Tuesday, November 1, 2011

J. Crew Reviews - New Arrivals Part III - Polka Dot Popover, Perfect shirt in Blackwatch Plaid, Cowlneck Poncho

've been taking a bit of time off from the Crewlade but I am finding some of their new items irresistible. I grabbed this new shirt during the 25% off promo and probably won't keep it but definitely love it!

Perfect Shirt in Blackwatch Plaid (size 2)

There is something about a really dark plaid that seems so sophisticated. I'm pretty much a fan of anything plaid but I love that this shirt could probably be worn with a beautiful black ball gown and still look fabulous. The fit is spot on - maybe even a tiny bit snugger than some of my others shirts in this size. The plaid is QUITE dark. I think the photo is pretty accurate. I was a bit surprised when this shirt arrived tied in an intricate origami ball but I guess that is to showcase the "lightweight suckered cotton for a touch of textural interest". The material is very light for a winter shirt.

I put a lot of pictures of this one up because I know a lot of people are interested in this top. I'm not loving it. It's totally fine but I wish it were a nice navy color and the material is that silk/cotton blend that tears really easily. The shortness didn't bother me because a) I probably wouldn't wear it tucked in and b)  I have a really short torso.

Cowlneck Poncho (XXS) sold out

This is one of those items that I became bizarrely obsessed with after I had initially poo-pooed it. My PS tracked down the last XXS in the country (according to her) which was quite miraculous. It's so super cozy and the material is very "rich" looking. The only complaint I have is that it is weirdly tight across my hips - something I never noticed when I originally tried it on. Now I'm debating trying to locate an XS or just make it work. Or take it to the tailor to see if they can open the sides a bit.

Any thoughts?


  1. I have to say good luck finding an XS. I suppose someone could end up sending one back, but that would mean they didn't get it on final sale and returned it within 30 days. Stock gets tricky, imo, in light of the return policy. I think the fit looks good. Maybe it'll stretch out in that area? It doesn't *look* too tight. The polka dot popover is not getting favorable reviews, but it looks good. Thanks for sharing pics. I don't like that cotton lawn fabric either, but I'm intrigued by the top again.

  2. Hi Gigi - your input is always appreciated. My PS tracked down an XS and is sending it to me - we'll see what shape it's in. She's so amazing she's even letting me return whichever one I don't want. Did I mention I love her? We'll see. I'll post pics when it arrives. It doesn't look too tight but I hate stuff being tight on my hips - I'm a little self-conscious of my bum :)

  3. OperaRach, if you decide to return your XXS, would you mind terribly selling it to me? I would be delighted to own the cowlneck poncho. :-)
    tisha_lim at yahoo.com
    (you look great with the xxs, so maybe you'll decide to keep it....)

  4. Same here
    I would LOVE the xxs if you are selling it!!!
    There is an xs on eBay if you are looking!
    Ends tomorrow!!

  5. @ Tisha and Rebeccatruxillo

    Thanks for your interest. I will let you know!

  6. First time to come across your blog. A LOT of good reviews. Thanks so much!! I have the same cowlneck poncho. I love it and I got it last month and we're blessed with great weather and I have been wearing that a lot. I have been thinking about the polka dot top but have to rethink about it after reading your review about the poor quality.

  7. Hi! I missed the Perfect shirt in blackwatch plaid last year and I have been looking for it! You said "probably won't keep it but definitely love it!" and is there a possibility that you don't want it any more and sell it to me?
    I am jcrew size 2 also so it will be really a perfect shirt! Let me know if there is any chance!