Tuesday, July 22, 2014

J. Crew Review: A Downtown field, a Barbour Jacket and a Scoopneck Tee in Stripe

Where did July go? I can't believe summer is basically half over. It's my favorite season and I just want it to last forever!
We recently got back from vacation at a dude ranch in Wyoming - with my husband's entire family - all 19 of them. Whew. I have 2 sisters but they are much older than I am so I basically grew up as an only child. Being around that many people for a week is a lot... especially when super preggo... and at a higher elevation. Luckily my little (now) 5 year old had a great time playing around and trying to keep up with her older cousins while mama hobbled around and tried to stay cool. The horses were so adorable and I was sad not to be able to ride at all but I got quite a kick out of seeing my little cowgirl up there.
Anyway, upon our return we hosted a big birthday party for our daughter - complete with bouncy house and face paint :) That's the first and probably last time we will do that but it was a blast. Now I need about another week to recover from all the festivities.
Here are a few things I managed to squeeze myself into recently:

Downtown Field jacket in Navy (XS)
I need this jacket like I need a hole in the head but I've always wanted one so I just went for it. Good thing too because it's now mysteriously back to full price. I'm trying to justify it by saying that my other jackets of this style are in an army green color. It's just so spot on - I don't think it's going to keep you super warm or anything but it's a great layer. I did try on an XXS once but it was too tight. I prefer the XS for some room to layer.

A parting shot. Clearly I can't zip it right now but it would look great that way too. J Crew got this one right.

 Barbour Flyweight Cavalry Jacket (size 4)
I used to pass the Barbour store on the UES of Manhattan on my way to work every day. I like their stuff - very preppy but cute and well done. I got this with the 40% off but it's impossible to tell if it will fit post baby. It's very lightweight and I'd say these pictures represent the color fairly well. I like the dip in the hem in the back and the elastic band there. It gives a nice, fitted, sleek silhouette. There are snaps AND a zipper which I also love. I'd probably prefer this in a more neutral color though. I did size up according to reviews and this was the right decision. I'd say if you wanted to layer you might even want to go 2 sizes up.

I often size up in the Vintage Cotton tees because I don't want anything too clingy AND see through. This is a cute tee and I like the neckline. It looks a little off in the pic because my boobs are HUGE right now. Anyhoo, I think you could go with your normal size or size up. The good thing about going up a size is that you can always shrink it in the dryer later. Definitely will be a go to when things return to *ahem* normal.

I think I may be shopped out, which is a good thing considering nothing really fits right now anyway. Looking forward to some fall offerings. What did you buy during the 50% off??

Saturday, July 5, 2014

J. Crew Factory Review: Printed Pull-On Short, Stripe Bateau Top, Airspun Boyfriend Sweater

Okay, you know what's weird? I uploaded the pictures for this post yesterday and then sat down to write it today and as I was scrolling down I thought, "God, why is my stomach sticking out so much?" I don't know how it's possible but I definitely have "pregnesia" - moments of forgetting I'm pregnant. Ironic considering I feel like I'm going to burst open at any moment and I have some weird ligament thing going on in my left inner thigh. Anyway, just had to chuckle at myself. Yup, still pregnant.

Factory Printed Pull-On Short (Punk Floral) size 2
I'm a little obsessed with these shorts. They are super duper awesome pregnancy wear that does not make me feel gross and dumpy and I'm hoping I'll love them as much when I am back to normal. The print is pretty bright but I don't mind it with a nice neutral top. I've already worn my other pair a ton - super comfy and since my legs don't look pregnant, I like to still show them :)

 Factory Stripe Bateau Top (XS) in Navy/White
Sucka for stripes. This is a great little top - TTS, good sleeve length (3/4), good body length and nice open neckline. It is SLIGHTLY see through. I had a floral bra on and I could definitely detect it through the white stripes. Nonetheless, very comfortable and cute if you don't own a striped little bateau top. I, of course, own like 6 so I passed.

Factory Swoop Top in Punk Floral (XS)

This was hanging out sadly on the clearance rack - I think it would have come to about $14 or something insane. It's cute enough but I really only like it for the back. I think the back is amazing while still being able to pull off a bra. The front however is meh. The high neckline with the pleating is not good for me. I actually went back and checked on my review of the original retail version of this top and found that I felt the same. The polyester also made me pass.

 Factory Airspun Boyfriend Sweater (XS) in Emerald Pool
I love the material on this one - feels sort of funky but very lightweight and comfortable as a layer for summer. The color is quite eyecatching as well. It does seem to run quite big and that vee is WAY low. Beware the dreaded drop shoulder. Size down.

That's all for now. I may actually be shopped out. I did grab 2 pairs of shoes at J Crew on sale that I love. Will try to get reviews of them up soon.

What have you scooped up at 50% off?

Friday, July 4, 2014

J Crew Review: Some summer sale

The 50% off has held on for a surprisingly long time, and even I am not immune to its charms. As I get bigger, I'm tiring of trying to guess what size I'll be after baby girl comes along but when prices get this low it is hard to resist. My biggest score has been the Lightweight Merino Tunic Sweater for $8.50. I always liked this sweater but decided against it since I have a lot of blue sweaters. At $8.50 resistance was futile. Plus I like the slightly longer, butt-covering length option until everything goes back to "normal". Here are a few other sale section finds:

 Linen V-Neck Sweater in Yarn Dye (XS) in Sandy Reef
I have been living in my linen sweater from last year, even while pregnant. It's such a great layer to throw on in A/C and the color is gorgeous. I think you could definitely go down a size with this iteration. My one complaint is the drop shoulders. They make me feel a little linebacker-y. Still, overall, love J Crew linen sweaters.

 Classic Merino Long Cardigan (XXS) in Vibrant Flame
I wish they'd return to the Eden Cardigan. That was the perfect length on me. The classic long cardigan always feels a little too long. The XXS was definitely snug but it stretched plenty so if you want a very streamlined look you may want to size down.

 Classic Merino Long Cardigan (XS) in Brilliant Purple
This is the XS which also fits fine with a little more breathing room. I actually like my cardigans to be fairly tight in the arms because I think it's more flattering but I have found that this cardigan shrinks a lot after dry cleaning.

 Linen V-Neck Sweater in Yarn Dye (XXS) in Pesto
Here's the same sweater as the first one but in a smaller size, which, if I was non-pregnant, I would prefer. The color looks dull in the photos but it's actually quite attractive in real life.

 Lightweight Merino Scalloped Sweater (XS) in Heather Dusk
They had a bunch of these on the rack so I decided to finally give it a whirl. The XS is SOOO big. I don't think the XXS would even be small enough. I know it's supposed to be loose and flowy but it just looks sort of crazy and the vee comes down way too low. This color in particular was a bit blah.

It is fun to poke through the racks to see if there have been any interesting returns or something I've missed before. I also find it a bit shocking that most of the sale stuff hasn't been reduced in price at all. 50% doesn't make a different if something's been priced at $59.99 for 3 months.

Have you had any great bargain finds in the sale section?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

J. Crew Factory Review: Long-Sleeve Stripe Tee Dress and Intarsia Stripe Anchor Crewneck Sweater

Since there will most likely be a lot of % off sale this weekend, I'm going to try to get a bunch of old posts up. We have had the most glorious summer here so far in the Northeast and then woah... this week has been H-O-T. I normally don't mind hot so much, but with the bun in the oven I am melting like the wicked witch. Thus, excuse the to-the-point reviews but that's about all I have in me right now!

Factory Long-Sleeve Stripe Tee Dress (XS)
I reviewed this before but decided to try it again because it was 40% off and came to something insane like $16. After all that I decided it barely looked like a glorified nightgown and while it's comfortable, just isn't anything special. Plus the material is quite thin. I think the navy stripe would be cuter and less Wee Willie Winkie.

Factory Intarsia Stripe Anchor Crewneck Sweater (XS)
I always regretted not getting the retail cashmere version of this and this sweater makes me still regret that. The cotton feels cheap to me and while I think it's cute enough it's not exactly doing me any favors in the boob/bump department.

 Factory Intarsia Stripe Anchor Crewneck Sweater (S)
The small was definitely a better fit but still sort of harsh. All the colors seem stark or garish or something. I would love to have seen it done in more of a subtle way.

I have a bunch more coming and will try to get them up over the course of the next week!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

J. Crew Review: Sparkle Cardigan and Mark Alary Songbirds Bracelet

Just a few quickies...

Sparkle Cardigan (XS)
I had to stalk this forever in the XS. I still wish it was a little less than $40 as I can see it snagging on stuff. It's really lightweight and the material is not exactly soft but I do love it. Perfect length and the sparkle is just lovely. It also has a lot of give which is great for right now. I can even wear it buttoned!

 Marc Alary for J. Crew Songbirds Bracelet 

I am a little bit bird obsessed so I knew I needed to try this bracelet. It's very cute. You have to wrap it around twice and then fasten the hook on the chain. I have wrists the size of a small child so I put it as tight as possible and it felt pretty good. The "leather cord" does not really feel like leather but more like cheap fabric (I guess it's suede) so I'd be a little nervous about this bracelet standing the test of time. Once you wrap the bracelet around you sort of have to adjust the birds so they are spaced out a bit more evenly (see next to last pic). Again, it's cute but even the clasp felt flimsy so I just couldn't shell out the $78 for it. If it went on sale, I would definitely snap it up.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

J. Crew Factory Reviews: Short-Sleeve Pocket Sweatshirt, Anchor Sweatshirt, Cropped Zipper Jacket and Banana Collector Tee

I had a few returns to make and quickly threw on a few items. The whole store was 50% off and I still feel like the prices should be less for the quality on the most part. Maybe I'm just getting cheap in my old age ;)

Factory Short-Sleeve Pocket Sweatshirt in Navy (XS)
 This was on clearance at something crazy like $29.99 and extra 60% off. It's totally cute and comfortable but I wish the neck was a little wider. Nothing less flattering than a high neck and a large chest. I was tempted but couldn't really tell whether the S or XS would fit post-preg so I passed.

 Factory Short-Sleeve Pocket Sweatshirt in Navy (S)
 Here it is in a small which was way more comfortable. Again, it's basically cute but nothing to get super excited about.

 Factory Anchor Sweatshirt (S)
 This is adorable. I almost bought it. Even though I'm pregnant, I still think I might size up to a small because I like it a little relaxed looking. It's very soft and not too thick (so actually appropriate as an extra summer layer) and the neckline is perfect!!! Love the wide open neckline. Yes please.

Factory Cropped Zipper Jacket (size 4)
 A little stiff but overall pretty nice. I could actually (barely) get the size 4 zippered so I imagine you could stick with your normal size on this one. It felt too much like a look for me and a little too reminiscent of a leather biker jacket I owned in the late 80's but overall it's a nice piece.

 Factory Banana Collector Tee (S)
 Nice soft cotton (as opposed to the linen of the original) and I really liked the fit. I preferred the extra small as there was less bra peeking out.

 Factory Banana Collector Tee (XS)
 Very cute. There is just something about this bananas that feel inappropriate to me. Felt that way about the retail still feel that way. I want to love it but I really wish the banana were flowers. That would totally fix the problem for me.

 Just one more shot of the Short-Sleeved Sweatshirt as layering piece. This is probably how I would wear it (although not with this shirt). Something feels slightly off about it but that could just be the way I'm filling it out right now :)

Stopped by the store today and they were indeed running the 50% off. There were so many amazing deals to be had but sadly I passed on most since I hate trying to guess what size I will be in 4 months.

Have you grabbed some great deals lately?