Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lands End Review - Women's Joanne Classic Driving Mocs

In my efforts to dress a bit more professionally for work, I have been looking for functional but slightly more fun shoes. I moved from NYC to a car culture about a year ago so I have a closet full of comfort shoes. I walked EVERYWHERE in NYC and I am not great in heels so I have lots of Clarks, Timberlands, and Born shoes. They are awesome and some of them are quite cute but... I realize that now that I drive almost everywhere (sigh) I can probably step it up in the shoe department.

Ha! Apparently not. I am still always attracted to comfortable shoes - but these are so cute and currently on sale!

Joanne Classic Driving Mocs in Dusty Autumn Sunset

These shoes are so cute and totally wearable right out of the box. They are also a more subdued shade of orange than either the website or my photo indicates. Many review online said they ran narrow but I have weirdly wide feet and I didn't find that at all. They have all this crazy padding in the footbed that makes them super comfortable but they don't look like some of my super-dork comfort shoes.

Definitely recommend especially for $40. Found them TTS.

There is an extra 20% off ending tonight with code FALLBONUS PIN 9877
Free shipping with $50 minimum (but that is BEFORE discounts unlike JC)


  1. I love that color! Perfect for fall. I haven't tried LEC shoes yet but give a thumbs up to the quality of the clothes.

  2. Yes the color is fabulous. I don't love orange near my face but I'm fine with it on my feet. In general, I find that LE clothes and shoes are very durable so I'm hoping these will last a long time.