Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ASOS Reviews - Midi Skirts

First of all let me start by saying that ASOS has THE BEST customer service. I wrote them an email because a bikini bottom I had ordered (for about $10) had come with the little charm not quite properly attached. It didn't really bother me and I could have fixed it myself but I thought if they had one without that problem I may as well exchange it. Well, the email I got back said we have already shipped a new one out to you, please don't even bother sending back the old one! I couldn't believe it. No questions asked. So YAHOO for ASOS. Love them. I have only ordered swimsuits from them because the brand I like is expensive and they often have them on sale. This time, I thought I would try some midi skirts so here goes.

River Island Stripe Midi Skirt (size 4) $52.38

This was the only size 4 that fit - and that is only because it's made out of a super stretchy, thin material. I think this skirt is basically cute and the way the stripes are position is mostly flattering. The price tag is a little high considering the quality but this would be a great throw-on piece.  A little too long on my 5'4'' frame.

You can't really see it under the tank top but this skirt is TIGHT on my waist. I would definitely need a 6. The print is super cute and the pleating is done well. The waist band at the top if quite wide which is nice for a tummy and there is a little self belt. Again, for 100% polyester I think it's a bit pricey but a cute take on the midi skirt and equestrian theme.

ASOS Pleated Midi Skirt (size 4) in Green

LOVE this color. Almost like the Blythe Blouse in Extravagant Green from J Crew. Unfortunately the pleats start right at the waist band which makes one's hips look a little poufy. The length is much better on this one and I think if you are less curvy this would be super cute! Would need a size 6.

ASOS Midi Skirt with Pleat Waistband (Size 4) in Camel $36.67

I liked that the pleats started a little lower down on this one and that they were wider. Overall more flattering but this felt a little too school marm to me. I think one of the other colors would be better and a really bright, fun top. Again the size 4 was too tight.

I think ASOS has some great midi options and you can't beat free shipping and returns! Now that I know my size I think I will be able to find some great bargains there.

Anyone else found some special pieces?


  1. I agree about trying different sizes to figure out ASOS. I study the runway preview to get an idea of how something might fit. Free shipping makes it easy and not feel like a big gamble.

  2. LOVE the free shipping and returns and their customer service. It's win, win, win over there.

  3. Hi, thanks a lot for the reviews! I am thinking of buying the Midi Skirt with Pleat Waistband and I´m not sure about the size. I am in Spain and returns are NOT free here (unfortunately!), so I would like to buy the right size. You say the size 4 is too small for you. Could you please tell me your waist and hip measurements so I can compare with mine and get an idea? Thanks so much!