Sunday, January 4, 2015

Madewell Review: Silk Lace-Inset Top, Silk Tee Dress in Ascot Grid, Silk Tailored Tee in Ascot Grid, Cozy Shirt in Ember Plaid

I do love me some Madewell. I bought a pair of their Rail Straight Jeans when I was pregnant, hoping that they would be great post-preg and I've worn them almost every day. They really do casual but fun and modern just right. This year the fits have been all over the place. I can usually depend on an XS being perfect but now I never know what size I am. Sure wish they would do away with final sale. I would definitely buy a lot more that way.

Silk Lace-Inset Top (XS)
the pictures don't do this justice at all. It is so sweet and simple and cute. Very comfortable on and the little peek of skin makes it interesting. Definitely runs SMALL. I would need to size up to at least a small if not a medium in this.

Silk Tee Dress in Ascot Grid (XXS)
Sort of folkloric looking. I loved this print from the moment it came out. I'm not sure why I grabbed the XXS - perhaps to torture myself? Sometimes with these flowy dresses I can size down but not on this one. Just fitted enough and I am just still post-preg enough that it does not work. I did something I almost never do which is order the XS on final sale. I must be cuckoo. I almost never make final sale mistakes anymore but this came back in stock and I couldn't resist. I am going to pray that it fits. And if it doesn't I am going to pray that it fits after I stop breastfeeding. I think the gift card made me do it ;)

Oversized Trapeze Shirt in Star Print (XS)
I forget what this is called. It's on sale and I love stars so I tried it on. I believe this was an XS. It runs pretty big and does have an almost a-line/swing shape. I just didn't feel like it looked very good on and it is really transparent. I don't like to HAVE to wear camis with everything. It's a shame because I love stars and they are cute on this shirt.

Silk Tailored Tee in Ascot Grid (XS)
Bad bad bad. High neck and sort of a-line shape = most unflattering ever for those of us with big chests. Again, I love the colors and print so I was bummed.

Cozy Shirt in Ember Plaid (S)
I actually went in to the store to try this one because I love flannel and Madewell does it well. The color is more of an orange than a red and it is cute cute. The contrast pattern at the hem and cuffs is a sweet detail. Nice weight flannel. I'm prety sure this is a small and it fit with plenty of room. Overall, I thought the shirt looked too short - the proportion felt off.

If you are looking for an awesome sale purchase, check out the Pinewood Pullover. It is lovely and the colors are great. I do find that Madewell sweaters tend to pill a lot but I don't care that much since they are so cute.

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