven by angels in heaven and the print is so delicious that I want to dive in and live in that wonderful little world. This entire line at Anthro is amazing. I want every piece but can afford none :). This dress has a lovely interior button at the waist which is why it makes me look like I lost 12 pounds from the side view. My normal size 2 was maybe ever so slightly snug on the bust but that is because I am quite busty. If I had anywhere to wear this I would ask for this for Christmas. Colors, fit, material - finally a piece worth it's pricetag. I drool. Profusely.

Tiered Stripes Dress (XS)

Bow chicka bow bow. I definitely need a S - too tight! I do see the draw of this dress however. Super comfy, well made and weirdly flattering.

Cerulean Rising Blouse (size 4)

I almost bought this blouse but there is something "not quite" about it. I find the print a bit boring and the style is nice but doesn't quite flatter in the right spots.

I will post more later with my actual 50% off finds. I'm not sure what I will end up keeping but I sure had fun shopping!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

J. Crew Reviews - Heart Me Sweater, Dream Fair Isle Crewneck, Sparkler Skirt, and more!

My recent 30% off order proved to be not so successful so I HAD to go to J Crew to make some returns. They recently added a crewcuts and there was this little girl buying gold glitterati flats and a matching hair bow - I die. Adorable. I was happy that I didn't love love anything I tried on. A lot of it felt cheap - which is good news for my budget and the upcoming Anthropologie Sale.
Today 25% and Friday in the morning 50%!!!! Wowsers. That might actually make me get out of bed and go shopping. Maybe.

Dream Fair Isle Crewneck (XS) in Graphite

This definitely runs on the large side. I like the wide open neckline - super flattering, especially when you are super busty like I am. I wouldn't mind seeing it in the aqua color. I think I was loving it because I am still sick and it made me want to wrap myself in it with a hot cup of tea.

After seeing this on Shop with M here , I knew I had to try it on. It is very cute but I am not a fine of the "suckered" look that much. The up side is that the silhouette is very fitted, the down side is that it makes my normal size pull across the chest a bit more than usual.

Scoopneck Blouse in Wildcat (size 0)

I'm still obsessed with this blouse in the stripe version (although I have not bought it yet - almost did in store until I noticed that the seams were already stretched out on the front) but not loving it in wildcat. There is something funky about this pattern and I cannot exactly put my finger on it. Of course this is coming from someone who is a bit shy about Cheetah print except on accessories anyway. Like the Seine Stripe version of this top I was able to size down - although somehow this felt a tiny bit snugger.

Blythe Blouse in Silk Pebble Dot (size 0) in deep atlantic

I really needed a size 2 but they didn't have it so this is a bit snug. This shirt confused me. I feel like the style, color and pattern are all so outdated. The online color is NOTHING like the IRL color in my opinion. The color that is showing in my picture is much more accurate. I would like it a lot more if it was the color of the online version. Check it out here on Shopping on the Fly who somehow makes everything look adorable!

Stripe Sweater Dress (XS) in navy pine

I loves me a little sweater dress. I even appreciate that this one fits a bit on the baggy side because I could see wearing it over actual pants. It is super cute and the right length but the pockets killed it for me. I'm trying to show in the 2nd picture that they make the skirt part hang sort of funny. Bummer. It was styled with the snood so I threw that on for fun.

Heart Me Sweater (XS) in Navy Green and Cafe Capri in Plaid Wool (size 2)

The sweater is very cute although I was thrown off by the lop-sidedness of the heart - I thought it made my boobs look a little lopsided too :) The material does not feel fabulous on and the fit is a bit odd. I wanted it to be a little bit longer. That being said, it's super cute and not that expensive for J Crew. The pants are awesome - super flattering and seem to be running a little big. I felt like the fit was almost a little "boyfriend" which I loved. Unfortunately $138 for onlined pants is a big pass for me. Plus I accidentally picked up those Checked Crops from Anthro. Oops.

Sparkler Skirt in Tinsel Lace (size 4) in sandstone silver

This is not a gross picture of my midsection - that is the ribbon waistband. Don't panic.

Love the idea of this skirt - very sparkly and feminine. Don't think it does anything fabulous for my figure. Again, the material felt cheap, cheap, cheap. Kind of love it with the Heart Me Sweater. Fun party outfit.

All in all I liked everything fine but cannot justify shelling out major dough for items that do not feel well made. Wish the capris were lined. And cheaper.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone tomorrow!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

J Crew Sale Reviews - Silk Elodie Blouse, Vintage Cotton Rugby-Stripe Tee, Lady Lace Popover, Factory Blackwatch Tartan Wool Pants

So my saga of sickness continues! After semi-recovering from the flu, I now have pink eye and another sinus infection. I have no idea what is going on with my poor little body but I am tired of being sick! Luckily my doctor loaded me up on some meds so I am planning on being healthy for Thanksgiving. Ahem. Possibly for the rest of the year - I think I've done my time.

Anyway - finally got the energy to try on my sale items... here they are in no particular order :)

Silk Elodie Blouse (TXS) in Grafitti Green

Taking a cue from A Bigger Closet, I decided to try this blouse in a Tall XS. Although I am by no means tall, I have freakishly long arms compared to my torso so I thought it might work. Untucked, the shirt definitely looks too long. Tucked it better but the arms are too long and the tight cuffs make them blouse out in a sort of pirate sleeve way. Not loving it. Boo. Not sure I would love it in the right size anyway. When I originally tried it on here I was having doubts.

The material on this is a little funky but I like it. the cream stripes are definitely a bit see through which is probably why this color still lingers in the sale section. The fit is quite flattering - fitted but not skin tight. it was slightly pulling at the buttons but I would probably unbutton a few anyway. Like it but perhaps I need to face my newfound stripe addiction head on and return it.

Lady Lace Popover (XS) in Navy

This truly is a lovely little sweater - hugs in just the right places, nice open neckline, perfect length. Still a bit pricey for me with the 30% off so I'm not sure. The navy does not show off the lace as well as the other colors but it is still quite lovely.

Factory Black Watch Tartan Wool Pant (size 2)

This combo is straight from Shopping with M who did it here . Such a great combo. Holiday done right I say! My left hip looks really bit here... more on that later...

Most J Crew pants give me total waist gap - as you can see from the above picture the waist band lays perfectly flat. Yahoo!

So I really love these pants. I do not love wool but these do not bother me at all - soft, lined, yay. My one complaint is that they make my hips look a little big and that is because there is some major lumpiness where the pockets are. I am trying to show it in the close-ups but you can't really tell. I think it is called "cheap pocket construction syndrome" and I definitely think it makes me look slightly hippy. I might get over it though because these pants are wonderful.

That's it for now. back to meds and bed :) or chasing a 2 year old...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ann Taylor Loft - Flat Wool Twill Cropped Blazer Review and Marisa Modern Flare Leg Pants Review

I used to shop at ATL a fair amount for basic work clothes. I stopped because I grew tired of their bottoms stretching out. I have several pants and jeans from them that looked fabulous in the dressing room but by the end of the day looks saggy and dumpy. Nonetheless, I like to check them out from time to time as they have ridiculous sales and some good JC look-alikes.

ATL Flat Wool Twill Cropped Blazer (size 2)

This blazer is truly lovely. The wool is deliciously soft and has a lovely texture. The length is just right on my frame - similar to a schoolboy fit but more flattering. The shoulder pads were a little large for my taste but I think they could easily be removed by a tailor. I don't really need a blazer right now but I might keep my eye out for this one to go on sale.

Marisa Modern Flare Leg Pants in Bi-Stretch Twill (Size 2)

 Hmmm. First of all these pants are REALLY long - 33.5 inch inseam. They are back in stock in petites but the inseam on those is 29.5 inches which is too short! The material is thick and stretchy and I really like the color - could go with everything. They are pretty snug in my usual size 2 but a little loose in the waist. I took a close-up shot of my bum but didn't post it because it was a LOT of information :). Not sure if these would stretch out nicely or not. On the fence - desperately need some nicer work pants but feel like they might be a bit too sexy.