Tuesday, November 8, 2011

J Crew Reviews - Talia top in Seine Stripe, Crewlet - Puffer Vest

Whoops. I was back on the blogging train for a while but then I caught what I would like to call the "black death" and I have barely been able to get through my days. I don't run to the doctor for much but when I'm having trouble catching my breath in between sentences I figure it's time for a little visit. Anyway - probably just bronchitis or something but it is really hit me!

So just a few J Crew quickies.

Scoopneck Blouse in Seine Stripe (size 0)

Yes I blogged about this top previously, yes, I am a little obsessed. I wanted to try a size down to see how I felt about it. I love it in the size 0, just gives a little more shape. I love it and want it and am tempted during the 25% off sale. I wish the colors were more vibrant but even so. Delish. Sometimes I size down and then later regret it because I realize that I can't move my arms as well as I thought or the blouse gaps at the chest, but this one felt good. Great. I mean, really tempted.

Factory Lodge Puffer Vest in warm taupe (XS)

Never been a huge fan of puffer vests but I can see their appeal in the "in-between" months. Maybe it's living in New England or something but I'm feeling strangely like I need one. This one is totally adequate but does nothing for my figure. I do love the warm taupe color, don't know why, but do. 

This is for comparison. This vest is slightly more fitted although I think I really need an XXS which Lands End doesn't make. I do like, however, that it doesn't give the appearance of pregnancy, 3rd boob, or any other anomaly of the female anatomy. I really don't understand why they can't make a vest that nips in at the waist - why is that so hard?

I did take pictures of me trying on the Crewlet Blackwatch Tartan Pants but they were too bad to post.

But... they are AWESOME pants. No gapping at the waist, lined, no itchy wool. Awesome! Highly recommended.

Blech. Off to bed. Will try to get my mojo back this week!


  1. I saw that puffer vest at the crewlet and LOVED it!

  2. Yeah, the blackwatch pants are awesome. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. thanks for posting! I recently thrifted a down vest and was trying to figure out what I wanted to wear it with; thanks for the inspiration!