Sunday, October 9, 2011

Boden Reviews - Midseason Sale Part I

Oopsies. I was not intending to take a week off of blogging but this was seriously a lot easier during the summer when I was working less and la daughter was not in school. I have never done any Boden reviews because I sort of burned out on them for a while. But, I couldn't resist the midseason sale PLUS a 20% off free shipping & return offer. Boden's quality is awesome but I find that their styles basically stay the same while the color palette/ patterns change a bit. A lot of their clothes tend to make me look a bit dowdy but I am still always drawn to them - especially since they are unique and you don't see that many people running around in them. So on to some reviews!

Chic Boatneck in Crocus Melange (size 4) Clearance Item for $45.00

I really like this color - I don't think it's a particularly "in" color this fall with all the saturated greens and oranges we keep on seeing but I like it anyway. It suits my pale skin and light hair. Let me preface this review by saying I am extremely shortwaisted. So, the fact that this sweater is super short on me is frightening. It's super cute and comfy but the length is a dealbreaker. I would be afraid to raise my arms!

Bella Jumper in Rosy (size 4)

This sweater is cute (and thank goodness longer) but the color looked outdated to me. The sleeves are a lantern style which also feels a little dated. I did like the band of material at the bottom - gave the sweater a nice shape and much needed length. Cute but nothing to get excited about for me. Maybe more intriguing in the Chili color?

Colourblock Cuff Top in Leaf (size 4)

I've been drooling over this top since it was released. Love rainbow cuffs, love green, love silk. The drape of the top is lovely. It skims the body beautifully and isn't at all boxy. I thought the size 4 might be tight in the shoulders as I vacillate between a 4 and a 6 in Boden but it was quite comfortable. Here is my one problem with this blouse - the bottom of the cuffs are elastic! It just really cheapens the look of it. Buttons would elevate the look of the top and make the cuffs/sleeves lay more nicely.

Breton Tunic (size 4) in Navy and Scarlet Stripe

Whoomp there it is! I couldn't resist the 80's reference. This size looks a bit 80's club girl and yes there is a lot of information about my ladyhood in it. I'm not sure if sizing up would look great and more tunic-y or just frumpy. Surely this size is a bit snug. Also afraid it would stretch out and I would regret not keeping the smaller size (ala stripy tunic from this summer. Was snug, more once, stretch out a lot). However, I love this color combo, the material is cozy and warm and the neckline is lovely and flattering. Plus the empire waist falls just right and is quite slimming. Very tempting.

I have a few more for tomorrow. Any thoughts? Worth a size up on the Breton Tunic? Any else find any  goodies with the midseason sale?


  1. Do. not. size. up. The material the breton tunic is made from will stretch a bit, I assure you. You look great in it.

    I would definitely wear it with cute leggings and flats with a statement would be the envy of all the other moms. :)

    Thanks for the reviews!!!

  2. Yay. Your comment is divine - thank you! I love having the opinion of another Bodenisha because I think their clothing is special and you have to really understand their fit/style. I am definitely thinking of keeping it. Soooooo comfy and I love the red and blue color palette.

  3. Dina knows. Don't size up. Leggings or opaque tights will make you feel more comfortable. It's very cute on you.

  4. My Breton Tunic in the navy with pink stripe just came today -- I can't decide on it -- I feel like it is a tiny bit scratchy and I'm also not sure what I will wear with it --- but I do like the style so I'm not sure....

  5. Gigi - Thanks! It's one of those me likies but husband not so sure of pieces...

    Suburban Mom - I just put on mine again to check but I am not finding it scratchy and I'm pretty sensitive. I think leggings is the easy choice but I'm actually short enough that I would wear it with thick tights and high boots as well. how do you like the navy and pink stripe color combo?

  6. Suburban mom - I take it back! It is totally itchy, I was wearing it for a few minutes to decide on whether or not I was going to keep it and it was totally itchy. Thank you for pointing that out!