Thursday, November 3, 2011

J. Crewlet Reviews - Part II

Here are the rest of my Crewlet Reviews...

Some people have been asking about the factory stripped leggings so I tried them on:

Factory Stripe Leggings (can't find them online anymore) (Size XS)

These were on sale for super cheap and I have to say - they are quite cute! The cotton is super duper soft and they fit TTS. I feel a little silly in striped leggings but I think with the right outfit they could definitely be pulled off and are a soft, cheap alternative to the JC retail ones.

Factory Moss Tweed Mini  (size 4 I think) 

To be honest, the retail mini didn't work for me either. This one looks a lot like the real thing but a little cheap. It is super short and super tight - not a winning combination for a teacher/mom. I think I would like it if I sized up again. It does bear a striking resemblance to the real thing.

Factory Perfect Shirt in Tartan (also do not see this online) (S)

I usually wear an XS but didn't mind the S at all - gave that true "boyfriend look". Again, this plaid is spot on and a great impersonator of the original. The material is MUCH thinner than the retail version.

I never met the retail version of this shirt but wished I had because I LOVE all things gold. I had heard that the original was more taupe-y but this shirt definitely felt gold. The fabric is a bit stiff and I would definitely need at least a 2 if not a size 0. I think the fit is a little matronly but I did like the pattern and colors.

I have to return some stuff to the outlets this week so I am hoping to get a peek at some of the new plaid arrivals!


  1. The leggings are cute, I would love them for prancing about indoors in.

  2. I just love that you enjoy prancing! They are super cozy - reminds me of something I would put my daughter in.... in a good way :)

  3. It's still so bizarre that they knock things off from a year ago for the Factory. I'd much rather see cast offs at the outlet, not cheaper versions of things. I guess it's nice if you missed out on something, but it's hard to order online. The quality can be an issue. Anyway -- I have those striped Factory leggings, completely negating what I just said. They're totally fine in quality and definitely were waaaay cheaper than the retail/online version. I wish I'd gotten the cinnamon striped ones, too. I don't know if I'll wear them out of the house, though, so no outfit tips from me. :)

  4. Gigi - I totally agree! I can't believe they have the factory version of the Tartan boy shirt when they re-released it this year in the retail store as well. Weird. I do love those plaid pants though (which I finally got to try on and will post a review of today)