Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Anthropologie Reviews: Beach Blossom Tee, Hidden Isle Dress, Ronan Shirtdress, Sol Stripe Shorts

I really haven't shopped that much at Anthropologie lately. I love looking at their clothes - total eye candy - but once on they have not been working for me that well. I do have my eye on a few things that are more fall. This romper is so cute and since it stays pretty hot here well into October, I think I could make it work. And of course, I can never resist a cute little slouchy striped t-shirt dress. This one is so Madewell don't you think? Anyway, here are a few sale items I tried on the other day.

Beach Blossom Tee (XS)
 Birds and fruit - say no more. I love the little design on the front but somehow this t-shirt was frumpy. The sleeves were a bit too long and I was not feeling the ruching. The body draped fine but the overall look was blah and the material was a bit itchy. I was so disappointed! Pattern adorable, style not so much.

 Hidden Isle Dress (size 4?)
 I LOVE the print on this one. I'm pretty sure this was a size 4 and although I have put on a few pounds recently, it still felt too big. It's seriously comfortable and easy to throw on.

 It has a little belt that goes in the back that helps cinch it in ever so slightly to give some shape. My favorite part is those colors though!

Ronan Shirtdress (XS)
 Again with color! Love it and the oversize plaid and adorable collar. This was so comfortable and so tempting for a hot day. I just don't look great in swing dresses. I think it helps if you are smaller on top to make them work. Adorable though.

 Sol Stripe Shorts by Eva Franco (size 4)
Oooo rainbow stripy shorts! These did not fit. The reviews do not lie - these run seriously small and seriously short in the crotch. You can see that they are basically fitting like a diaper on me. The construction is nice and I would give them another shot if I could find a 6 which btw is 2 sizes up for me.

Overall, a swing and a miss for me but I am looking forward to checking out more arrivals as we get closer to cooler temps. I'm loving the look of this layered pullover for fall - the details make it more transitional. And this sweater reminds me of one of my favorite slouchy Madewell sweaters except with more exciting details. So cute!


  1. They've been kind of swing and miss for me too lately. I was trying to use my birthday discount and couldn't find much to spend it on. Thanks for the reviews!

  2. I haven't shopped at Anthro in a long time, either. The quality of their items was disappointing, at least for the ones I purchased.

    They do have some really pretty pieces, though. That romper is adorable. I also like the print on the Hidden Isle dress. I'm a sucker for florals.
    Thanks for the reviews!!!