Friday, October 28, 2011

Anthropologie Reviews - Trace the Stars Blouse, Liquid Acres Skirt, Bilberry Dress, Hallowell Cowlneck, Gradated Diamonds Skirt, Tokonoma Tee

A few of my wishlist items popped into sale this week so I ordered some other things I've been wanting to pull the trigger on as well.

Trace the Stars Blouse (size 2 and 0)

I had such high hopes for this blouse. The constellation print is to die for. Love it love it love it. The fabric is also a very nice silk. It's hard to tell in the pictures but the blouse does this weird poufing thing right above the waist. It is really unflattering. I would almost consider sizing up to a 4 to see if I could get it to work but the arms are a little poufy for me as well. Insert major sad face here. Boo.

Tokonoma Tee (size 0) $49.95 (sale)

I've been waiting for this to go on sale forever. Now that I have it, I think I may actually like my Pointilist Pond Blouse better! The colors are so lovely on this one and I like the relaxed fit but it is a REALLY simple blouse. Just two panels of silk pieced together. I'm on the fence now.

Hallowell Cowlneck (size S) $148.00

This was the one item I saw in the catalogue that I thought I had to have. I love cownecks and I love big cozy sweaters. It comes in other colors but I you can't see the detail as much on them. The cowlneck is HUGE. So big, in fact, I don't really know what to do with it. In the middle picture you can see that it is rather wide in front. I wish the hem in front were as long as the back. I do still kind of love it but would not pay full price.

Bilberry Dress (XS) $69.95

Okay, I know, where the heck do you wear a crocheted dress? I surely don't know but I want to find a place. I have no reason to own this dress but again I sort of love it. It is so absolutely different from anything else in my wardrobe. I almost think you could winterize it with tights and a long tee underneath and boots. The self belt is even cute but I think I could use a real belt to add a bit more waist definition.

In real life I thought I like the skirt but seeing this pictures - meh. Many reviewers commented about the fabric not lining up correctly in the back and they are right! I am trying to show that in the 2nd pic. It IS a silk skirt for $40 which is nice and the length is perfect for 5'4'' me. I think I'll pass but it is a nice option for those looking to get a maxi skirt. Lays well despite the elastic waist.

 Liquid Acres Skirt (size 2) $59.95

This skirt fits beautifully - as good if not better than La Crew's pencil skirts. It is a heavy weight fabric and the colors could go with a lot. My usual size 2 has to be worn higher on the waist so I would like to try on a size 4. Might be too big in the hips then though. The length is perfect for me. I don't like skirts below my knee since I'm on the short side.

I have a bunch of JC new arrivals and Outlet reviews coming up....

Anyone else grab any coveted items at the most recent Anthro sale?


  1. I haven't bought anything from Anthro in a while, but that may change. Free shipping is an awfully tempting offer.
    Thanks for so many reviews. From the photos, the cowlneck doesn't look too big. It does look very cozy.
    I loved the print on that tee, but wasn't crazy about the shape either. It certainly is a beautiful print though. How does it look tucked in?

  2. I bought the Bilberry dress too, and thought just the same thing - where will I wear a crocheted dress? But it is lovely... I'm going to put a navy slip under it so I can wear it with tights and a cardie for winter.

  3. Maryeb - I know free shipping is hard to resist! That's a good idea about tucking in the blouse - I think I'll try it. The cowlneck is super cozy. It's basically like wearing a chic throw

    cagliar67 - That is a great idea! I like the nude slip for summer but the idea of tights and a navy slip is brilliant!

  4. Oh, I think any kind of knit dress works in winter- the Bilberry is so pretty, I don't think I even noticed that one online!

    I am seriously coveting the stars blouse, and I think I've had blouses like this before- I just took them in slightly between the waist and the armpit. We'll see if I cave to the reasonable price...I really like navy right now!

    I actually really like the way the pattern comes together on the back of the diamonds skirt- if it wasn't bias cut I'd be all over it!

  5. Yes, I grabbed sheets and towels. :)

  6. Nothing for me, but I will get a pa on the beautiful back vent dress. I never noticed the tokonomo (?) tee. Very pretty. I'm telling you, if it weren't for blog reviews...

  7. thatdamnedgreendress - I didn't notice the Bilberry dress online really, but when it showed up on the sale rack in Yorkville back in September I scooped it up. So pretty! And I agree with you about the diamonds skirt - I passed on it and have been kicking myself (btw, was that you coming out of the Yorkville shop today?)

  8. I picked up the Gradated Diamonds Skirt for $40 + 40% off recently, on a total whim (I'd gone to the store to re-purchase the Pansy Corset Trench). There were two XS at the store, so I picked the one that had a lined up back seam, even though the waistband wasn't as well lined up. Or as a midi skirt, with a many-rolled waistband! The silk is thin enough that it doesn't add too much bulk.

    I'm 5'2" and it is a good length for me, too. Almost touches the floor, but I can roll the waistband once or twice for a little more clearance in flats (I prefer my maxis to float around my ankles so I don't trip over them). It also looks decent when belted as a tube dress, if you roll the waistband once to the inside.