Saturday, October 1, 2011

Anthropologie Reviews - Alary Shirtdress, Glinting Persica Sweater Dress, Golden Gate Cardigan, Hip Cinched Blouse and Thousand Carat Pullover

Popped into Anthro this week. I'm having a hard time finding my "look" with Anthro. I love the idea of all these flowy pieces and bohemian styles but I can't quite figure out how to incorporate it into my wardrobe. A work in progress...

Alary Shirtdress (size 4)

This is a size up situation for me as it usually is with the Girls from Savoy brand. The size 2 was GLUED to me although I did actually manage to fit into it. The colors are mega-blah on this one, which is unfortunate, because I love the print. The fit is basically flattering - in that retro Mad Men sort of way - but I couldn't decide where I would wear this. 

I was immediately drawn to this dress. Something about a little sweaterdress with an adorable cutout in the back. The colors are super muted but I think this added to the classiness. Plus the little glint in the fabric is a nice touch. It's pretty comfortable but not lined and feels a bit flimsy considering the price tag. I'm not sure it was super flattering - especially that big lump of fabric that runs across the top. 

Golden Gate Cardigan (size S/M) $79.95 in Purple

Very very cozy but ran much bigger than I expected. I didn't realize it is basically a refined poncho. I think a pretty nice piece for the price but I felt a little overwhelmed by all the fabric.

Sale top Sudden Downpour Top by Lil (size 0) $19.99

I did write down the style number but have no located the item yet. A great big thank you to LC for pointing out that this is the sudden downpour top. I almost liked this blouse and the color was delish but even the size 0 was huge. I think if it had LESS details I would actually like it more. Something about the frilly neckline, and the pleats and the over-sizedness. 

Hip Cinched Blouse (size 0) in Green Motif

I can usually size down to a 0 in blouses by Maeve and this one was no exception. It was a little snug in the hip waist area but I probably could have adjusted it a bit to make it fit better. I love the print and the idea of this blouse but the top was HUGE and the waist really snug and it just made me look bustier. Boo.

Thousand Carat Pullover in Orange (size S)

Excuse the bizarre pose - I didn't really want to be showing my bra to the world - bad enough my belly button is showing through. I actually adore this sweater. It is so soft and light and the trim at the botton and top is feminine and lovely. I even like the longer length (although I certainly would not call it a tunic like the description on the website does). Sale wishlisted.

En Route Blazer (size S) $49.99

I keep on claiming that I'm all striped out and yet I keep being drawn to more stripes. Hmm... Anyway - I have no idea what this blazer is called but it is so cute Another big thanks to LC for letting me know this is the En Route Blazer. Love the nautical buttons, the 3/4 sleeves, the uber soft fabric. I did decide I needed a size down so they are shipping that to me from another store. I especially love the collar and the stance on this jacket - I find that those 2 elements are what make or break a jacket for me (being a busty but small backed girl).

So sad that they have ended the free shipping at Anthropologie but probably better for my budget? Anyone pick up any last minute items before the promo ended?


  1. I resisted the urge to buy before the promo ended, but it was hard. I picked up a few things during the last JC promo and didn't want to spend any more $'s .
    I really like the striped blazer. I've been admiring it ever since it popped up on-line.

    You are very brave to review that tunic. It looks cute and soft, but definitely needs a cami. I think that's how Anthro shows it in the model shot. They really need to include a cami with it.
    Thanks for another great batch of reviews.

  2. Thanks maryeb! I always enjoy your commentary. Yes I feel a bit embarrassed not finding anything to put on under that tunic but I loved it so much I wanted to let other people know! I can't wait until the striped blazer arrives in the XS. I think it will be cute over everything and super soft.
    Good for you for resisting! I am a sucker for free shipping...

  3. The unknown top and blazer are the Sudden Downpour Top and En Route Blazer, both of which I love. Nice reviews!

  4. Thanks, LC. Duly noted. Good to have an Anthro Aficionado to tell me what I have tried on :)