Monday, November 14, 2011

J. Crew Sale Picks

I've actually been pretty good at weaning myself off the J. Crack as of late but this latest promo made me bite on a few things. Here are things that I ordered:

Boardwalk Stripe Zipper Tee (XS)

This is actually waiting at the store for me because after 30% and educator discount it is going to be around $20. Who can resist?

Silk Elodie Blouse in Tall XS

They were out of regular sizes in this color and I saw it looking FABULOUS over on A Bigger Closet so I thought I'd give it a try. Check it out on her HERE

I'm not sure if this will be a keeper but I couldn't resist trying it at this price. God how I wish I could stop buying stripes (I actually just wrote stripe buying stripes, see? It's like a disease)

Lady Lace Popover (XS) in navy

After seeing this styled with the factory blackwatch tartan pants on Shop with M here , I decided to give it a try. I'm going to REALLY have to like it even at this price though.

After trying these on but unsuccessfully taking pictures, I decided to order them on 30%. They are soooo nice. I am really sensitive to wool and these did not bother me. They also did not have the dreaded waist gap that SOOOO many J Crew pants have on my body. We'll see if they live up to expectations when they are in my own house and being worn for more than 2 minutes.

Some more goodies I am contemplating should they go on sale/come back in my size:

Shimmer Skirt

Too expensive but OMG is it gorgeous. Would love to know what it is like in real life.

Shelly Shirtdress in Thomas Mason Fabric

Love a good shirtdress, nuff said.

Eden Cardigan

A great longer length cardigan without being too long a la infinity. Really sweet, wish I had picked it up before it sold out in so many colors!

What other goodies are people scooping up?


  1. That Shimmer skirt is ridiculously gorgeous! So classy looking. I remember seeing it in the catalog with a turtleneck sweater and immediately went on a hunt for a brocade skirt. The one I found is great, but doesn't quite compare.

  2. I know! I never noticed it before but loves it. Of course I chickened out on ordering it because I have no business buying a skirt that expensive but I would love to see it in real life!