Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ann Taylor Loft - Flat Wool Twill Cropped Blazer Review and Marisa Modern Flare Leg Pants Review

I used to shop at ATL a fair amount for basic work clothes. I stopped because I grew tired of their bottoms stretching out. I have several pants and jeans from them that looked fabulous in the dressing room but by the end of the day looks saggy and dumpy. Nonetheless, I like to check them out from time to time as they have ridiculous sales and some good JC look-alikes.

ATL Flat Wool Twill Cropped Blazer (size 2)

This blazer is truly lovely. The wool is deliciously soft and has a lovely texture. The length is just right on my frame - similar to a schoolboy fit but more flattering. The shoulder pads were a little large for my taste but I think they could easily be removed by a tailor. I don't really need a blazer right now but I might keep my eye out for this one to go on sale.

Marisa Modern Flare Leg Pants in Bi-Stretch Twill (Size 2)

 Hmmm. First of all these pants are REALLY long - 33.5 inch inseam. They are back in stock in petites but the inseam on those is 29.5 inches which is too short! The material is thick and stretchy and I really like the color - could go with everything. They are pretty snug in my usual size 2 but a little loose in the waist. I took a close-up shot of my bum but didn't post it because it was a LOT of information :). Not sure if these would stretch out nicely or not. On the fence - desperately need some nicer work pants but feel like they might be a bit too sexy.



  1. I rarely go into Ann Taylor, so I really appreciate the reviews.

    I love the blazer. I've been considering JC's schoolboy but just wasn't sure about the fit and the price. Nice to see a possible alternative.

    The fit on the pants doesn't sound good. Odd that the hip/butt is tight and the waist too big. Although I've run into this problem before.

    And the length. I don't understand why companies make regular sizes so long and petites so short. That's the main reason I stick with JC petite pants. I find the length to be generally good on me.

  2. I love the shape of those pants on you, but they are just a tad too bootylicious for work. :)
    I don't shop at AT often but I usually find nice things when I go. Plus they have really good sales.

  3. Those pants are grabbin the boo-tay. I don't think work pants should stretch. They should skim the body without outlining it. That's my $.02 anyway. You can do better. ;)

  4. Thank you for the comments ladies! Just what I was looking for. Back they go!