Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shoe Review - Ivanka Trump Indicon

It is rare that I invest in new dress shoes. New flip flops, new clogs, that's about it. I'm loving the leopard print craze right now but on the clothes. Doesn't look great with my skin tone and a little too bold for my taste. I'm more of a graphic print girl. Anyhoo - snagged these on the 20% off promo a few weeks ago with the thought of just trying them on and probably not keeping them but... woah. They are fabulous.

Excuse the pics - it is really challenging to take pictures of your own feet!

Ivanka Trump Indicon (size 7.5)

I don't know if it's possible for a shoe to be "slimming" but if it is, these are! The pony hair is wonderful, the print is perfect (a lot of online reviews says it looks cheap but I disagree) and they are super padded. When I first put them on and I didn't think they would work - I have bones jutting out on either side of my foot and it makes it tricky to find pointy-toed shoes that fit - but the minute you take 2 steps in them they soften right up. The heel height is perfect and the overall look is so elegant. I HIGHLY recommend these shoes. This might be my chance to jump into leopard this season.



  1. Those are lovely. I do think they look slimming. I've been debating on buying a similar pair. Is that your usual size?
    Thanks for the review.

  2. I LIKE THEM! I've tried on Ivanka shoes at Nordstrom and find they are just lovely. They usually have nice 'toe cleavage', although some of the heels can be too slim and I teeter over. Many of her shoes ARE slimming though and she takes care to make them more comfortable than other shoes. I just don't want to give the Trump family any of my money -- silly, I know, it's not very rational.

  3. I think they are very pretty. In general I love Ivanka's shoes!

  4. Maryeb - that is my usual size. I almost feel like I could do a 7 but I think that's just because there is extra room with the pointy toe.

    dinster - that is hilarious and I totally get it! I have a hard time finding comfortable/sexy shoes because my feet are a little funny so I think I'll just have to keep them :)

    Rose - Thanks! I didn't even know she made shoes but I am shocked and pleased that they are so comfortable.

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