Tuesday, January 20, 2015

J Crew Review: 2 new arrivals and some Reid Jeans

I keep on checking out the J Crew sale section like some poor puppy hoping for a special treat. The same old stuff has just been hanging around for so long! At this point my goal is not to be sucked in by rock bottom prices. I'm doing okay with that. I did cave and purchase this sweater for about $34 in store and I'm not regretting it. I'm not saying it's the most fashion forward piece ever but it is so comfortable and cozy and can be thrown on over anything. I actually wore it as my coat yesterday. Loving it.

Merino Wool Tippi Sweater in Heather Lavendar (size XS)
In all honesty, I thought this was the Tilly and wanted to give it a try. It's not. I'm not a huge fan of the tippis - 3/4 sleeves get boring and I really don't like the neckline. Too high and too thick. I know I am in the minority here but it's just not my favorite silhouette. Plus, I find it runs a bit small. Do LOVE this color though.

Sequin-Trim Sweatshirt in Heather Grey (size XXS)
The XXS basically fit fine but was a little snug.The fabric is sort of stiff so it didn't feel super comfortable. I supposed it's fine as sweatshirts go but the drop shoulders, stiff fabric and high neck made for an unexciting piece.

Reid Jean in Classic Rinse (size 26)
These have a lot of mixed reviews online. I wish I could have tried on the size 27 to compare. I'm still holding on to about 5 post-pregnancy pounds. Overall I think they are quite nice and they feel stiff enough that I don't think they are going to bag out by the end of the day. I'm generally not a fan of slightly higher rises but I'm starting to feel differently about that now that I have a little belly bulge to hide. They are way too long so I will probably have to take them to the tailor. They are full price online and were mismarked in store. After the 50% and my educator discount I think they were around $21.

Tuxedo Pant in Retro Floral (size 2)
I wish I liked the print better because the style is really great. This style of pant can be a hard sell but these fit beautifully. Very comfortable, good length, not too baggy or saggy in the crotch or legs. Maybe they will do these again in a print that I like more.

Reid Jean in Black Wash (size 27)
These have a totally different feel than the classic rinse. Much softer and bigger. I know I'm trying on a size up but even so they ran big.

Reid Jean in Traction Wash (size 26)
I thought these were quite cute. I can't really hop on board the whole destroyed denim train so I passed but these are subtle enough.

For now I may be taking a break from J Crew until I see some fun and fabulous spring stuff! Come on liberty prints! Come on beautiful printed pencil skirts (where oh where have these gone in recent years?)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

J. Crew Review: Layering Vest with Primaloft

My husband has sort of given up on getting me clothes as presents. Mostly because if I need something I'll just go get myself, once it hits rock bottom sale price. But, I just had my birthday and he wanted to get me SOME-thing so he wandered over to La Crew and this is the only he could find that he liked.

Layering Vest with Primaloft (XS) Dark Charcoal and Pale Petal

 I like it. I really do. I like that's it's thin and lightweight because poufy vests generally don't do me no favors. It's quite fitted and very comfortable. Slightly snug in the chest but that is to be expected. I was reading the online reviews which weren't so positive and one sticks in my head. A woman mentions pulling it out of the package and her husband says, What is that? A garbage bag? I know what he means.

The pink color is really interesting. I'm not exactly sure what I would wear it over but I like that it's a bit different. I'm feeling the dark color would be more versatile but not as fun. Perhaps the mint green?

What do you think? Have you tried on this vest?

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Anthropologie Review: Handknit Star-Stitch Cardigan

I can't believe Anthropologie is doing 40% off sale right now! We haven't seen something like that for several years (last I remember is that crazy 50% off Black Friday deal they had 2 years ago?). Online looks pretty depleted but stores still seem to be stock full of merchandise. Lucky for me I just placed a few orders and was able to get some PAs. Yahoo for awesome customer service.
Anyway, here's something I tried the other day...

Handknit Star-Stitch Cardigan (XS) by Angel of the North
I had been eyeballing this one in the catalog and online. The back is really beautiful and the stitches are thick enough that I wasn't afraid of it pulling. Overall, the sweater is very very stiff. I wasn't actually sure I was going to be able to get my arms in. Yet, the shape is so frumpy. I couldn't really figure out how to wear it so that it created a nicer shape. I guess I could have crossed it in the front and put the pin lower. There are some really nice elements to this sweater but I think the execution is a bit off. Nonetheless, it's a much more palatable price with the 40%.

What are you hoping to buy during this sale?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Madewell Review: Cozies, Cables and Zips

There's nothing like a good cozy oversized sweater in the winter - especially with the weather we've been having. I've been really craving some nice thick sweaters that have that, "Oops I borrowed it from my boyfriend" look and I knew Madewell was the place to go.

I already boug the Easy Cable Pullover Sweater and love it. Took my usual size X-small. Here are some others I tried:

Shawl-Collar Wrap Cardigan Sweater (XS) in Heather Oyster
 I noticed this sweater the moment I walked in the store and thought for sure I would be taking it home. It's cute and cozy but I felt too much like I was in my bathrobe. How do they make it look so chic on the model and so dorky on me? On second thought... don't answer that :)

 Cable-Front Sweater (size M)
 This I had been eyeballing online and was glad to find one in real life. I didn't even mind the medium that much but decided to order the XS in the cream color (been really wanting a more traditional cream colored cable sweater). The online reviews say the cream runs a bit long which I'm happy about because I'd like to wear it as a sort of tunic over tight pants. I like the raglan sleeves and the nice pattern down the front.

 Chevron Crop Sweater in True Black (XS)
 This runs a bit small but is super cute. I would love it with a nice buttondown underneath. The little notches at the side are cute.

 Leather Pocket Installation Dress (XS)
I like that this dress is different but yikes! that leather patch! It just looks like someone had an afterthought and slapped it on there. There's nothing particularly wrong with this dress I just thought it made me look a bit like a retangle.

Back-Zip Pullover (XS) in Utopian Pine

 Back-Zip Pullover in Bright Cobalt (XS)

Yawn. I had really high hopes for this sweater but didn't like the fit. Sort of boring and then it stuck out a bit over the hips. It's very comfortable. That's about all I have to say about that.

When my sweater arrives I will post an updated review! Anything you have your eye on? They were still running 40% sale in my local store so now is the time to pounce :)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Ann Taylor Reviewz: Star Shirt, Silk Camp Shirt, Patina Lace Skirt, Drop Shoulder Tee and V-Neck boyfriend Cardigan

In my quest to wean myself off of J Crew and Madewell, I found myself at Ann Taylor. Yes, the 60% off sale really lured me in but I liked what I saw. Cute, basic but fun pieces. Here's what I found:

Star Print Perfect Shirt (size 2)
I love stars. I can't help it. This is super cute and very comfy. It definitely runs big in the torso. Even though my chest is pretty big right now I still ended up sizing down to a 0. It's snug enough in the chest but the body fits much better. Overall a nice crisp cotton shirt. In store it was $20 after discount.

 Silk Camp Shirt (S)
This was a hot mess on me. Tight in the chest, loose in the body and too short. The online reviews are pretty positive but I didn't get it.

 Drop Shoulder Tee (S) in Chianti
Love this color and the material is so soft. I can't quite describe it but it sort of feels luxurious. I would probably wear this with a long-sleeve tee underneath.

Drop Shoulder Tee (XS) in Chianti
 Here it is in an Xs. A bit more fitted but still cute. Not sure what size I prefer but I think either would be fine.

 Patina Lace Pencil Skirt (size 2)
 I've been dying for a lace pencil skirt, I'm not exactly sure why but it just seems really fun and sexy. This skirt looks fine in the pictures but overall looked a little cheap. The seams on the sides were sort of lumpy and the waistband is elastic stretchy. Good for big dinners but I find it hard to tuck anything in to this type of waistband. Couldn't imagine what I would wear on top except a little black fited sweater.

 V-Neck boyfriend Cardigan (XXS) in Navy
 I've been dying for a basic navy cardigan. I like this one. Nothing too exciting but a nice fitted long shape. All the online reviews mentioned how big this ran so I sized down to an XXS. I think that was the right decision.

 V-Neck Boyfriend Cardigan (PXXS)
 The petite looked too short and tight to me. I like a little more length for bum coverage and overall body lengthening.

Overall some cute stuff. Did you shop the 60% off sale?