Friday, February 24, 2012

J. Crew Stripe Sweater Dress Review

I finally snagged this in an XX-small the other day. Was a little nervous about fit since I had only tried on the XS which looked fine. This is such a cute comfy little dress - and super warm! It does make me feel a bit 80's-ish in it but I still think I'll get a lot of use out of it.

J. Crew Blythe Blouse in Extravagant Green (size 2)
Boden Leggings
Born Boots (not sure of name)

I wanted to toughen it up a little bit so I wore it with my "biker boots" - which by the way I got for a steal at Marshalls (Born on clearance!). The dress is definitely a little bit itchy so I threw on the Blythe Blouse underneath. If I put on my dress boots or heels I think this would definitely be okay for work (granted I work in a fairly casual environment).

The nice thing about the wide neckline is you can put anything underneath for a pop of color. I like the way the rusty orange color works with the green. The necklace is from Boden, Winter 2010. It's gorgeous. The dress sort of begs for a big fancy necklace or scarf.

Definitely doesn't hide any of your curves. It's a lot of info but I think it will stretch as I wear it.

I should have put on hose or something but I actually love it on its own. If it wasn't itchy I could do that but you do at least need a slip underneath.

I have to admit - I got the button-down shirt underneath idea from A Trail of Sequins. See how cute it is on her here

Anyone else have some styling ideas?

Friday, February 17, 2012

J. Crew - Jules Dress in Ashbury Floral

I've reviewed this dress before but decided to give it another whirl now that it is on sale and 30% off. I love a shift dress and find that I am constantly turning to the one that I own.

Jules Dress in Ashbury Floral (size 2)

It's hard to tell from the photos but the size 2 fits a little oddly. Both sizes I tried on had buttons that were hanging by a thread in the back so I couldn't completely button the dress in the back. There is too much material under the armpits but I wonder if that isn't because of the button problem. It felt a little big in this size but...

Jules Dress in size 0
This one was way too tight! and short! The back was snug and weirdly so were the hips (even though the size 2 was pretty roomy there). I'm actually wondering if this one wasn't mislabeled. It's really a shame because I love the Jules Dress silhouette but it doesn't lay as well in the silk material.

Might have to think about the skirt... darn final sale!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

J. Crew Reviews - More New Arrivals - A Teddie, A Maxi and some Barbados

Breezed through JC today to have a quick looksee. Here are some things I found...

Maxi Skirt ($75.00)

Okay, so I seriously love this skirt. This is a size S and it was hanging off me but they didn't have an XS around. $75 is ridiculous for something that is a thin jersey knit but when it goes on sale... I shall pounce! The waist band is sort of ruched which I don't love but the drape is really nice. I recently purchased the Water's Edge Skirt from Anthropologie but I don't love its thickness and nubby texture.

Teddie Dress (size 2)

This is my usual size 2 which fit well except the waistband was maybe the tiniest bit snug. It's a lovely little dress but I don't love the frayed neckline and the proportion seems slightly off to me. A little too much fabric in the torso and hips and then a tight waistband. Will flatter many figures though.

Perfect Shirt in Mini-gingham in Bright Dahlia (size 2) 
Love gingham. Wear my shirt in Neon Gingham constantly. Love the fabric on that one better - this fabric is a bit thin and flimsy feeling.

Classic Merino Cardigan in Capri Pink (XXS)
Normally I would not take an XXS in a sweater like this but it worked here. I'm trying to show that Capri Pink and Bright Dahlia sort of "go" together but don't match.

Store-only? shirt (size 2)
I'm just going to say it - I'm sick of paisley! Please stop doing paisley prints JC. Please do something more interesting. It would look nice under a blazer or something but I like my shirts to stand alone :)

They didn't have a size 2 and the size 4 was definitely a little baggy. The colors are gorgeous - definitely in the extravagant green family. I'm just not sure how I would work this into my wardrobe.

Classic Merino Cardigan (XS)  in Heather Emerald

Like above, doesn't match but sort of goes. The XS felt a bit baggy but would be good for a more relaxed, slouchy look. Great, classic "boyfriend" cardigan. Probably like my Eden a bit better.

Off to bed. I will have a follow-up review of the Jules Dress in Ashbury Floral tomorrow. Happy sale shopping!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Old Navy Reviews - Bow-Back Animal Print Top and Bird-Print Charmeuse Blouse

I never shop at Old Navy unless it's for my daughter. As I get older, I realize that high quality materials and thoughtful construction are really important for someone my age. But... after seeing some of the adorable new prints, I couldn't resist! Cats? Birds? All they have to do is throw some foxes in there and I'm a goner (see previous post on my obsession with foxes here)

Women's Bow Back Animal Print Top

Front (XS)
 Back (XS)

Front (XS) with bow tied more tightly

Front (S)

Oh the cats. They are so cute. I mean seriously meowing cute. The fabric is polyester but it doesn't feel like cheap, scratchy polyester. It feels more like cheap silk. This shirt is soooo cute but it lays funny over my chest in an unfortunate way. The XS felt good through the body but was super tight on the hips. An online review mentions wearing the top backwards, which might help the poufy pleats thing in the front. The static cling was out of control but nothing some Static Guard couldn't ameliorate.

Women's Bird-Print Charmeuse Blouse
 Blue Print (size S)

White (size XS)
The fit of this shirt was much more flattering but I was more aware of the fact that it might look a little cheap. It's super comfortable but the elastic neckline might giveaway that this is not the nicest of fabrics. It's tempting however. I got these at 30% off but might wait for a bigger sale.

Anyone else snag these cute little tops?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

OOTD - Some Anthro love

I've never posted an OOTD because by the time I get dressed, I am inevitably late for something. By the time I get home, I am wrinkled and a mess! But, this time I caught a quick snap before heading out.

Anthropologie Form & Function Blazer (size 2)
J. Crew Perfect Tee (S) Dark Rosewood
Anthropologie Checked Crops (size 4)
Seychelles pumps

These little pants are so cute and cozy and were on super sale when I snagged them. They have a variety of different colors in them so I think you could pair them with almost anything. The form & function blazer is so perfectly slouchy - just a touch 90's yet totally refined. I wish I had gotten a better shot of my heels. Seychelles always come up with the most amazing styles. Highly recommended.

Friday, February 10, 2012

J. Crew Review - Pleated Jardin Skirt in Heart Throb

Everyone seems to be jumping on the boat with the new heart print from J Crew. I am not so drawn to it but thought I would take a peek at the skirt version.

Pleated Jardin Skirt in Heart Throb (Petite 6)

First off, the P6 was too big in the waist so I would definitely want a P4. I do like the length of the Petite.  The skirt is a lovely fabric and drapers fairly well but I don't exactly feel like it does wonders for my body. My waist has thickened a bit since baby and these kinds of skirts don't do it any favors. However, if this kind of skirt is your thing - it's a lovely! Very unique. Just can't do the heart thing. 

However I'm still obsessing over this:

Especially after reading A Bigger Closet's Review HERE
Didn't love this print in the Jules Dress because the fabric didn't drape well. The skirt is a slightly thicker fabric I believe so.... just waiting for a price drop and percent off. Wish it was offered in petites. My husband will hate it but I can't help myself :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Talbots Sale Reviews

I'm always intrigued by Talbots because of the high quality, but the fit is usually off for me. The other day I wandered in and they were having an additional 60% off sale - what? Crazy. Unfortunately the two things I really liked were not in stock in my size but it was fun trying on some lovely clothes.

I almost took this home although why I don't know. The print is so vibrant and it feel very 70's party hostess to me. The shape is nice and the sleeves are super fun.

Sequin Georgette Top in Frozen Lake (P4)

This runs a bit large IMO. It comes with it's own built in cami. I think there are too many things going on - if it had just been a georgette top with a cami I probably would have bought it. Definitely needed a size smaller. Nice construction but could have handled it without sequins.

A little transparent but adorable. Had a silver sheen to it.

Sold out online dress (size 2)

Nice thick crepe material. Love the sparkly buttons on the sleeves. Was overall a little too baggy but such a cute idea.

Illusion Crepe Dress (size P4)

I'm dying that they didn't have this dress in a P6. It's adorable! I had them do a store search and it came up as some sort of "Hepburn dress". As you can see, I couldn't even zip it up the side but if I could have - I would have taken it home. Lovely overly at top, thick flattering waistband, good length. One of those LBDs you have forever. Sigh.

So.. no luck for me but lots of goodies to sift through. Anyone else snag some 60% off items?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

J. Crew's Bennett Chino and Lands' End Canvas Button-Side Crewneck

I wanted to post this because these are two of my most recent and fantastic sale purchases!

J Crew Bennett Chino in Warm Redwood (size 2)
Lands' End Canvas Button-Side Crewneck in French Pecan Heather (XXS)
I really love the Bennett Chino. Long, lean and a nice thick cotton. The Warm Redwood color is a little unusual but it is unlike anything in my closet so I sort of love it. The LEC sweatshirt is super soft. I blogged about it before in an XS here . It is on sale for $14.99 + 20% off right now. Super soft cozy terry plus the buttons on the side are adorable.
I like the Bennetts with my Soft Chevrons pullover as well even though I know the color combo is a little odd. Those heels, which somehow got cut off in the picture, are by Seychelles and are amazing. A little 80's vibe to them.

I have yet to release the pockets which is why these pants look slightly more bootylicious than they should.

While I realize this color combo is not exactly knocking down any barriers, I love the casual nature of it. I really wanted something "sweatshirt-y" with the Tile-Quilted Pencil Skirt but couldn't find anything I liked. Thanks to Small Town Gal over at Shopping Obsession who recommended trying the button-side crewneck. Great idea!

Monday, February 6, 2012

J Crew Reviews - Spring New Arrivals

Popped into La Crew to (sadly) return the Liberty Floral shirt since I knew I couldn't justify the ridiculously high price tag. The spring colors are really nice but I'm noticing a lot of repeats in shape from last spring's collection. Variations on a theme if you will. I'm not really in love with any of the new prints, which is a shame, because no one does a printed pencil skirt like J Crew. Tempted by the pleated number in Ashbury Floral but since it's final sale...

Anyway here we go:

Tippi Sweater in Succulent Green (XXS) and No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Gardenshade Floral (size 2)

The pattern of this skirt looks so much more vibrant on the website. In real life it reminded of swamp water (No. 2 Pencil in Swampwater Floral anyone?). Maybe the prints differ from skirt to skirt. The fit is awesome however. A little loose in the waist - but I like that so I can eat, and the fit in the hips/butt was right on. Plus the length is perfect for 5'4" me - just above the knee. I need an XS in the sweater but couldn't find it. LOVE this color. So springy. Good color with the skirt.

Stripe Taffeta Mini (size 2 or 4)

The colors on this are so adorable and I love the taffeta. It's a bit voluminous for my taste. A bit short as well. I don't mind the poufiness from the side but couldn't quite get it to lay right from the front. Adorable but probably not for me.

Unknown dress that is just like Maritime but in different stripe pattern 
Couldn't find this on the website but it fits and looks like a slightly different incarnation of the Maritime Dress. This is an XS. Too short but super cute and comfortable.

This is the XXS - more form-fitting but also shorter. The zippers extend high up in to the dress creating a bit of a bump. Such a comfy little number.

For now I'm passing on spring arrivals, there are no must-haves for me but my store hasn't gotten that much in yet. What are your must-haves?


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews - Twill Honeybee Blazer, Upstaged Tee, Orchard Cardigan, Conjuror Maxi Skirt

Some quickie Anthro reviews... The spring collection is lovely but there's nothing I have to have yet.

Twill Honeybee Blazer (size 2)
I love bees - so cute! I think this color/cutesy factor is a bit hard to work at my *ahem* age but it's very sweet. I do love Daughters of the Liberation - their clothes are well made and well tailored. Size 2 is a little snug but I like the trim silhouette.

Orchard House Cardigan  (size S) in coral
This cardigan is very 50's sexy. Maybe too much so. I went back to the store and tried on a M and L and they were all passable. Probably liked the M the best which is 2 sizes up from my normal. Almost bought this to go with my Peppering Skirt but decided I wanted something a little less form-fitting on top.

Upstaged Tee  (size S)
Love the idea of this tee. The draping in the back makes it different. The fit is a little off for me - a bit too boxy and WAY too short. I noticed this with a lot of Anthro's spring tops - lots of cropped things. Not a good look on me. Or many people. Over the age of about 22.

Forget the name of this... size S
I wanted to look at this as another potential to go with the Peppering Skirt. It was a little too much pattern mixing for me but as a shirt on it's own it's very cute. It's not super thick but not see-thru thin either. The boat neck is cute.

Yet another top I forget the name of ... size 2

Not my style but very cute. The size 2 didn't quite lay right.

Conjuror Maxi Skirt (size 4)
The way the markdown was written I thought it was $49.95 and was planning to bring it home! Unfortunately it was not. Both the size 2 and size 4 fit well. The size 4 sat below my waist while the size 2 sat more at my waist. Both are so lovely and the silk is delicious. The wide waistband is incredibly flattering. Will stalk for 2nd cut.

Here's that blouse again in size 4. Not it's falling correctly.

Ostsee Coat by Leifsdottir (size 4)

On sale for $99. Velvet-lined pockets, fantastic wool, silk lining, leather buckles. GORGEOUS. Had to have even though I sort of feel like Trinity from the Matrix. Or whatever female heroine is kick*ss but kind of dark these days (am dating myself already by mentioning The Matrix?)

Can anyone help name the unlabeled pieces? My memory is failing me...