Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Anthropologie Review: Kmeria Maxi, Brilliant Bowknot, Sylvan Moto Roll-ups, Quilted Floral Pencil Skirt

I slipped into Anthro for about 10 minutes the other day to see if I could find anything fun in the sale section. Here's what I saw:

Brilliant Bowknot Tee in Turquoise (XS)
I adore the colors in this shirt but the fit is a little wonky. I think it looks passable in the picture but the scoop neck was REALLY low. Overall the shirt felt a bit big and like the whole thing was sitting too low on my body. Gorgeous colors.

Kmeria Maxi Skirt (size S?) 
I love the print on this one. I don't think it did much for my figure though - felt like the skirt wore me instead of the opposite. Also, it really feels like polyester. Like yucky thrift store 70's polyester. I don't think I could pay $99 for that.

 Sylvan Moto Roll-Ups (size 27)
I passed on these but that could have been a mistake. They are a nice light weight and the fit is very comfortable. Sometimes I wear a 27 at Anthro and sometimes a 26. I would say these are pretty true to size. Since they are cotton, I imagine they might stretch out a lot by day's end. Cute summery pants.

 Quilted Floral Pencil Skirt (size S)
I was immediately drawn to this skirt. I like the quilting and the drawstring waistband. The S actually fit pretty well but I just had a feeling that after I finish shaping up post-preg that I will wish I had the XS. It's so comfy - like wearing a sweatshirt on your butt :)

I didn't have time to explore much else at Anthro but am looking forward to a revisit. Hoping for a fun Black Friday promo...

Sunday, November 9, 2014

J. Crew Review: Sale Edition

It's 4 weeks in with new little love and although it was hard, I decided I needed to get a sitter. For just a few hours. I didn't exactly whoop it up but I did make a much needed trip to Trader Joe's and of course a little "treat yourself" stop at J Crew. I'm primarily shopping for tops that actually fit but not finding too much luck yet. My bottom half is returning to normal more quickly but thing's are still shifting about so I feel less comfortable shopping for bottoms. Here's some of what I found in the sale section:

Sequin Dot Tee (size S) in Navy
I actually like the drapey but shaped fit of this one and the nice scoop neckline. I'm just not a huge fan of the sequins sewed on it. It be quite cute on some but just not totally my style. In most of the tees, I sized up to accommodate my nursing chest.

 Side-Zip Stripe Tee (size S) in Bisque Authentic Navy

Size XS 
The XS fit better and still had plenty of room to spare so this is definitely an oversized top. I like the little zippers and the material but those drop shoulders! UGH. They always make me feel like a linebacker. I have a lot of striped tops that I'm still able to squeeze into so I passed on this one.

Side-Slit Tunic (XS) in Pale Pink
I realize this does not look at all impressive in the picture but I sort of loved it. Fitted enough at the chest and then floats away over the recovering baby belly. I really liked this pink color too. Unfortunately it is very see through so I knew this would be a pass. I did order the darker colors online to see what I thought. Looking at these pictures I realize it may have been prudent to try an XXS but I just ordered the XS. Good post-baby tee.

 Drapey Stars Tee (Size S) in undyed rose gold
The shape on this is nice although I think the sleeves are a bit too long. I did not like the stars - they looked really cheap to me. Very F21-ish. Plus, more see-through fabric. Why can't anyone make a t-shirt that you can actually wear a bra under?

 Lambswool Zip Sweater in Lavender Multi (size S)
Too big for sure so I would definitely take my normal XS. I liked the color a lot but the shape is a bit blah. The neckline is too thick for my btaste. I do like the zippers and the slightly longer hem in the back.

 Shiny Puffer Down Vest (Size S) in Navy
This is super cute. I love the shininess. The S fit very well. I wish there was just a little darting at the waist to create a little definition. I could use that right now :) I still feel like these types of vests always add visual poundage, plus I bought one at Madewell last year (although that definitely won't fit for a while )

Overall not super impressed but I did place an online order since the dreaded final sale has gone away. Yahoo!
Did you jump on anything during this promo?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Madewell Reviews: Non Pregnant Style

I had my baby! I am no longer pregnant! Yahoo! Of course I totally forgot how much harder having a newborn is than being pregnant but oh well :) I had to be induced this time because my little munchkin just didn't want to come out, but overall it went really well. Beautiful baby girl came out at 8 lbs 4 oz and 21 inches, just a bit bigger than my other daughter. We are all so excited she is here and once I get a few more hours of sleep I might even begin to feel human.

I'm not used to being home quite so much, so the other day our family took a little outing to the mall to run some errands and walk around. I did a very quick stop at Madewell to see how things might fit postpartum.

Linen Swingline Tee (XS) in DarkCabernet
 This runs quite big but is very cute. The "swinginess" of it is not too exaggerated so I didn't feel it added unncessary bulk. Most of you will be able to size down on this one. The color is quite nice although the material feels more summer to me.

 I love this little sweatshirt. Would look so cute layered with a buttondown. The got the proportions right on this one. Right now, my boobs are so huge, I don't think the cropped look is one I'll be rockin' but I definitely recommend this little sweatshirt.

 Denim Downshift Top (XS)

 After seeing all the favorable reviews for this one I decided to try it. It's so cute! Has a really nice shape to it. My normal size XS would fit if I wasn't breastfeeding and would be very fitted and trim. I sized up to a small (sorry no pics) and that is the size I would take if I wanted a little more wiggle room. It's $34.99 in store and with the 30% and teacher discount it came to about $20.

 Jumpstart Sweatshirt Dress (XS)

I actually wanted to go to Madewell to purchase this dress. Weirdly, I think it looked cuter on when I was pregnant. The material is pretty thick and a little stiff and I think it makes me look like a linebacker. Again, when my chest goes back to normal I think it would look fine but I'm going to have to find a slightly different way of dressing while I breastfeed. Overall super cute - not too short and I love the contrast sleeves. For reference I am 5'4".

I do love me some Madewell. Thinking about biting on the current promo for some boots. What do you have your eye on?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Boden Review: Carnaby Cardigan

I rarely buy from Boden anymore. I love their clothes for my daughter but I always feel like their clothes on me look dowdy. The prints are a little too overwhelming and the fit in their bottoms is awkward and too high-rise on my frame. I love their clothes on other people, just not me. Nonetheless, when I placed a little back to school order for my daughter, I couldn't resist ordering this little cardigan for me.

Carnaby Cardigan (size 6)
I vascillate between a 4 and a 6 with Boden so I sized up on this one. I also ordered a 4 which I ended up keeping but looking at these pictures, I think I probably should have kept the 6! First of all, the colors are SO GORGEOUS. OMG. Just love love love the shades of blue and the little funky mustard colored trim.

The color on the back is yet another shade of blue - sort of like a turquoise. So beautiful... The only think I don't love is the fit. It is totally inoffensive, but it is not the fit I was going for. I was really hoping for more of a longer, boyfriend style cardigan and this fits just like a regular cardigan. Of course the 4 is even more so that way but I liked the way the arms fit better. I like my cardigan arms SLIM because I think it helps the cardigan look a bit more polished and helps slim the body. Just my 2 cents.

Overall this is an adorable sweater - yay color - just wish the fit were a bit more slouchy. Also, weirdly, I paid $39.20 for it and now it is back up to $78.40. Hmmm. There are only a few sizes left but I've often found that if I call there are more sizes available then are listed on the website.

We'll see how this wears, it will be good to see how it looks closed in (hopefully) a matter of days!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Brooks Brothers Review: Gingham Dress Shirt

So, recently this shirt was on sale for $40-something and some change. Now it is suddenly sold out. I'm not sure what happened. Anyway, it might turn up again so here is my review :)

Gingham Dress Shirt from Brooks Brothers

I ordered both a 4 and a 6 in this one. I own one other Brooks Brothers shirt and it is a size 2 but it is VERY fitted and sometimes a bit snug after an indulgent meal. Add that fact in with my pregnancy boob and I knew I'd have to go up at least 1-2 sizes. Anyway, the fit is lovely and slim, as is mostly the case with BB shirts, and the color is much more vibrant in person. Good length. Didn't love the teensy pocket on the chest - not a great look for a large busted gal.

My favorite part is the contrast cuffs and collar - pink!!! Makes the shirt feel like something special. The material is all cotton with no stretch so also consider that if you buy one. I prefer a little stretch just to accommodate monthly fluctuations and such.

Overall, it is a well-made, nicely shaped little gingham shirt with a few fun touches.

Do you own any Brooks Brothers shirts?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

J. Crew Review: Flannel Shirt in Brilliant Sea Check

About 1 week to go for me so this one is a stretch... literally. I've been enjoying previewing some of the new fall arrivals at J Crew and Madewell while knowing that I can't possibly purchase anything yet. I love a good button-down and I know I'm going to have to buy a few new ones for work since my old size isn't going to quite make it over my hormonal boobs any time soon. Of course, this shirt is not exactly work wear but I was drawn to the gorgeous color and wanted to give it a go.

Flannel Shirt in Brilliant Sea Check (size 4)

 I've been going up a size in shirts for the aforementioned reason. This one was still a bit snug in the bust but not terrible. The material feels nothing like flannel to me. In fact, it feels almost summer-weight - sort of gauzy. It feels really nice but doesn't scream "fall" to me. The fit through the shoulders and waist is great - really nicely shaped. I think you need that with a fairly masculine looking shirt like this.

 Cute and cute. Excuse the hand. There was no way this was getting buttoned and I don't think anyone needs to see my stretched out belly button right now :). I was surprised by this shirt. I thought for sure it would feel too lumberjack-y to me but I really liked it. The fit is so feminine that it balances the other elements out. I could do without the buttoned pockets across the chest - adds extra bulk that I don't need.

Here's my quality issue - upon unbuttoning the shirt, several of the buttonholes snagged on string and left this lovely mess. For $89.50, I would expect better.

I did order a shirt from Brooks Brothers during their friends and family and I can bet the quality will be far better (and the price unbeatable - around $33.75). I'll review that when it comes.

What do you think of the "Flannel" shirt in Brilliant Sea Check?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Madewell Reviews: Silk Gardengate Dress, Jumpstart Sweatshirt Dress, Sculptor Cardigan

Hopped into my local Madewell the other day and was very impressed with the fall offerings. There is a lot to love. Here are a few quickie reviews:

Silk Gardengate Dress (size 0)

First off, let me say that I am shocked that I could get into a size 0 being 38 weeks pregnant - so definitely size down on this one. I am really in love with this print - so sweet without being childish. I'm not sure how the drop waist would look without the belly. I did drop waists in the 80's/90's so it's hard to go back. There is some give in the fabric and overall this dress is well made and comfortable. Wish the sale price would drop a little.

 Jumpstart Sweatshirt Dress (XS)

I really have too many shift/sweatshirt style dresses but man are they practical! I love the little contrasty sleeves and the seam going across the middle. The material is a nice soft terry and I love the "cuff" hem and the length. This might be on my post-preg wishlist since it will hide post-baby tummy but still look cute.

 Sculptor Cardigan (XXS)

It's hard to see how cool this sweater is from the pictures but it's really different and interesting. Makes me feel like a groovy art teacher or something. I sized down which I think was the right decision, but with this style it probably doesn't matter that much. I would call it a cocoon shape - definitely has the batwing thing going on - but then also has these nice "lapels" in the front. The knit is thick and soft. Definitely a winning piece.

Cleanline Crop Sweatshirt (XS)
For some reason I forgot to take pictures of this one but I loved it. I would layer it over a cute buttondown or striped tee. Currently on sale for $49.99.

There is a lot to love at Madewell right now but I'm trying to wait until the baby comes out :)

What are you loving at Madewell these days?