Monday, January 12, 2015

Ann Taylor Reviewz: Star Shirt, Silk Camp Shirt, Patina Lace Skirt, Drop Shoulder Tee and V-Neck boyfriend Cardigan

In my quest to wean myself off of J Crew and Madewell, I found myself at Ann Taylor. Yes, the 60% off sale really lured me in but I liked what I saw. Cute, basic but fun pieces. Here's what I found:

Star Print Perfect Shirt (size 2)
I love stars. I can't help it. This is super cute and very comfy. It definitely runs big in the torso. Even though my chest is pretty big right now I still ended up sizing down to a 0. It's snug enough in the chest but the body fits much better. Overall a nice crisp cotton shirt. In store it was $20 after discount.

 Silk Camp Shirt (S)
This was a hot mess on me. Tight in the chest, loose in the body and too short. The online reviews are pretty positive but I didn't get it.

 Drop Shoulder Tee (S) in Chianti
Love this color and the material is so soft. I can't quite describe it but it sort of feels luxurious. I would probably wear this with a long-sleeve tee underneath.

Drop Shoulder Tee (XS) in Chianti
 Here it is in an Xs. A bit more fitted but still cute. Not sure what size I prefer but I think either would be fine.

 Patina Lace Pencil Skirt (size 2)
 I've been dying for a lace pencil skirt, I'm not exactly sure why but it just seems really fun and sexy. This skirt looks fine in the pictures but overall looked a little cheap. The seams on the sides were sort of lumpy and the waistband is elastic stretchy. Good for big dinners but I find it hard to tuck anything in to this type of waistband. Couldn't imagine what I would wear on top except a little black fited sweater.

 V-Neck boyfriend Cardigan (XXS) in Navy
 I've been dying for a basic navy cardigan. I like this one. Nothing too exciting but a nice fitted long shape. All the online reviews mentioned how big this ran so I sized down to an XXS. I think that was the right decision.

 V-Neck Boyfriend Cardigan (PXXS)
 The petite looked too short and tight to me. I like a little more length for bum coverage and overall body lengthening.

Overall some cute stuff. Did you shop the 60% off sale?


  1. Great reviews! I really like the drop shoulder tee, the color is beautiful. Do you know the fabric content? Thanks!

    1. Thanks! The drop shoulder tee is 50% wool and 50% rayon. I really like it and the color is gorgeous!

  2. Love the star shirt - I bought that one, too. The fabric is really nice and the price was excellent. That navy cardigan is very good looking. I never saw that one in my local AT. I'll be back to AT to check out the spring arrivals.

    1. The star shirt is awesome. I wore it yesterday and was feeling good aobut my purchase - especially for $20~

  3. That skirt looks beautiful! I picked up two knit dresses = they arrived yesterday but I haven't tried them on yet. They feel rather heavy in the packages. Not sure I'll be keeping them already, lol.

    1. That's hilarious. I know. Sometimes things look so good online and then you take them out of the package and think what? The skirt is lovely but in person looks a little F21. I really wish they hadn't done an elastic waistband. if it had been a grosgrain ribbon I might have kept it.