Wednesday, November 23, 2011

J. Crew Reviews - Heart Me Sweater, Dream Fair Isle Crewneck, Sparkler Skirt, and more!

My recent 30% off order proved to be not so successful so I HAD to go to J Crew to make some returns. They recently added a crewcuts and there was this little girl buying gold glitterati flats and a matching hair bow - I die. Adorable. I was happy that I didn't love love anything I tried on. A lot of it felt cheap - which is good news for my budget and the upcoming Anthropologie Sale.
Today 25% and Friday in the morning 50%!!!! Wowsers. That might actually make me get out of bed and go shopping. Maybe.

Dream Fair Isle Crewneck (XS) in Graphite

This definitely runs on the large side. I like the wide open neckline - super flattering, especially when you are super busty like I am. I wouldn't mind seeing it in the aqua color. I think I was loving it because I am still sick and it made me want to wrap myself in it with a hot cup of tea.

After seeing this on Shop with M here , I knew I had to try it on. It is very cute but I am not a fine of the "suckered" look that much. The up side is that the silhouette is very fitted, the down side is that it makes my normal size pull across the chest a bit more than usual.

Scoopneck Blouse in Wildcat (size 0)

I'm still obsessed with this blouse in the stripe version (although I have not bought it yet - almost did in store until I noticed that the seams were already stretched out on the front) but not loving it in wildcat. There is something funky about this pattern and I cannot exactly put my finger on it. Of course this is coming from someone who is a bit shy about Cheetah print except on accessories anyway. Like the Seine Stripe version of this top I was able to size down - although somehow this felt a tiny bit snugger.

Blythe Blouse in Silk Pebble Dot (size 0) in deep atlantic

I really needed a size 2 but they didn't have it so this is a bit snug. This shirt confused me. I feel like the style, color and pattern are all so outdated. The online color is NOTHING like the IRL color in my opinion. The color that is showing in my picture is much more accurate. I would like it a lot more if it was the color of the online version. Check it out here on Shopping on the Fly who somehow makes everything look adorable!

Stripe Sweater Dress (XS) in navy pine

I loves me a little sweater dress. I even appreciate that this one fits a bit on the baggy side because I could see wearing it over actual pants. It is super cute and the right length but the pockets killed it for me. I'm trying to show in the 2nd picture that they make the skirt part hang sort of funny. Bummer. It was styled with the snood so I threw that on for fun.

Heart Me Sweater (XS) in Navy Green and Cafe Capri in Plaid Wool (size 2)

The sweater is very cute although I was thrown off by the lop-sidedness of the heart - I thought it made my boobs look a little lopsided too :) The material does not feel fabulous on and the fit is a bit odd. I wanted it to be a little bit longer. That being said, it's super cute and not that expensive for J Crew. The pants are awesome - super flattering and seem to be running a little big. I felt like the fit was almost a little "boyfriend" which I loved. Unfortunately $138 for onlined pants is a big pass for me. Plus I accidentally picked up those Checked Crops from Anthro. Oops.

Sparkler Skirt in Tinsel Lace (size 4) in sandstone silver

This is not a gross picture of my midsection - that is the ribbon waistband. Don't panic.

Love the idea of this skirt - very sparkly and feminine. Don't think it does anything fabulous for my figure. Again, the material felt cheap, cheap, cheap. Kind of love it with the Heart Me Sweater. Fun party outfit.

All in all I liked everything fine but cannot justify shelling out major dough for items that do not feel well made. Wish the capris were lined. And cheaper.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone tomorrow!


  1. the sweater dress looks adorable on you--i think you need to have it:) thanks for the pictures!!!

  2. Aw, thank you, I'm blushing =) I tried on that first sweater, they only had a medium, it was HUGE. But I still like it, it was warm, maybe it will stick around for sale time. And I like that striped sweater dress! Is it cotton or that 'dream' knit? (not quite a good dream for me, more like the other kind of dream)
    But the pants ARE AWESOME!! Strangely enough, though, I also got a pair of checked crops from Anthro -- it's not the same as yours, is it? Gray, with a little bit of pink/red in the plaid, from Cottonier? I don't know what Anthro called it, it's not online anymore.
    Thanks for the reviews!

  3. Thanks for the reviews! Can't wait to go try some things on myself!

  4. Love your photos and reviews! The heart sweater looked pretty cute on you with those pants! Even though the fit is off, and the heart lopsided, and too short, I cant seem to return mine, lol. I just brought it in from the car where it's been for about a week. Guess I'll have to try it on again to be convinced it is a bad purchase. I like that dress on you, hadn't seen that one in our store. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  5. I'm glad to see that sparkler skirt, I saw it online and was really interested, too bad it feels cheap. :(
    I tried on the heart sweater and had the same feelings about it being lopsided. Wasn't too crazy about that or the feel of it.

  6. LRA - Thank you! It is SUPER cute. Has me thinking of alternatives with better pockets!

    Dinster - great minds think alike - yes they are the same Checked crops! I love the JC ones too and would buy them if they were lined. I can't remember what the sweater dress was made of but yes dream knit is not such a dream when it comes to pilling...

    Rose - I see from your blog you bought the heart sweater!

    Suzy - Hilarious about the heart sweater! It is definitely cute. I was really saving for the Anthro sale so I think that's why I passed

    Fshnonmymind - It is too bad it feels cheap. I've really started to notice that with JC which is a bummer because their prices keep going up!