Saturday, October 29, 2011

J Crew - New Arrivals - Talia Top in Royal Paisley, No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Royal Paisley, Glimmer Long Sleeve Tee and Shimmer Bow Sweater

Popped in to check out some of the new arrivals (and the crewcuts section that has finally come). There are some real winners in the most recent release. I really love some of the new colors and shapes... although as usual I will probably play the wait till it goes on sale waiting game...

I'm a bit of a magpie when it comes to clothes. LOVE me some sparkle and shimmer especially when it is gold! This sweater is lovely. Love the shape, the color and the little tie at the back. I've been lusting after the goldmine sweater but not willing to shell out $138. This is a great alternative. One problem - I found it really itchy. Darn.

This is very similar to last season's drapey sequin tee. I do find the fit of this one to be a bit more generous - I remember the XS being very tight on me last year. The other addition is the little side vents which I love. It's the little details that count!

The colors are quite vibrant in real life. It's pretty but I don't love paisley patterns. I will say that this top is 100% rayon which makes it drape slightly better than the other Talia but feel slightly cheaper. I find it a bit shocking that this top is actually $8 more expensive than the silk version.

Talia Top in Royal Paisley with No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Royal Paisley (size 2)

I thought I'd try these 2 on together like they do online. It almost works! The pencil skirt is lovely and lined and fits great - although I would say it felt almost slightly bigger in the waist then my other pencil skirts. It's a teensy bit on the long side for my taste.

 More tomorrow!


  1. I have the paisley skirt in a size 8 and it is pretty big through the waist, but I want to wear this lovely pretty for a long time, so I will just deal...who knows what a middle aged spread will do to me. LOL. ;)

    I love all the items you have tried on, esp. the top sweater. Def. on my wishlist. I actually have the drapey sequin tee from last year so I will pass on this year's version, but great info on the sizing!

  2. Thanks, Dina! I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed the waist. And yes, my waist is definitely the spot that gets the most expanded award post-bambino so I might appreciate it! LOVE the gold sweater too I just think I'll be too itchy.

  3. I went into the store on Friday and we tried on some of the same items, although my store didn't have the Talia in paisley so I'm a little jealous since that's one of my favorites of the new arrivals. :)

    I thought the shimmer bow sweater was cute, but I also agree it's really itchy and a bit too thin.

  4. The paisley would look gorgeous on you! I'm not totally in love with the colors for me. The shimmer bow is adorable. I think it will make it to sale where I might have to snap it up if I can figure out a way around the itchiness.

  5. Thanks for the reviews. I love all the paisley pieces. Haven't decided if i like the skirt and top combination. I don't mind that the Talia is a rayon since J.Crew production of a silk version would have thin material. I will admit that it's too expensive given the fabrication.

  6. I am not surprised rayon is more expensive. There is a lot of preparation of the fibres before you get to rayon.

  7. Did not know that about rayon - interesting. I know what you mean, Cleo, about it being thicker. It does actually drape better on me than the silk Talia. I just don't love the paisley.