Monday, January 5, 2015

J Crew and Madewell Review: Sweater Edition

I need a sweater like I need a hole in the head but that doesn't stop me from looking. I least I can slightly justify it by the fact that I live in a cold climate and wear sweaters a lot. Trying so hard to resist all the promos and on the whole succeeding. One of my new year's resolutions is to try not to be swayed by a low price point. If you love it, you love it and should get it but don't do it just because it's such a bargain! I'm doing pretty well so far but it is my pitfall.

Favorite Cardigan (XS)
 I love this color. Burgundy. Yum. Makes me want to sit by a fire with a snifter of brandy. Ok. I don't drink brandy but it seems appropriate. While this cardigan does not scream exciting or even necessarily 2014 I did like it. it's soft and cozy and the fit is just slouch enough. The covered placket for the buttons is a bit awkward but I like that they are trying to do something different. I feel certain this will pill so you have to ask youself how much that bothers you. Or just buy a sweater shaver.

 Easy Cable Pullover Sweater (M) in Ivory
 I had been contemplating this one online. It's cute and clearly this size is too big (it was the only one they had) but I was not digging on the dropped shoulders. I thought it would be passable on this style but nope. Dealbreaker for me. Otherwise liked the hi-lo hem and the cute patterns.

V-Neck Cardigan Sweater (XS)
This is from J Crew. I love the length - perfect! - but something about it felt super dorky. I think it's because the vee is so high. I feel like a vee should end mid-boob or under-boob. Not over. I've really been looking for another cardigan like the eden cardigan from years back but this is not it.

Overall a little blah. Maybe we're all just looking forward to spring already (ha ha ha, I wish)?


  1. I found my perfect v-neck cardigan recently at LOFT--their Relaxed Cardigan is a great length, nice v-neck depth, and sturdily constructed. Fabric is only 30% wool, but I got it on a great sale price and I'm tired of waiting for J.Crew to come out with something tailored and classic.

  2. Hearing you on trying to take off the sales goggles. I had a return to make today and almost bit on a pair of shoes. I honestly was conflicted about how cute they were, but almost bought them because they were so cheap. I resisted, but the habit is hard to break. Way to be strong ;)