Monday, October 31, 2011

J Crew Reviews - New Arrivals Part II - Blouson Dress in Polka Dot, Colorblock-Stripe Long-Sleeve Tee, Cafe Trouser, Talia Top in Seine Stripe, Boy Shirt in blue vintage camp flannel

Blouson Dress in Polka Dot (size 2)

This dress really did not work for me, which is a shame, because the polka dots are adorable. It has a similar shape to the Lace Blouson dress which I blogged about before but it fit quite differently. The size 2 almost felt too big but the elastic waist fell at the oddest part of my body. Not empire, but not at the waist either. It kept on riding up and if I pulled it down it was too low cut on the bodice.

Colorblock-stripe long-sleeve tee (XXS) and Cafe Trouser (size 2) in Desert (on sale for $49.99 in store)

Love the striped tee - nice to see stripes that are not nautical. Really like the Cafe trouser as well but I feel like I am in between sizes.  I have learned to buy my pants quite tight since they are inevitably stretched out by the end of the day but the size 0's felt a bit too tight. Really flattering pants though.

Talia Top in Seine Stripe (size 2)

I really love this top. It has an ease about it that the regular Talia doesn't have. The beige stripe is darker than it appears on the website. The sleeves are not quite a bell but also loose. Love it. Really wish it came in more colors. Also think they should not call it a Talia since it is a different shape.

The color is vibrant and lovely but the overall feel is way too lumberjack. The fabric is thick and nubby like an old LLBean flannel shirt and it made me feel a bit too masculine. In a lighter fabric, I would like it.

Crewlet reviews coming next!!!! And a review of another new tartan shirt.


  1. The Seine top is lovely - am in hysterics at the pic of you below with your jeans round your ankles! Glad I'm not the only one who gets a bit lazy taking pics!

  2. I suspect all the blouson dresses are the same cut -- even the lace ones from the summer. Interesting we picked almost the same items to review! LOL

    I also added your blog to my list because I keep forgetting to come and check here. Thanks for the reviews.

  3. Lol, we sure do gravitate towards the same things. :) I tried on the striped seine blouse and the flannel boy shirt.
    I think that dress is really cute, too bad it didn't work for you.

  4. Bourbon & Pearls - glad you love the jeans pic! My husband finds it hilarious too! I just run out of steam and well.... there it is!

    Rose - Thanks! For some reason I found the lace dress to fit a little better - maybe because it's a thicker material?

    Fshnonmymind - Yes! Love the seine top> Again wish there were more color options. The dress is adorable but not something I see myself reaching for especially since it is freezing here right now!