Friday, December 2, 2011

Anthropologie Review - Art of Parties?

During the 50% off craziness at Anthro I became obsessed with the Art of Parties dress. I could tell just by looking at it online that it probably would not look great on but I still loved it. It was cancelled from my online order but a very nice associate at the 5th Ave store in New York sent it to me and honored the 50% off price - yay customer service!

So first of all - the material is a delight. It is SOOO soft and stretchy and delicious. It is definitely like being in pjs. The colors are a little blah and I'm not sure what I would pair with them to brighten things up a bit. Weirdly, even though I am short-waisted, I feel like the top should be longer so it can drape better. This is one of those dresses that I want to keep so badly but am really not sure if it is flattering enough to justify. Maxis are hard to pull off and this one is no exception. I have dream of wearing it on my next flight and looking chic and elegant but also being comfy enough to nap in my seat. Hmm...

Art of Parties Dress (XS) $39.95 during sale!

It has pockets which do add a little bulk to the hips but are a nice addition.

What do you think? Anyone own this dress?


  1. I like the stripes, of course- I bet a loose wrapped scarf around the neck and wider belt would balance out the length!

  2. Thanks for the feedback - I definitely think that would help. It just needs a few more things going on than jersey and stripes!