Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Loft Review: Lace Tee, Lou & Grey Blouson Dress, Mixup Cardigan and Cloudy Cardigan

More reviews that have been sitting around forever. I had a little love affair with the loft at the end of the summer but I cut if off prematurely :). I sort of feel like I only have the time and energy to shop at a few stores. If I add any more to the list then the whole sale game becomes a full time job. Plus figuring out my sizing, if things stretch out a lot, durability, blah blah blah.

I DO love Lou & Grey. The materials they use are so soft and comfortable. Yummers. I am dying to try their version of the sweaterdress. Looks like something I could live in. Or this Silkwash Shirtdress? Looks so classic and yet laid-back at the same time. I bet their leggings are supersoft and of course their signaturesoft sweater looks way cozy. Zip-pocket joggers have been on my list of things to try and finally, a perfect tee. Now that I've drooled sufficiently over cute casual wear... on to the reviews!

Petite Lace Tee in Whisper White (PXS)
I've been really wanting a lace tee. Great way to dress up a pair of jeans and add a little sex appeal. Overall I liked this tee but didn't love that seam across the top (see pic below). That's hard for a busty gal to pull off. Overall the lace was nice and I really like the hem across the bottom.

Close up of seam and lace. Clearly I would wear a cami. I think if you are smaller busted this will drape better. I've been eyeing this tee at Anthropologie because I like that the whole tee is not lace. Makes it easier to wear. This one from Ann Taylor has a lot of detail and would be more work-appropriate but this one is sexier and comes in navy (my favorite) and is 50% off!

Lou & Grey Blouson Tee Dress (XS)
This dress is so soft - I can't even describe it. I have problems with blouson dresses - I'm never sure how much to "blouson" the top and so it ends up looking a bit awkward. Plus the skirt was a little short for running around town taking care of errands. But so seriously comfortable. And basically flatttering.

 Lou & Grey Blouson Tank Dress (S)
I think this is sold out now but this Lou & Grey dress is very similar and comes in a cute brick red color. I need an XS for sure. Again - the blouson. It just never lays quite right on me. Love the fabric. Stretchy and feels good.

 Lou & Grey Mixup Cardigan (XS)
Eek. A yeti! I love the whole waterfall cardigan idea but in this thick knit it becomes a bit overwhelming on my frame. It is soft and cozy though. Maybe a petite? Maybe just on someone taller. Love the idea. This Lucky Brand sweater has a similar vibe but I like the richness of the colors more.

 Lou & Grey Cloudy Cardigan (XS)
This one was a bit thinner in fabric and so it laid better on my body. Still a bit overwhelming but I wouldn't mind wrapping up in it on a cold winter's day. Loft also carries this Drapey Cardigan which has the same effect but looks way more flattering. Plus it comes in a beautiful burgundy which seems to be the color of the season. This Free People Waterfall Cardigan comes in a lovely light blue and looks light and breezy. And if you want to go luxe, this cashmere cocoon cardigan from Anthropologie looks divine.

Have you shopped Loft lately?

Sunday, October 25, 2015

J. Crew Review: Cropped Wide-Leg Trouser in Ikat, Embellished Striped T-Shirt, Placed Stripe T-Shirt

Oops. I've had these pictures forever but am only now getting around to getting them up. I just feel like fall has been whizzing by and I'm always running to catch up with it!

 Cropped Wide-Leg Trouser in Ikat (size 2)
I was drawn to the fabric of these - the colors are beautiful and the cotton fabric feels good on. The fit is tough. Pleats, wide leg, cropped - those are three words that I don't like to hear together :)

Here I am trying to "rock them". I don't know. I think if you are taller and straighter you might have better luck pulling them off? I almost liked them but just couldn't quite make it work. The 10 year old clogs aren't exactly helping things either...
This also comes in an ivory color which looks nice for summer. I think if I'm going to do ikat on the bottom I may have to check out these skinny corduroys or these cute little printed pants from Barneys.

 Embellished-yoke Striped T-Shirt (XS) in ivory navy
Let's face it, J Crew does striped tees pretty well, which is good since they produce a lot of them! I'm not into embellished stuff that much but I was pretty sold on this one. The embellishment is subtle but a nice way to add some interest to another striped shirt. TTS. I love this plain version from J Crew. Looks perfect! And this one on the Outnet is to die for! I know, it's a striped t-shirt but it looks like it would fit perfectly. I'm not familiar with Scotch and Soda but I think this version also looks pretty darn chic.

 Placed-Stripe T-Shirt in Navy Ivory (XS)
Another striped shirt! Quelle surprise! The amount of striped tees in my drawer is sort of embarassing at this point but I woldn't be sad to add this one. The fit was quite nice - slim enough without being clingy. I didn't love the dropped shoulder. Why oh why do they continue to do that? Otherwise cute!
I feel like this tee has a similar vibe but in lighter colors. I think I prefer striped tees with white as the main background color. And of course Boden's short sleeve breton looks like a classic but with .... yes, short sleeves.

Do you have a favorite retailer for a classic breton?

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Madewell Review: Silk Geometric Striped Dress, Silk Faux-Wrap Dress and Oversized Boyshirt in Edina Plaid

Madewell's 40% off continues and so do my reviews. Whoops - didn't quite get these up in time but I still hope they're helpful! I'm surprised by the number of fall goodies already on sale and many on promo so you don't have to risk final sale. I definitely don't recommend the game of chance with Madewell since their sizing can be all over the place. I will probably pick up a few more of these t's since the 2 I own have been in constant rotation. Will also probably get a few of the crewneck non-pocket version since they are a little more work appropriate.

Silk Geometric Striped Dress (size 2)
I like this - I thought it was basically a nice look. The deeper v in the back shows some necessary skin since the front is pretty covered up. I have decided that I am REALLY over elastic waists. It's hard to make everything lay well above and below the elastic and they really don't showcase the waist the way they should. The length was good for me at 5'4" - not too short and not frumpy long. Overall a big like for this one. If I were in NEED of a dress like this, I would be really tempted by this Diane von Furstenberg one. So cute! This one ain't that bad either. This one is more floral and less geometric but I love the print and it's on sale for $49 down from $195! And if you're looking for geometric Diane at a discount, why not head over to the RealReal Consignment and try this one. I've never shopped there but I'm intrigued...

Silk Faux-Wrap Dress (size 2)
I had such high hopes for this dress but the faux-wrap/elastic waist combo made for major pooch. I've found this to be the case with many a Madewell elastic waist dress. The amount of material on top is just too much and makes a little pooch pocket. Or above pooch as the case may be. Anyway, deal breaker for me but maybe if you're taller or less busty it would lay better. It also comes in a printed version with cute little dots and a lovely cabernet color. 

Oversized Boyshirt in Edina Plaid (XXS)
Adorable. Definitely runs big (I sized down and there was still PLENTY of room). It feels good on and the plaid is super cute. I'm trying to quit plaid shirts but this one is tempting. I'm curious about their slim boyshirt - that might be a good compromise between slouchy but not overpowering. I'm also a little obsessed with Denim & Supply plaid shirts - the colors are awesome and the prices not cray cray. Check out this perfect red and blue plaid and this great red and black version.

Skinny Fatigue Pants in British Surplus (size 26)
Hmm... I've been looking for a pair of olive colored skinny pants but these are not them. The rise is a little too high for my taste and the rear view is not good. Why why why do retailers but large flap pockets high on the butt? It makes my ass look deranged and much larger than life. Besides the flaps of doom, these were comfortable and fit TTS. I've really been wanting to buy these but the reviews are iffy. Too much stretching out. Also interested in these but don't want to shell out too much money. Also like these but I'm unsure about the zippers. Too young?

Sorry I missed posting this before the sale ended. Did you scoop up anything with the 40% off?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Madewell Reviews: Boyjeans, Lace Shift Dress and Latitude Dress

Ah, Madewell. I have a love/hate relationship with them and recently it has leaned more towards the latter.
I want so badly to be that cool girl with the slouch and the boyfriend shirt and the messy hair but then I realize that is nowhere near my reality :). I do love their look and I think incorporating just a little bit of cool girl slouch can work.

The Slim Boyjean in Hatfield Wash (size 26)
 They have a lot of different washes in this style. Definitely would like to check out the Akiva Wash, and also the Rivet and Thread version in Elmwood Wash. As far as boyjeans go, I think these are pretty good. I am realizing that maybe "boyjeans" are just not meant for the curvier ladies, ie me. These were very comfortable and soft - I think the way they fit in the butt looks more like a traditional jean and that is good for me. No saggy butts please.
I might want to try sizing down as there was still some room in the hips but of course you don't want this style to be too snug or you lose the "boy" effect. These sort of remind me of the Gap Sexy boyfriend which I have never tried but definitely have potential.

 Floral Lace Shift Dress (size 2)
 This was basically cute on but felt a little cheap. I like a little heft to my lace if that makes sense. It has almost a swing shape to it which could work for some. The lace at the bottom helps the length a bit (I'm 5'4") and I love the same effect at the sleeves.
If you're looking for the same idea but for $17.90(!!), just head on over to F21 and check this dress out. I also LOVE the color on this one although it definitely reads spring. This Laundry by Shelli Segal one is almost an exact dupe and I love the navy color. This cream colored one is also super cute. Of course, the J Crew version is lovely and made of a slightly heavier material. I reviewed it previously here.

 Latitude Shirtdress in Alma Plaid (XXS)
 Ugh. I need an XS for sure. Too short, too tight. I love the plaid and I think the lines on this are better than the daywalk shirtdress . Unfortunately, both have pocket problems - I don't know why they can get them to lay flatter or move more to the front. I know it would bother me.
 I love this little popover shirtdress in a very muted fall palette. I'll be honest, I've never shopped at Dillard's, but I love that this shirtdress has a waist and a little flare. Probably better for my body type. If you like Express and a black and white plaid, this would fit the bill. And I'm a little obsessed with this MaxStudio version - love the waist tie and the contrasting cuff color. Finally this shirtdress comes in a bunch of different plaids but I especially love this dark red version. So flattering!

The 40% was too tempting this morning. I ordered the Tartan Mix Scarf in red (yeah because I need another scarf so badly....) and the Indigo Plaid Dress which is now sold out. Might have to try this dress and/or this shirt too.

What do you have your eye on during Madewell's sale?

Friday, October 9, 2015

Banana Republic Review: Drapey Pant and Camo Sweatshirt

I've had these waiting to go for a while... I've been really loving BR these days. Their pants are fitting me well and their dresses have been flattering as well. Here's a quickie:

Drapey Tie-Front Pant (size 0)
I actually liked these quite a bit. The material feels like suede silk but it's actually lyocell. The little tie is cute. But... the pleats just didn't lay flat enough for me. I vascillate between a size 0 and size 2 at BR so maybe taking a size 2 would help the puffy pleat situation.

 Camo Sweatshirt (XS)
I love camo. I think it can function like a neutral in the "leopard" sense of neutral :). This sweatshirt is seriously cozy and comfy.
I wish the camo were a little more subtle - with less color variations.  I probably don't need any more sweatshirts right now but I like the idea.
Some other seriously cute camo options:

Ok, yes this is from the boys department but isn't it so cute? Love the faded colors.

Oo. Me lovey the navy version of camo. Subdued and slightly dressier.

This is actually a cotton sweater but yes and yes. It is from the men's department but sometimes I love a good man's sweater. Again, love the more faded grey/blue camo.
This is not showing the camo print but it the camo print is adorable. And eco fleece. I don't even know what that is but I think I may need to have it.

And finally... what I really really want are some camo skinny pants. Here are some options:

What do you think of camo? Do you have any favorite pieces?

Thursday, October 1, 2015

J. Crew Review: A few fall arrivals

Hello! Sorry for the absense. Fall has certainly come into full swing! I like some of what I'm seeing at J Crew and I hope there's more to come. Here are a few recent try-ons.

Long-Sleeve Speckled Chiffon Dress (size 2)
I picked this up out of curiousity - it's definitely not my usual style - but it's really flattering! The bra issue is a problem - I cannot go braless and could never be bothered to wear a strapless but you can do either of these you should try this dress. I feel like J Crew is really doing dresses right this year. I loved this one - also made me feel quite svelte. Overall, this a great feminine, flattering dress.

 Graphic Floral Sweatshirt (XXS)
I won't lie, I love a good sweatshirt. The proportions on this one are perfect but definitely size down one. This is an XXS and it still had plenty of room. I think the floral print is nice - sort of like a shadow. Wish it came in some different colors. I may have to check out the sequinned floral sweatshirt which is in a nicer color palette for my skin color. I'm also liking subtle color palette for this Mango floral sweatshirt. And this one is a bit on the pricey side but that botanical print is to die for. Want it. Bad.

 Striped Leather Panel Swing Sweater (XXS)
Definitely size down on this one as well. It's super cute and very comfortable. I didn't notice that the patches were leather to be honest - I thought they were fake. I didn't find the shape too swingy but I did find the material to feel pretty synthetic. It's soft soft soft but didn't feel high quality to me.
Just showing the neckline which has a little "blip" in the stripe right be the neck. It's so cute but I'm afraid it won't hold up that well. I actually like the different but still very neutral colors of this similar sweater. Plus it's cashmere :) Here's another lovely by autumn cashmere. Love the fuschia and black combo.

Hopefully I'll post some more reviews later this week!