Monday, November 28, 2011

Anthropologie Reviews - Graphic Flutters Dress and more...

I meant to get these up during the big Black Friday promotion but I was too busy shopping! I have never really engaged in Black Friday as I have always lived in NYC and the idea of fighting those crowds is just not very appealing. But now that I am in a much smaller city I thought it might be fun - and it was! I hit the online and in store Anthro sale and scored some goodies - I will post those later. Here are a few try-ons from earlier...

Linea Cropped Cardi (XS I think) in Lilac $49.95
Love the snaps and the fact that this looks sort of handmade. The arms were a bit snug so I would probably want a S. I passed because I am always wary of anything cropped - not so flattering on the short-torsoed. Maybe having some regret not purchasing this as the knit is fairly substantial and it is sort of adorable in a retro sort of way. Alas.

 Love the vibrant colors of the print and the blue panels at the shoulders but overall - just too shapeless for me. Especially at that price.

Unknown Chemise

The print is lovely but there are snaps down the side and I didn't see this as something totally comfy to sleep in. I am currently interested in upgrading my sleepwear (really, is there anywhere to go but up when you've been wearing the same stained t-shirt for 2 years?) but this is not quite it. I had my hands on the PERFECT one at the 50% off sale but somehow dropped it and that was the end of that. Boo.

Oh my God. This is the most divine dress ever created. The silk is woven by angels in heaven and the print is so delicious that I want to dive in and live in that wonderful little world. This entire line at Anthro is amazing. I want every piece but can afford none :). This dress has a lovely interior button at the waist which is why it makes me look like I lost 12 pounds from the side view. My normal size 2 was maybe ever so slightly snug on the bust but that is because I am quite busty. If I had anywhere to wear this I would ask for this for Christmas. Colors, fit, material - finally a piece worth it's pricetag. I drool. Profusely.

Tiered Stripes Dress (XS)

Bow chicka bow bow. I definitely need a S - too tight! I do see the draw of this dress however. Super comfy, well made and weirdly flattering.

Cerulean Rising Blouse (size 4)

I almost bought this blouse but there is something "not quite" about it. I find the print a bit boring and the style is nice but doesn't quite flatter in the right spots.

I will post more later with my actual 50% off finds. I'm not sure what I will end up keeping but I sure had fun shopping!

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  1. hey, just browsing looking for your review of the daisy lace tee and came upon this set I missed- the column dress looks fantastic on you! I may be coming around to the beauty of purple!