Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Anthropologie Sale Purchases - Popham Peacoat & Tsuru Blouse

I really just grabbed a few thing in store and I'm still not sure what I'll keep. One is an adorable cashmere beanie for $10! Yay. These are the other items:

Popham Peacoat  (size 2)

I probably could have taken a 0 in this but things were moving fast and I didn't see one and I'm glad I even got the chance to snag a 2. This coat is SOFT and the colors are so vibrant. The toggles are wonderfully rough and the lining is well done. A really well made coat for $65! I'm not sure if I NEED this so much. I do have another swing coat in a blue color AND I just bought the herringbone poncho from J Crew. But this is tempting. Like wearing the blanket at a football game. Except nicer and more flattering.

Unknown purse by Long Boom?

There is a long shoulder strap as well. This purse is adorable - similar in proportions to the Spotty Satchel that everyone loves. The color is a lovely tan/peach mix and the lining is adorable. Again, not sure if I need this right now - I am usually carrying my oh-so-chic diaper bag and when that is not in tow I have a huge satchel for all my school stuff. Hmmm... tempting.

Tsuru Blouse (size 4)

I grabbed this in the size 4 because the original time I tried it on it was a bit snug on the waist (size 2). I love this color but I'm not really feeling this top. The drape is a little off, it's a little low cut and I think I actually do need the size 2. The price was right but the fit, may be not.

Still waiting on my Art of Parties dress (please please let this be fabulous on), some shoes including the colorblocked heels and another little frock.

Anyone else debating some 50% off items?

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