Thursday, January 15, 2015

Madewell Review: Cozies, Cables and Zips

There's nothing like a good cozy oversized sweater in the winter - especially with the weather we've been having. I've been really craving some nice thick sweaters that have that, "Oops I borrowed it from my boyfriend" look and I knew Madewell was the place to go.

I already boug the Easy Cable Pullover Sweater and love it. Took my usual size X-small. Here are some others I tried:

Shawl-Collar Wrap Cardigan Sweater (XS) in Heather Oyster
 I noticed this sweater the moment I walked in the store and thought for sure I would be taking it home. It's cute and cozy but I felt too much like I was in my bathrobe. How do they make it look so chic on the model and so dorky on me? On second thought... don't answer that :)

 Cable-Front Sweater (size M)
 This I had been eyeballing online and was glad to find one in real life. I didn't even mind the medium that much but decided to order the XS in the cream color (been really wanting a more traditional cream colored cable sweater). The online reviews say the cream runs a bit long which I'm happy about because I'd like to wear it as a sort of tunic over tight pants. I like the raglan sleeves and the nice pattern down the front.

 Chevron Crop Sweater in True Black (XS)
 This runs a bit small but is super cute. I would love it with a nice buttondown underneath. The little notches at the side are cute.

 Leather Pocket Installation Dress (XS)
I like that this dress is different but yikes! that leather patch! It just looks like someone had an afterthought and slapped it on there. There's nothing particularly wrong with this dress I just thought it made me look a bit like a retangle.

Back-Zip Pullover (XS) in Utopian Pine

 Back-Zip Pullover in Bright Cobalt (XS)

Yawn. I had really high hopes for this sweater but didn't like the fit. Sort of boring and then it stuck out a bit over the hips. It's very comfortable. That's about all I have to say about that.

When my sweater arrives I will post an updated review! Anything you have your eye on? They were still running 40% sale in my local store so now is the time to pounce :)

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  1. Oh, I dunno, that back zip pullover looks pretty cute. Maybe i'm just seduced by the green...
    Gah- you're making me wish I tried to track down that plaid midi dress- great colours!!