Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Anthropologie Reviews: Patterns Galore!

I love it when I discover things I never saw the first time they were available in store. That's what the tag sale is all about for me. Digging around online or in-store to discover some hidden hems. Here's what I found although I'm not sure they are all gems!

Silk Petals Tee (XS)
 I love the colors and print on this tee and I love a nice slouchy silk tee. Delish. The view from the front is nothing to write home about but I think a lot of that is due to my "breastfeeding chest". Once that goes down I think things will drape a lot better. Granted, I still have MANY more months before that happens but I may have to keep this in the hopes that it will look better once it does. It's a simple tee but the print is truly unique.

 Saffie Tee (XS)

Super cute. The orange is a bit more neon than it appears online. The little t-shirt material at the end of the sleeves is nice because it makes the sleeves drape nicely. It fits a bit swingy on me but I like the open neckline.

 Danica Dress (size 2)

 This dress makes me so sad. I LOVE it, as I do most things Tracy Reese, but there is one big problem. It is so short waisted! I think part of the problem is that my breasts are taking up all the room in the top but still... from the side I look like some sort of hippie milk maiden. I don't know if I need a bigger size or just less boob. Otherwise it is a lovely dress. Nice swingy skirt and the pockets are placed toward the front so they don't add bulk. So freakin' cute.

 Polipattern Cardigan (XS)
 I have been looking for a blanket cardigan type thing and I think I may have found it in this sweater. Like most of Anthro's online pics, this one varies greatly in person - much brighter and the metallic thread is much more prominent. I still like it though.

still hard to see the gold metallic thread but it is there. I feel like this cardigan makes me shoulders look a little wide but besides that it is pretty much what I was looking for. I'm not thrilled with the price, even on sale, because it is not particularly thick or made of a nice wool.

Andaz Maxi Dress (size 4)
 This was a little hidden treasure in the sale section. To be honest, the 4 is a bit too big but I don't think there's much hope of finding a 2. It's pretty out of my comfort zone and anything with a belt these days is tricky. Right below the belt my tummy sticks out because my muscles are still having trouble going back to normal after childbirth. Overall it's cute and different though and I think would look nice with black booties and a blazer. what do you think?

Overall some likes. what do you think and what are you getting from the tag sale?


  1. Love the Andaz Maxi! I bought that full-price in the summer, and I felt so tall and chic in it! I haven't worn it much this winter, since it get super staticky with nylons :(

    1. I never thought of that! So glad to hear a positive review of the Andaz. I was sort of on the fence about it but I think it could be really fun!

  2. I love your post title. That is so true about Anthro! I think that sometimes is what gets to me - there's not a whole lot in the store that can be worn together. They are mostly one-of's kind of outfits - which is great!, but I don't want too many of them either. That first tee looks fun!

    1. You are absolutely right. Sometimes I walk in there and it looks like my crazy grandma's attic. Othertimes so chic and unique. I have to put my normal person goggles on when I'm there because I start pretending like I dress that way all the time and end up coming home with items that have no matches in my current wardrobe.