Sunday, January 18, 2015

J. Crew Review: Layering Vest with Primaloft

My husband has sort of given up on getting me clothes as presents. Mostly because if I need something I'll just go get myself, once it hits rock bottom sale price. But, I just had my birthday and he wanted to get me SOME-thing so he wandered over to La Crew and this is the only he could find that he liked.

Layering Vest with Primaloft (XS) Dark Charcoal and Pale Petal

 I like it. I really do. I like that's it's thin and lightweight because poufy vests generally don't do me no favors. It's quite fitted and very comfortable. Slightly snug in the chest but that is to be expected. I was reading the online reviews which weren't so positive and one sticks in my head. A woman mentions pulling it out of the package and her husband says, What is that? A garbage bag? I know what he means.

The pink color is really interesting. I'm not exactly sure what I would wear it over but I like that it's a bit different. I'm feeling the dark color would be more versatile but not as fun. Perhaps the mint green?

What do you think? Have you tried on this vest?


  1. I think I like the pink much better than the Hefty green color, I think the green would have worked better on a less shiny vest. I do like that it's not as puffy, I am petite so they always make me seem like I'm wearing a life jacket :-)

  2. That's very sweet that your husband takes the time to look in JCrew for your present.
    I like the pink, too, but agree, not sure what I would pair with it. Grey, navy, burgundy, black, camel all come to mind as possibilities.