Wednesday, August 31, 2016

J Crew Review: Some lingering sale...

Although there are quite a few items that are lingering in the ye olde sale section, there are also quite a few fresh cuts. Didn't this print JUST get released? And this cute striped midi skirt? Yikes. I can't keep up! Even though temps will stay warm here for a while I'm not looking to invest in a lot of summer clothes at this point. I may have to buy these shorts which I ordered in my normal size 2. I like the slimming cut and the cute retro print. And... I still keep toying with buying a popback of this striped maxi dress. I'm just worried it will make me look to much like the Hamburglar. Maybe better to leave it for the taller ladies.

Off-the-shoulder Dress in Ratti Into the Wild Print (size 0)
 I do love this print but am realizing that some prints are better loved from afar. I can't really do off-the-shoulder dresses because I am a lazy butt about strapless bras. This one does sort of work with the shoulders up, but let's face it, it's way cuter with them down. I'm finding that off-the-shoulder pieces create a lot of visual width so I think I'm going to pass on this trend but I like the dress is adorable. Nice material too. I would really like to try the pant version or perhaps even the boyshirt.

 Pintucked Midi Skirt in Morning Floral (size 2)
 The print on this one is super cheery. I believe it is a bit high-waisted because my usual size 2 was pretty snug in that regard. The length is awkward on my 5'4" frame as is the case with most midi skirts. I found the waist and front to lay quite flat - which was very flattering. The A-line dress looks pretty cute and I like that it comes in petite.

 Collection Cropped Pant in French Lace (size 2)
 I don't know why I think I need a pair of lace pants but I am always drawn to them. I was so excited to find these on the rack but oh.... crotchville. They fit but the pleats in the front were really unflattering and the rise was weirdly too short giving me a sort of permanent wedgie. Boo. Back to the drawing board, Lace Pants.

 Shirtdress in Vintage Plaid (XS)
 As soon as I saw this I thought, "Yippee! A sale find! It's coming home with me!" Love the plaid, love the lightweight material (it has been HOOOOT here so I don't mind thin) and love a little easy shirtdress. It runs LARGE as you can see in the picture in the left. I am seriously considering ordering the XXXS. That is way too many x's. Madewell-esque IMO.

Until an extra 50% or (crossing fingers) 60% comes off of sale I just don't feel compelled to buy. Things have been sitting around forever and I don't want to pay more than I have to.

Anything summer items you're keeping an eye on at J Crew?

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Anthropologie Reviews: Beach Blossom Tee, Hidden Isle Dress, Ronan Shirtdress, Sol Stripe Shorts

I really haven't shopped that much at Anthropologie lately. I love looking at their clothes - total eye candy - but once on they have not been working for me that well. I do have my eye on a few things that are more fall. This romper is so cute and since it stays pretty hot here well into October, I think I could make it work. And of course, I can never resist a cute little slouchy striped t-shirt dress. This one is so Madewell don't you think? Anyway, here are a few sale items I tried on the other day.

Beach Blossom Tee (XS)
 Birds and fruit - say no more. I love the little design on the front but somehow this t-shirt was frumpy. The sleeves were a bit too long and I was not feeling the ruching. The body draped fine but the overall look was blah and the material was a bit itchy. I was so disappointed! Pattern adorable, style not so much.

 Hidden Isle Dress (size 4?)
 I LOVE the print on this one. I'm pretty sure this was a size 4 and although I have put on a few pounds recently, it still felt too big. It's seriously comfortable and easy to throw on.

 It has a little belt that goes in the back that helps cinch it in ever so slightly to give some shape. My favorite part is those colors though!

Ronan Shirtdress (XS)
 Again with color! Love it and the oversize plaid and adorable collar. This was so comfortable and so tempting for a hot day. I just don't look great in swing dresses. I think it helps if you are smaller on top to make them work. Adorable though.

 Sol Stripe Shorts by Eva Franco (size 4)
Oooo rainbow stripy shorts! These did not fit. The reviews do not lie - these run seriously small and seriously short in the crotch. You can see that they are basically fitting like a diaper on me. The construction is nice and I would give them another shot if I could find a 6 which btw is 2 sizes up for me.

Overall, a swing and a miss for me but I am looking forward to checking out more arrivals as we get closer to cooler temps. I'm loving the look of this layered pullover for fall - the details make it more transitional. And this sweater reminds me of one of my favorite slouchy Madewell sweaters except with more exciting details. So cute!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Hello old friends...and some J Crew Review

Hello! I am slowly trying to dip my toe back in the waters of blogging. I was not intending to take such a long hiatus but between the ever growing platforms of instagram and snapchat and a bit of personal upheaval, I thought it best.

We have moved. As in to a new state, a new life, a new everything. And it has been hard. In some ways, we have come home - family, where I went to high school, where my husband grew up. But in other ways, it is completely new. It all happened rather suddenly so the past few months have been spent frantically putting our house on the market, getting my oldest daughter into school, scrambling for a house, trying to find a job, and basically losing my mind. In the midst of all the stress and craziness I have also definitely packed on a few pounds so shopping has not really been at the top of my list. Nonetheless, I thought it might be nice to return to something that used to bring me great pleasure. Try it out, see if it feels good in a new space. So here I am!

Merino Wool Sweater-Blazer (XS) in Navy
 I have officially decided that blazers are just not for me. I do own a few but I am vowing not to add any more to my collection unless I am really over the moon about them. Something about the proportions just never works for me. Anyway, on the upside - this one is very comfortable, comes in a nice navy and has that boyfriend slouchy vibe going on. In fact, I'd be tempted to size up to make it even more so that way. The knit is thick and very comfortable and I think a lot of people will like it.

 Ruffled Popover Shirt in Polka Dot (size 00)
 I am neither into polka dots or ruffles but I really liked this top. The size 00 basically fit fine except it was super tight on the hips (which is apparently where all poundage has migrated recently). It is very light - so more of a spring/summer blouse IMO - but it is adorable. the ruffles here are so subtle and sweet.

Trying to get a close-up of the ruffle placket. Understated but charming along with the ruffle cuffs. I definitely have my eye on this one but would go with my normal size 2 or 0.

 Perfect Shirt in Liberty Arts Isborella Print (size 2)
 Everyone has been saying this runs a bit small. I think it runs slightly smaller than your average J Crew Shirt but nothing crazy. I still think I would buy a size 2 as I like my shirts fitted.

 The print is lovely and light. I wasn't initially drawn to it but I have so many dark floral shirts that I thought something with a white background and lighter colors might be a nice addition to my closet.

Garment-Dyed Pique Polo Shirt (XS) in Navy
I'd say this runs slightly small up top. It's an adorable basic polo but is not doing me any favors in the belly department. And I think I need a better bra. Ok, maybe it's me and not the polo. Nice thick pique. Runs slightly short.

 Always Chambray Shirt (size 00)
 I have been stalking this shirt forever, i just don't want to pay that much for it. I vacillate between a 0 and a 2 at J Crew and the 00 actually fit pretty well. I liked how it looked in the body but it was slightly snug at the hips. Once I've dumped the stress weight I think it would look good. I am looking for a more fitted chambray shirt to dress down some pants and skirts I have but still look neat and tidy. I LOVE this shirt. It will be mine eventually.

 Short-Sleeve Popover Shirt in Chambray (size 0)
 I don't even know what to say about this one. Judy Jetson meets Rosie the Riveter. It is so bad on my body. It does cover the tush which is good but those sleeves... good heavens.

 Eyelet Short (size XS) in vibrant red
 I had never noticed these but I do love J Crew's pull-on shorts. Easy, comfy, elastic waist - yay! These have a slightly longer inseam which I also liked. Very casual and yet interesting with the eyelet detail. Very good price with the current promo - $18!

 Sunday Slim Chino (size 0)
 I thought these were something else. I REALLY want to love the Sunday Slim Chino but the rise it just a bit too high for me. The leg is perfect - love the slight slouch - but the rise is a no no for me. Otherwise, adorable.

 Spaghetti-Strap Dress in Polka Dot (size 2)
 I would say this is TTS. Very sweet little dress. I tried the similar style in the Ratti Happy Cat Print which I will review soon. I think if anything I'll try the Midi Shirtdress in Stripe. Still interested in trying this cute little shirtdress as well. By the way, did anyone ever notice this Mara Hoffman Dress? I guess it went on sale and I missed it. Boo. Adorable!
 Here is the back which I particularly liked. I feel like a low back is a great way to add just a little bit of sex appeal. Well done JCrew.

Sammie Pant in Corduroy (size 2) in pale rose
 LOVE this color. The jury's still out on the whole cropped flare pant thing for me. The top part is lovely. I'm not buying any pants until I go to the gym again ;)

Also tried these shorts and these shorts. I liked then both and will return with a review soon.

Is anyone else holding out for 50% off or further reductions? I feel like most stuff is just sticking around in the sale section and I'm just waiting for it to drop in price a bit.

Happy almost September!