Sunday, November 25, 2012

Madewell Parkfield Shirtdress Review

was saving this review for a 3 shirtdress comparison review including one from Anthropologie and one from J Crew but thought it would get it up in case it pops back and someone is wondering whether or not to pull the plug. Here goes:

Madewell Parkfield Shirtdress (size XS) in Bandana Red

Note to self: when wearing with belt must slightly blouse the top of get weird butt bubble. Weirdly, I prefer this dress unbelted. I love the shorter sleeves, the shirttail hem the crisp collar. But is it too bland? I would probably wear a nice big necklace (a la Gigi from Gigi's Gone Shopping here) and booties. The question is - what to wear to winterize it? What color tights would work? And most importantly is it even flattering? When I look in the mirror I find it adorable but I'm not sure these pictures think the same. I think it's a great length and fit for work but it needs to be at least 3 seasons for me.

What do you think?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews- Sale!

With the much anticipated Black Friday sale coming up, thought I would review some items that are on sale and thus up for a (hopefully) big percentage off on Friday. This is a quickie since my last 2 days of work before vacation will be crazy ones!!!

On a side note, I was up for an upgrade and am finally getting an iPhone on Tuesday! YAY for better photos!

Basque Floral Dress (size 2)
So I do understand why people love this line - it is uber flattering and very '40's sexy. This is a size 2 which I could not even zip. It creates a lovely silhouette but I have to admit I'm just not comfortable with the sort of retro pinup girl look. I think a size 4 would have been fine (one size up).

So cute. And soft. And waist cinching. Only problem? Too much cleavage. I could maybe size up but I don't know if that would help anything. I'm definitely on the lazy side when it comes to wearing a cami. Would reconsider at Black Friday sale and perhaps take to tailor and have them sew it up a bit. Great for hiding a tummy and creating a waist!

Love the idea and colors but the shape is terrible. It just doesn't lay well on me and I felt like a house in this.

This looks blue online but I remember it being more grey in store. I LOVE the lounge section at Anthro. Some of the dresses are made as well as "real" dresses and the price point is so much more tolerable. This was basically cute and I thought about buying it but the pleats did not lay perfectly and I knew that would bother me. Otherwise, pretty cute and comfortable.

When this dress first came out I was immediately drawn to it: bright sunny colors and gold thread. It is quite lovely and the fit is spot on but I couldn't imagine where I would where it. The length is also a no-no for me. 

Excited for black friday. I went to my local store at 6 am last year and I actually had a really good time! I lived in NYC for so long I would have never DARED do BF shopping but where I live now - it's sort of fun.

Anyone else have plans for the big shopping day?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The One That Got Away? Anthropologie Reviews

Do you ever find yourself obsessing over something you decided not to buy? Then when you finally find it again (and usually at a good, sale price) you sort of wonder what all the hype was in the first place? I definitely do that. I think part of it is the game of hunting it down and getting it at a price that is reasonable. Another part is that I like to try on clothes and sometimes simply can't remember how I felt about it the first time I tried it on. I think a good rule to live by is - if you left it behind once, you should probably leave it behind again - but I definitely have trouble with that! Here is a case in point:

Dappled Sea Blouse (XS)

The pants are a pair of Joe's that I picked up that were dimed out but then they charged me a weird price for them.... still figuring that one out. So the colors are GORGEOUS but the pattern is pretty bold and the shirt is nothing but a light coating of chiffon on one's body. Plus the neckline sort of hangs open. I sort of love it but I don't think it's doing anything super exciting for my figure. Hmm...

 The fit on these is awesome. They are so comfortable and I think quite flattering. The problem: wow they are bright and flowery. It makes me feel a little bit like a grandma in Florida (not that that is a bad thing - I'm just not one, yet...). How do you style these without looking a) too trendy/young or b) too retirement old. I think I would just wear them with a crisp white cotton shirt but I'm still not sure I have the guts.

Pilcro Stet Bootcut Cords (size 27)

Mmmm... corduroys. I feel about corduroys the way Homer feels about donuts. Mmm... drool. Love to wear them in the winter - a touch classier than jeans so warm and cozy. I love that these are a thicker corduroy. I did decide to size up from my normal size of 26 which I often do in Pilcros. I just don't like the tightness on the thighs in my normal size. I think these are flattering, it's hard to tell. And maybe I don't care - they are so soft!

I'm really trying to save a little cash for what I know will be a fun sale season but it is hard! 

Anyone else finally reconnect with an item that got away only to be disappointed?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Silk Shirt (and a pant) Reviews - My New Obsession

Okay. So it's sort of ridiculous to become obsessed with silk shirts when a large part of your week is spent with a rambunctious 3 year old... but... it's my little reminder that I do also exist in the work world. I think you can throw on a silk shirt with just about anything and look fabulous. And I love the way the material feels. Light in summer, layer with a cardi or blazer in fall/winter. Fantastic.

Here are a few new silk ladies that I am contemplating:

Silk Boy Shirt in French Hen (sizes 2 and 4 respectively)

Sorry for the blurry pics, I'm not really sure what happened. You can see a better shot of this shirt on me here. There wasn't a huge amount of difference between the 2 and 4. Hens, silk, navy. Super cute. I think this shirt looks better tucked in. It's now sold out making me rethink my decision to return it. Cute, but will I tire of the chickens? Do I even like chickens?

This is a size bigger than my usual shirt size but I like having a LITTLE extra room since there are no buttons and of course no give. When I have this shirt on I feel adorable and jaunty. When I see the picture the scoop neckline seems a little plain jane to me. I do love the buttons at the shoulder and the basic look of it.

I am not pregnant - that is the drawstring to the skirt I am wearing.

Ann Taylor Silk Button Down Camp Shirt in Azurite (size 2 and 4 respectively) 
BTW, they just released this shirt in a very similar color for full price. This one is on sale for $89.99 online and I got it for $29.99 in store! Very similar to the Blythe but I love the roll tab sleeves. I think the 4 looks a little baggy. Very comfortable - seems to have a little stretch to the material.

Managed to snag these on popback during that crazy update the other day. I don't think the pics make them look that cute but they feel great on. I do wish the legs were slightly trimmer but I think the angle of my photo makes them look baggier than they are. They are so comfortable and make me feel super elegant. I would wear with heels, a white shirt and huge jewelry. My one problem is the length. I really hate that upper ankle length - I think it looks funny. There is a 1 inch hem that I could let out so maybe that would help.

What do you think? What are your favorite silk items?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Madewell Review - [BLANKNYC] Skinny Color Jeans

Ah, Madewell. It's been a whirlwind romance. I'm finding that every year I pick 1 new retailer to be obsessed with. 2 years ago it was J Crew. Last year it was Anthro. This year it may be Madewell (although this could be curtailed by the distance between me and an actual store). Since their jeans are risk-free, I thought I would five them a whirl. Here are the results:

[BLANKNYC] Skinny Color Jean (size 27) in Deep Blue

First off, the color does not feel like deep blue. It just looks like regular dark denim. I had a hard time capturing it with my camera but I didn't feel like these were a pop of color at all. I ordered up a size from my normal size 26 jean because a) these are skinny and I go up a size in JC Toothpicks and b) I am hanging on to a couple of pounds and am sick of everything feeling like a sausage casing. Grrr...

If you are looking for a skinny jean I think these are cute and reasonably priced. The mid-rise is comfortable and they are skinny without feeling ridiculous. The fabric did feel a little chintzy to me. Not soft, not that thick, slightly itchy if that's possible - but I am pretty sensitive.

The length I loveth. PERFECT. I hate those darn jeans that are too short - like really ankle lenght - not flattering on me. These just had a tiny slouch at the ankle.

Funny little detail on back pocket. Those are actually little raised bumps.

Anyone else try Madewell denim and like it?