Friday, September 23, 2011

Anthropologie Reviews

My adorable husband went to Anthropologie and bought a plethora of clothing treats as an anniversary present! It was so sweet, but unfortunately the sizes were off (it is hard to know your size at Anthro with all the different brands) and the styles he (or more likely the SA) picked were not quite my style. Nonetheless, it was terribly sweet and I was so touched that he knew what I would want as a present - clothes. So, back to Anthro I went to return and snoop around in the sale section. Here's what I found.

Hace Sol Peasant Top (XS) in yellow $19.95

When my arms were straight down and to the side the top looked cute and like it had a little shape (the shirring underneath the breastline helped that). But the moment I raised my arms, I looked like a big box. Such a shame because I love the color and the detail on the neckline. Alas.

Erg. Sorry - this seems to have disappeared from the website. This was an XS and it will still huge. I love the floral print but the overall look is a bit too sloppy for my taste.

Finally! One I know the name of! This was actually a top my husband picked for me because he knows I love ANYTHING with animals on it. And I LOVE it but again it is just too drapey for me. Plus i will agree with the online reviews that there were threads shedding ALL over it. It looked like something I might have paid 10 cents for at the local thrift store.

I have no idea what this top was but it was $19.99 and a size 4. I felt a little too "Age of Aquarius" in it but perhaps someone taller could rock the look.

Anaheim Shirtdress (size 2) in Dark Orange

I love a little fitted corduroy dress in the fall but this one was not it for me. Granted the size 2 was definitely too small (2 is my usual size). The corduroy was super soft and the defined waistband was lovely. However, the buttons would not stay closed and I don't think this was just because it was a big snug. They are also spaced apart weirdly putting stress in certain areas. not good. The neckline was also a bit blah to me.

Aine Pencil Skirt (size 2)

This skirt is really lovely and I love the green fabric peeking through underneath - makes it really unusual looking. The size 2 was way too snug for me. I seem to be having a not size 2 day :) I've actually lost a little weight so I don't think it's me - maybe these brands run differently than my usual ones at Anthro? Anyway - if I found it in a size 4 I would be tempted.

Love the skirt but again too small. It looked okay in this size but it did not feel comfortable. Love the color, love the material, just interesting enough but not too flashy. Perhaps in a size 4...

I will try to find the name of those other tops. Am still anxiously awaiting a few cherished items to go on sale. Maybe this week? 

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