Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Anthropologie Reviews: Vienne Cardigan, Overland Sweater Coat, Minka Jacket, Soft Brocade Blazer, Bas-Relief Blazer

More reviews! I actually had time to shop at Anthropologie and not just run in and return something and run back out. I still feel like I'm waiting for prices to drop some more - for the quality I still think the price points are mostly too high. But, I hate waiting and I hate waiting and then having something sell out even more. So we'll see how good I can be...

Vienne Cardigan (XS/S)
I'm surprised that this is still in stock. It's a nice sweater, cape, thing. The wool is thick and doesn't feel particular itchy. It's sort of a lot of material but if you like this shape and the aran knit (which I do like), it is a goody.

 Overland Sweater Coat (PXS)
The PXS fit perfectly - nice and slim in the arms and good through the body too. The problem is that it's not warm enough to be a jacket and it's too thick to be a "blazer". I just couldn't figure out where I'd wear it. It is very soft and cozy but didn't feel particularly well made to me.

 Minka Jacket (XS)
I was really excited to try this on because I loved the thick rich-looking knit but the shape was really disappointing. Looked like I was wearing an oversized 80's blazer. I thought it was more of a blousy, cocoon-y shape but it's just a weird long blazer shape. The material is nice and thick and beautiful.

 Soft Brocade Blazer (size 6)

This was a surprised love. It's quite unusual - hook and eye closure, semi-peplum, floral brocade fabric that feels sort of silky. This is 2 sizes up from my normal size and I think it's the right call. The silhouette is beautiful although very dressy. This is another piece that I want so badly but fear the CPW might be too high. Might have to play with it a bit since I really think it's lovely. Just bought this navy blazer this year so not sure I can justify another.

 Bas-Relief Blazer (size 6)

Mmm, cute. This is 2 sizes up from my norm as well but I think I could have gone a size 4 if I didn't want to put anything but a dress shirt underneath. It's cute - the material is soft and the jersey lining is delicious. I would replace the white button - too garish. The overall look is really cute. Damn blazers. I feel like I always want to buy them but then I really never wear them. Maybe I need to start shopping my closet and making myself wear the ones I already own...

What do you think of these items?

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Anthropologie Review: Teni Blouse, Mixed Stripe Dress, Cinched Surplice Dress, Layered Luna Dress and Anya Lace Dress

The sale room at my local Anthro was PACKED and it was fun to try on a lot of goodies that I had been contemplating ordering online. There were a ton of popbacks the other day so I did take the liberty of ordering the Sugar Pine Sweater Coat in an XXS. I still think it's going to be too big but I'm really hopeful!

Teni Blouse (size 0)
Some people love stripes, some people love polka dots, I love stars (ok, and stripes too). That's what drew me to the blouse. This is a size down from my normal and while the width is fine I wouldn't mind my normal size so it lays over my chest a bit better. I think it would drape more beautifully in my normal size. If you have a smaller chest, you could probably size down. This Vince Camuto star print top is also pretty cute and of course Equipment always makes beautiful silk blouses.

Here's a close-up. The laser-cut details are really special and yet I think the blouse has an overall casual vibe. I liked it a lot but I think the price could come down even further since it's poly.

Mixed Stripe Dress (size S)
They didn't have an XS so I tried the S on. It's definitely too big although you can't really tell in the picture. I like it overall but the waist sat a little low. I think a nice belt but improve the overall look. It is super comfortable and I love the little button details at the wrist. The Mixstripe dress at the Loft looks super cute too. Or go more sweater-y with this one at Hanna Andersson (very Boden-like).

 Cinched Surplice Dress (XS)
I thought I would love this but I find the color a bit bland and the top made me look even more top heavy than I already am. It's comfortable and basically flattering but the deep vee (that requires a cami) was a deal breaker for me.

 Layered Luna Dress (XS) in Dark Grey
I've seen this around a lot and was really excited to try it on. It's like wearing a cozy nightgown which is awesome but it made me look like a rectangle. This one did seem a bit stretched out so maybe one that hadn't been sitting around in store? The texture and sheen of the fabric is pretty cool and the double layer is super cozy.

 Anya Lace Dress (size 0)
Ugh. I LOVED this so much but I have nowhere to wear a lace midi dress (but really wish I did). The slip portion is ridiculous. It is a cheap piece of polyester and it simply does not fit over anyone with over an A cup up top. The lace itself is gorgeous. I was thinking I might be able to buy it and shorten it and get a different slip but then it's becoming quite an investment. But the lace is seriously that lovely. And I love the neckline. Sigh.

Overall, I liked a lot of what I tried on. Have some more reviews coming up...

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Banana Republic Reviews: Ryan-Fit Textured Floral Slim-Straight Pant and Watercolor Pencil Skirt

I first noticed the skirt on the BR website weeks ago. It was shown with one of the sweaters they were selling. I have been waiting and waiting for it to be released and while it's been online for a bit, they just got it at my local store. I couldn't wait to try it on!

Ryan-Fit Textured Floral Slim-Straight Pant (size 2)
The print is lovely and the material is really nice as well. It feels like a dressy pant. Right now I'm hovering between a 0 and 2 at most retailers and I would say it's the same with this so they are TTS. When pants are boldly printed I like them to fit really close. These fit beautifully although definitely a bit more relaxed than I would usually go for.

Ryan-Fit Textured Floral Slim-Straight Pant (size 0)
These were too tight and you could see the pockets a bit since the materials was being held closer to my body. As you can see, there is a lot of pattern variation from pair to pair. I think I would take this size if I lose those 5 pounds I just gained but really either size was lovely. The background is definitely a pretty bright white - that was my only hesitation. Besides that, love them.
They have lots of other Ryan-Fit options including a pinstripe, a gray floral, and a chambray that looks awesome.

Watercolor Pencil Skirt (size 2)
I don't think I could wear a 0 in this one. It fit perfectly on the hips and the waist actually felt very comfortable which probably means the waist is slightly big. I didn't love that the print looks mirrored on the back on this particular skirt. The colors really are beautiful and the print simple. And I own A LOT of navy tops which would look great with this. Speaking of watercolor pencil skirts, I found this one and am now obsessed with it.

how do you feel about BR's new arrivals? What do you think of the Watercolor Print?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Athleta Review: Odyssey Tank and Shearling Wrap Vest

If I could be a gym rat, I would! I haven't had as much time to go to the gym this year because of my work schedule but I really look forward to those times when I can go. I always feel better and calmer after I leave, even if the class is super hard (which it usually is). I don't think I've purchased new workout clothes in years. I have 2 pairs of Athleta capris which I LOVE (one pair is this one but a colorway from a few years ago, love) and 2 tanks from Lululemon the style of which they don't carry anymore.
My main problem is that almost no one makes just straight up tanks that cover your bra. I don't wear racerbacks because they don't make a good racerback bra for my size chest. So, I found this little number on sale and decided to give it a try.

Odyssey Tank (XXS)

The material is thin so if you're wanting to cover lumps and bumps, this is not the tank for you. That being said, I think the thin material will be comfortable for working out. The bra coverage is good and I really like the low back - flattering and again good at keeping things cool. I liked this size smaller - I don't like floppy tanks, then I am always adjusting them so that my bra is not hanging out. My only qualm is that you can really see my umbilical hernia through the fabric - especially on the side view. Hmm. I have to decide if that's a deal breaker or not.
Best part of all - it's on sale for $18.99!

I also ordered these capris in the blue colorway. They are so gorgeous! They also come in a fabulous high-rise tight. And the material is super soft and thick enough. LOVE them. Especially at the sale price.

Shearling Wrap Vest (XXS/XS)

 This is totally not my style but I just had to try it on. It is super cute and cozy but I could exactly picture how and where I would wear it. I might have tried it except for the fact that there was no front closure. Things without buttons or hooks always bother me. Anyway, styled properly it would be adorable. It felt like this size was almost too small but at least it wasn't too bulky.

That's it for my athletic wear try-ons for now. Where do you like to shop for workout gear?

Sunday, January 31, 2016

J. Crew Reviews: Sequin Fair Isle Sweater, Edged-Lace Blouse and Striped Boatneck Tunic

Sequin Fair Isle Sweater (XS)
 I tried this on the other day in the XXS which fit ok but was really too snug. The knit is quite dense and the sequins make the top part not that flexible. The length on this one - so good! Everything is covered and yet it doesn't feel too long either. I don't normally go for sequins but the clear ones are so subtle and fun. I really liked this sweater. Also loving this slouchy Free People version. Looks luxe but casual at the same time. Love the gorgeous colors in this Boden version too.

 Edged-Lace Blouse (size 2) in Navy
 Sorry for the blurry pic - I was in a rush. I thought I would buy this for sure - it was my size and the navy and lace are so lovely but... it runs huge and boxy! I would need at least a 0. Bummer. This was the only one they had - clearly a return. Speaking of beautiful lace blouses, I am coveting this one even though it is out of my price range.

 Striped Boatneck Tunic (XS)
 Yeeeeesssss. This one is so good you guys. It has a sweater-y like feel and weight but is super soft and light. It is tunic-y but not too much so. Neckline is perfect and is just fitted enough without feeling clingy. TTS. I will buy this, it's just a question of how much I'm willing to spend :)

Not loving the new prints that much but I like some of the basics coming out. Hopefully the Teddie Pant will be a winner. What do you think?

Saturday, January 30, 2016

J. Crew Reviews: New Arrivals: Denim Jacket in Tyler Wash, Popover Shirt in Oversized Plaid, Midweight Striped Boatneck T-Shirt

Denim Jacket in Tyler Wash (XS)
I recently bought a Madewell Jean Jacket after swearing off jean jackets for a long time (child of the 80's and all). But if I hadn't, I would definitely buy this one. It is perfection. The wash is just light enough to look worn in and cool without being too faded. The fit is great - goes in at the waist, slightly cropped (I'm 5'4" and it hit me at a perfect spot) and actually has some shape when buttoned. I LOVED it, and I hate denim jackets. It definitely run a little small. The XS fit perfectly and how I would want it to fit but I wouldn't say I would be able to layer a lot under it. I have also been considering this GAP jacket but figure 1 is enough right now.

Popover Shirt in Oversized Plaid (size 0)
I'm usually not a fan of the popovers because they are baggy through the midsection. With my body shape, I really need a bit of darting/shape at the waist or I look like a big booby rectangle. Maybe it's because I sized down in this (usually wear a 2 in perfect shirts to accommodate the ladies) but I felt like it had a bit of shape. The cotton is nice and the colors are attractive.

Midweight Striped Boatneck T-Shirt (XS)
Boxy and big. I'm not sure sizing down would help. It just felt a bit awkward on. Also too short. There are many striped shirts in the world and I don't think I'll be adding this one to my closet. Although I will definitely be adding this one that I also tried to my closet. It is awesome - slimming, fitted, soft, yes! Review upcoming.

New Arrival Skirt (size 0)
I can't find this on the website yet. It's striped so of course I had to try it on. It's a nice, modest a-line skirt made of a decent weight cotton. I felt like the size 0 was snug for me so I think it runs a little small but I have been a bit poufy as of late. Although I don't love the print on the shirt, I do like the deco floral print on the skirt. And also love the deco floral print on this Boden skirt - adorable! And if this wasn't midi length, I'd definitely want to check out the mirrored floral skirt. That print is beautiful and subtle at the same time. Perhaps I'll love the Teddie Pant and settle on that as a good option.

Always fun to see the new prints and styles trickling in. What do you think of J Crew's latest offerings?