Saturday, July 4, 2015

Madewell Reviews: Summer Jeans, Trapeze and Sunbask

My Madewell try-ons continue with some definite what the whats? I didn't know mom jeans were coming back in fashion (were they ever really), but apparently they are in the form of the "perfect" summer jean.

The Perfect Summer Jean in Pure White (size 27)
 I think you have to be a major hipster living in Noho or Dumbo or somewhere fabulously fabulous to pull these off. On me, mom jeans. The rise is SOOOO high. Granted this is sort of a size up from my normal jeans size (sort of depends on the style - 26 in Matchsticks, 27 in toothpicks), but still. Holy hell. And look at the room on the back of the thigh. They basically look like tapered pegged jeans from the 80's. God bless the body that can pull these off.

 Sunbask Tank Top (size S) in Dark Rosette
 I LOVE this little tank top and the gorgeous color. I actually probably need an XS but really I need smaller boobs. If you aren't overly endowed this top is a little gem. Felt so light and flowy and elegant without being too covered or too revealing! Yum.

 Alley Straight Crop Jeans: Drop-Hem Edition (size 26)
 I was curious about the Alley Straights because I own a pair of the Rail Straights and LOVE them. These were ok - soft and I liked the wash a lot but I didn't really understand the unfinished hem or the higher rise. What is up with all the high rise stuff? I have no torso so high rise is BAD on me. Otherwise they are comfortable enough and cute.

 Shrunken Trapeze Shirt in Oakbrook Plaid (XS)
Lovely colors and summery crinkled cotton. Not to sound like a broken record but these swingy tops just don't do me any favors. It was wide but also sort of short. Looked ok with my arms down but being as though I am spending most of my summer with my 2 girls I don't think I'll be able to maintain that position.

I had fun trying on stuff. Please let me know if you've had any luck with those summer jeans!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Madewell Review: Dresses!

Although I love Madewell, I just haven't been shopping there that much recently. The boxy, cropped, oversized look is not something that works well with my body right now. I love their vibe but sometimes the fit is funky with a capital F. Anyway, I had to make a quick return and thought I'd poke around a bit. I do love their summer dresses and have already proclaimed my love for this one which I wear on an almost weekly basis. And although it wouldn't work with my chest size, if I could do it, I would be all over this one. Here are some lovely dresses that I tried on:

Cotton Lakeshore Midi Dress in Bandana Red (size 2)
 I've tried this one on before. I love it. The cotton is crisp and the fit is lovely and flattering. Ok, flattering on the right body type, ie not mine. I don't know how else to put this but my BF boobs just sit too low for this one. Once every settled back to normal and I am done with BF I think this might fit but I'm not sure. Also want to say kudos to Madewell for picking such a nice shade of red.

Here's me trying again with a slight lift and tuck of the girls. Better, but no cigar. So cute otherwise!

 Ikat Brush Maxi Dress (size 2)
 I think this was the only one and I tried it on on a whim and I loved it! It flowed so beautifully and I really liked the slits on the side and the little button details on the back. It's also lined to the knee.

 Campweave Belt (XS-S)
The reviews don't lie - there is this weird poufing at the waist because of a bit too much material plus the waist felt a little loose. The belt definitely helped out a lot. It's the Campweave Belt and it's all sorts of adorable. It's sold out now but I'm sure it will pop right back. Perfect summer belt IMO. The right hand picture is of the size 0 which I felt fit much better. Yes it is sort of doing weird things across my bustline but I think that will be remedied when I stop the aforementioned BFing. The waist on the 0 felt much better so I would say this dress runs a bit big. It feels so elegant and the length is perfect on my 5'4" body.

This has very good reviews online and I can't for the life of me understand why. The paper bag waist adds about ten pounds and the whole thing is big and dumpy looking. The print is sweet enough but nothing to thrilling. 

 Dockside T-Shirt Dress (XS)
 Me lovey the stripy dresses, but do you see that weird pouf at my waistline in pic 1? I am not doing anything weird in that picture people - it just did that. In fact that whole dress felt tight at the chest and hips and then HUGE in the waist. When I pulled it down it looked fine but I know that weird pouf of fabric would just haunt me.

 Courtyard Shirtdress (S)
 Uh, no. Granted this is a size larger than my usual size but just no. I would at least need the XXS. I get the look but it felt a bit too "Risky Business" for me. I love a good white shirtdress but I think it's hard to pull off without looking too lab coat-y (This Madewell Dress also fit the white shirtdress bill but was a bit too Lab rat for me.

Some swings and misses to be sure but I really liked that maxi dress. What do you think?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

J Crew Review: Perforated Drapey Crepe Dress, Summerweight Shirt in Navy Plaid, Slit-Neck Beach Sweater and Beaded Leather Rope Necklace

Sales, sales, sales. I need it to stop! As much as I love getting a bargain, after a while I realize I'm just wearing bad sale goggles. I really don't need anything right now and yet prices keep going down, down, down. Trying to focus on the few things that I really LOVED at J Crew recently. And, one of those things is this dress:

Perforated Drapey Crepe Dress (size 2) in Walnut
I'm not sure why I'm so obsessed with this dress but I really am. It feels very cool and yet I love that it is so easy to wear. I finally caught the walnut color on popback but to be honest, I didn't love it.
It was a little blah on my skin tone but more than that it showed the perforations and elastic too much for my taste. I guess I'd mostly wear this dress with a belt anyway but something about it in this color made me feel sort of "nursey".

Perforated Drapey Crepe Dress (size 2) in black
As soon as I put the black on I felt chicer. Yes it is a bit low cut but I'm not planning on wearing this to work so I'll just wear a plunging bra. Plus, if you didn't reveal a little skin there I think the overall look would be too dowdy. I did just order the 0 as well to compare and I'm not sure what size I prefer yet.

Beaded Leather Rope Necklace
This is apparently sold out now. It is adorable and I love it with the dress but I didn't like the length at all. I was really hoping for something more choker length. Oh well.

Summerweight Shirt in Navy Plaid (size 2)

Let's face it, J Crew does button downs well. This one is no exception. I liked the colors, the lighter feel of the fabric, everything. My only complaint is that it feels a little shorter than the usual button-downs.

Slit-Neck Beach Sweater (XS) in Navy
Definitely oversized. The knit is sort of large and chunky in a good way. It does definitely remind me of a "beach sweater". I could quite get the neckline to lie nicely.

Nothing to get super excited about but it is a nice, heavier summer sweater.

What do you think of these items?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ann Taylor Loft: Full Bloom Shorts and Some Sweaters

I love these shorts. I originally tried on a 2 but they were way too big. These are a perfect fit, I just hope they don't stretch too much. I also tried the size 2 Petite and while they fit fine, I preferred the regular. The 4 inch inseam feels modest but not dowdy and the overall style of the short is flattering and fun without being too revealing. A winner!

Triangle Sheer Sweater (S)
I love a lightweight sweater in the summer - I'm always cold so having a little cute layer to pop on is perfect. Something about the pattern added visual weight to my eyes. I think if I'm going to do a lightweight sweater from the Loft I would go for This sweater  instead. Has that whole tropical palm thing going on and much cuter on. I'm trying to hold back on buying more stuff I don't really NEED right now. My closet is about to explode since I'm still holding on to several different sizes of clothes post baby. Once I stop BFeeding I'll do a major cleanout but want to see where my body is really going to land!

Foiled Chevron Pointelle Stitch Sweater (XS)
I LOVE gold sweaters. I have too many of them already. I liked that this was sheer - I envisioned layering it over a cute little tank. Unfortunately the side had a hole in it. Otherwise it is quite delicate and fun. The feel of the knit is odd - the metallic must be sort of coated on in the last part of the sweater-making process because it felt a teeny bit stiff.

Melange Trouser Skirt (size 0)
This was on final sale for like $14 or something. It's cute and oh so comfortable but definitely a little on the snug and short side so I passed. Love the "melange" knit however.

Loft seems to have had some real hits this summer. What do you think of their current offerings?