Monday, October 3, 2011

Anthropologie - Four Corners Dress Review

I snagged this little beauty not only on sale but with an extra 25% off because they were closing the store. This dress was one of the few pieces that really stood out to me in the fall catalogue. Maybe partially because the model was in one of those perfect, drapey poses in a big, comfy chair and it just made me want to be her. The pattern was dark and luscious and I knew I wanted to be sipping a martini by the fire in it. Anyway, my DH did not feel the same way. One of the many reasons I love him is because he is actually my best (and only at this point) fashion advisor. Rarely do I disagree with him but this one I'm on the fence about. I know what he's saying about maybe it not being the most flattering style but I just feel so darn sophisticated in it! So here are some photos - would love to hear your opinion!

Four Corners Dress (size 2)


with thick belt:

with thin gold belt:

I know a lot of reviews said this ran very tight in the hips but I found it to be TTS. The top, of course, is quite billowy but I don't feel like I'm drowning in it. My biggest problem with the dress is figuring out where to place the waist band. The neckline tends to pull down in back, raising the waist in front. If the waist raises too much, the pleats don't lay flat. That's why I think it's almost necessary to wear a belt.

Please be honest and tell me your thoughts!


  1. i agree with your husband and i also dont care for the color/pattern.
    but if you like it and feel good in it that is all that matters.i like it best with the thin gold belt.
    thanks for all the reviews,esp. jcrew!

  2. Hi Ina,

    Thanks for the input - very much appreciated!

  3. I feel like you on this one- torn because the fabric and pattern are beautiful and the cut is interesting- kimono-ish. Probably no one but yourself may love it. I do, and keep half wishing to see a popback in my size, even though I know the man will hate it (and rightly so). It looks so pretty with the thin belt though...