Thursday, September 29, 2011

J Crew Review - Marching Mini, Perfect Popover in Herringbone Plaid, Deck Stripe Boater Tee, Metallic Foil Jacquard Top

A continuation of the other day... unfortunately some of these things have gone out of stock during the sale but I'm sure they will be popping back...

Marching Mini (size 4)

It's a cute basic little mini skirt. I love the color and the buttons but I just don't think it's that special for $59.99. Maybe on further promo? I do like the weight of the cotton however.

Perfect Popover in Herringbone Plaid (XS)

I took this home with me as it was on sale in store for $29.99 plus my 15% off educator discount. I'm not sure I'll keep it though. I like it more with skinny pants than I do my waverlys that I'm wearing in the 2nd picture. I would like to try the XXS. According to online measurements I think it would fit fine but I'm always concerned about shoulder/back movement and they don't seem to carry XXS in store. Love the slightly more muted colors than the Quincy Plaid shirt though...

This is the XXS and it was still fairly roomy. It's very cute but I'm sorta striped out (except for that striped Elodie which I am totally kicking myself for not buying during the promo). I think smaller girls may be sized out of this one. The buttons on the sleeves are really cute.

I was trying this one on because I spotted one on ebay with a starting price of $0.99 and no one seemed to be bidding. Of course I spaced out and forgot to bid but oh well. Am on the fence about this one. I love anything gold so was immediately drawn to this when I saw it in store but the pattern is a bit too reminiscent of Mee-Maw's couch. It's also pretty snug in the shoulder and hips - if you have broad shoulder you may have to size up. The color is beautiful but the fit a bit dowdy. I think I would like notches at the hips for movement and maybe a lower neckline.

I DID buy the striped Elodie in store in a size 0 and 2 and will do a more in depth review of that later.

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