Monday, December 5, 2011

Urban Outfitters - Foxy Lady!

Okay. I have not been to Urban Outfitters in at least 5, if not 10, years. Their stuff is super cute but it's the kind of thing my babysitters wears - which is adorable on her but aging on me. I actually stopped in to check out their home section because I had to get a gift for a "Yankee Swap" at my husband's holiday party.
Funny side story - I bought 2 very small things as stocking stuffers for my daughter. The checkout girl was all 'tude and I'm so cool. Well, I go home and open the shopping bag and guess what? She didn't put one of my items in there and instead there was an opened box of Midol. I kid you not. It's so bizarre I'm not even sure how it is possible that happened. So yes, I walked out with a USB splitter and an open box of Midol from UO. Hmm...


As soon as I spotted the sparkly fox, I knew I would be doing some try-ons. I LOVE foxes. Love 'em. Is it because they're sly and sleek? Is it because they are adorable? Is it because many a folk song has been written about them? I don't know but I love fox. Combine that with sequins and I am toast.

Cooperative Cute Embellished Front Sweater (S and M respectively - I think)

Okay - the sweater material is total cr*p. It is not well made - but the sequin fox is! Adorable. I will not pay $69 for this because I'm pretty sure it won't last that long but when it goes on sale I am pouncing. Where will I wear a sparkly fox sweater? I don't care if I wear it to bed, I think I have to have it. So darling.

Unknown Sweater (XS)

Foxes again but way less flattering. This was too reminiscent of something you pick up at a thrift store because you think it's sort of funny and retro and nerdy but in a cool way. The foxes are still cute.

Some other sweaters that are tempting:

Cooperative Intarsia Sweater - above-mentioned babysitter has hedgehog version. Cute.

Minimarket Notes Sweater   - I'm a music teacher, it's almost irresistible

Maimi Bird Sweater - I love birds as much as I love foxes. I think.

PJ by Peter Jensen Animal Face Sweater - Deer aren't half bad either

Anyone else check out UO ever?


  1. Your post made me smile - I go into UO with my daughter when she is home. We buy plenty of their home/apt. items! I love birds - and couldn't believe when I clicked on your link to a bird sweater it was $325.00!?!? At Urban??? Whoa! ;D

  2. I do like it, I wish I was young enough to get away with wearing their clothes. Oh I'm eyeing up a fox scarf form Aubin and Wills just now, I like them too.

  3. That's hilarious. I've never noticed foxes on clothing. Leave it to UO. If I liked foxes, I'd be all over the sequined one, too. You kinda need the musical note one. Cute.