Thursday, January 1, 2015

Anthropologie Sale Reviews: Round 2

A second round of sale reviews. I will have a few more when I receive a few packages in the mail. Oops. It's my birthday this month so maybe I'm just doing a little early shopping :)

Amherst Cocoon Cardigan (XS) in Purple
I like this one on the whole. I love the idea of a cocoon shape but I think it's so hard to find one that is flattering. The pointelle details on the sleeves are cute. If you look near my waist you can see that there is a poof in the fabric. I couldn't get the sweater to fall in a way that didn't create a pocket of material there and that's what made me leave this behind. Otherwise quite cute and the knit felt of a decent weight.

Cafe Cardigan (size M or L)
I had been eyeballing this online and then it sold out in my size. This is clearly to big for me but I think even in my size it would be too big. SOOOOO long and the neutral colors sort of washed me out. love the idea in theory.

Jacquard Blanket Cardigan (XS)
I don't know what happened to my front shot of this one but it hits below the hip in the front and then is so long in the back. The knit looks so cheap to me - like fuzzy polyester that I wouldn't pay very much for. Again, love the idea but not the execution.

Soutache Trim Jacket in Neutral (XS)
Sweet little sweater. Nice little details - a bit see through as you can see. Just not really my style but of better quality than some stuff I saw.

Fireside Sweater Robe (XS/S)
Very cozy. Flared out at bottom and hips a bit. Lined in a sherpa material. I have a totally dorky robe that I wear at home all the time so I passed on this but am thinking I might want to upgrade at some point.

Andaz Maxi Dress (size 4)
I really need the size 2 on this one but it is way sold out. The pictures make it look pretty blah and it definitely need a belt but I liked it. The top is flowy which is good for my figure right now and the skirt is pretty straight and flattering. It looks like it's poofing out on the right side in the first shot but that's just my stroller and blanket peeking out. I bought this one to try out with some jewelry and a belt to see if I can make it work.

More to come. What are you buying from the tag sale?

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