Friday, November 11, 2011

J. Crew - Purplicious!

Those of you with small children may get the reference. My daughter has become obsessed with all things princess, fairy or pink. I have no idea where this came from. I was not particularly girly as a wee one but she seems to be making up for that! Anyway, one of her favorite series of books is Pinkilicious! Loves them. There are actually a number of excellent children's series out right now.

We've gone through the entirety of the Fancy Nancy tome, most of Corduroy, Pinkilicious, Mr. Putter and Tabby and Madeline. It's been fun to rediscover some old classics and get acquainted with some new ones...

But I digress... on to J Crew Purple Reviews!

Blythe Blouse (size 2) in fiesta purple, Cafe Trouser (size 0) in desert on sale for $29.99 in store

I tried on the trousers before in a size 2 and they were a bit generous (especially give how JC stuff stretches out) but the 0's were definitely snug. Such a good sale price but I couldn't bite. In general I am feeling in between sizes in JC bottoms. I have also tried on the Blythe Blouse before. I don't love it in this color - I LOVE purple but this shade made me look kind of odd. Maybe if my hair was more a true blonde shade? Definitely prefer the extravagant green shade. Still great blouse - could do a size 0 or 2.

Vintage Thermal Henley in stripe (XS) in-store only color and No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Metallic Boucle (size 2) on sale

There has been a LOT of talk about the henley. It is super soft and cozy but I knew it would not work for me. The size XS would have been fine if I was not super busty. If I sized up, I knew I wouldn't like the shape as much. The skirt is lovely and I should know what it's called but I can't figure it out. Thanks to Great - it is the No.2 Pencil Skirt in Metallic Boucle - seemingly sold out online. It's a wool boucle with some metallic thread running through it. Gorgeous, but the thickness of the fabric added a little thickness to my frame which I did not like.

Patsy Dress (size 2) on sale

Again, I should know what this is called... Thanks to Gigi over at Gigi's Gone Shopping for letting me know that this is the Patsy Dress. It's a sweet little piece and very comfy. I would have to size up because the top is tight across my chest for the afore-mentioned reason. This shade of purple was more flattering I thought (it's probably also called fiesta but in this fabric I like it more)

Boardwalk-stripe Zipper Tee (size XXS and XS) respectively, in navy, on sale for $34.99

I'm not really sure why I keep on getting so excited about t-shirts with zippers, but I do. I had always noticed this in store but never striped it on. LOVE IT. The little zipper on the sleeves are so cute and it is comfy and a lovely new take on stripes. I did not buy it, but am keeping it mind for the next 30% off promo which is surely around the corner.

I'm purpled out... will be back with a few more reviews tomorrow!


  1. The Boardwalk stripe tee is very cute. Did you prefer the fit xs or the xxs?

  2. Hi Maryeb - I definitely preferred the XS (my usual size). You can't tell in the pics but the XXS was very snug. The XS was only slightly less so so it still looked body-conscious without being adhered to my skin :)

  3. I love me some purple. I really like the zipper tee on you too. :)

  4. I think the unknown skirt is the no. 2 pencil skirt in metallic boucle. I have it and love it.

    Thanks for the pics!

  5. ABC - hilarious! Me too, it just has to be the right shade.

    Greta - thank you for the information - I will update my post!

  6. The dress is the Patsy dress. I believe it went down to $79.99 and sold out at that price. Too bad about the stripe henley. It's really cute.

  7. Thanks, Gigi, for the info about the Patsy Dress.

    I figured there would be a 30% off today so I have the Boardwalk Tee on hold at my local B&M. 30% + educator discount = ~$20. Yahoo!