Saturday, September 3, 2011

A few more J Crew Reviews...

Ahh... finally the weekend and I have a minute! I popped into La Crew on Thursday and I couldn't believe the amount of things already on sale - including the Toile Jacquard Origami Mini which I couldn't resist picking up. Still kicking myself for forgetting to use my educator discount however... grr...

First up, an oldie but goodie. The Lace-over tank (XXS) in what I believe is taupe. I had only been able to try on the XS in store but when the XXS showed up I jumped on the opportunity to see if the fit improved.

The taupe almost has a slightly sage green hue to it which is nice. I do like the fit of the XXS better but it was probably a little snug in the back. I wish the lace was over the entirety of the shirt - I think it would help the "I can see bra lines through the back" problem. There was a slight gap at the buttons but not bad. I also have a feeling that this would stretch out a lot as you wear it. This is definitely on my sale + % off list. I would love to see the pink color in person. I think you can size down.

Hacking Jacket (size 2) in charcoal.

The fit of this one is spot on and I agree with other bloggers that it's more fitted shape is a nice change from the schoolboy blazer phenomenon. I didn't find the wool scratchy (which is crazy because I'm pretty sensitive to wool) and I liked some of the details on the jacket but it's still not for me. The longer length was a little awkward on my body. Maybe I'd like it more with fitted pants - a la Minnie.

Schoolboy Blazer in wool flannel (size 2) in Pearl Grey.

Blah de blah. Totally fine. If you need a wool blazer I think it fits the bill but I don't love the gold buttons and the material (as many bloggers have said) does not feel as luxe as it should with that kind of price tag.

Dreamed Ribbed Yoga Cardigan (XS) in Heather Fern.

First off, let me say that I live in sweaters like this in the winter. I detest being cold and pretty much get the chills in any temperature under 70 degrees (why am I living in New England?) so I love wearing a sweater that is akin to a blanket. Unfortunately, I think this looks about as good as wrapping myself in a blanket. It is very soft and cozy and I LOVE this color but I couldn't get it to lay on my body in a nice way. Maybe belting it would help? I'm not a big fan of the batwing syndrome. A size down may have helped but I still think the basic lines/cut of this sweater is not going to do my body any favors. Despite loving blanket-chic, pass...

Last but not least... my obsession with the must-have but don't-need Lace Blouson Dress continues.

The pictures are Size 4 front, Size 2 front, Size 4 side, Size 2 side.

 In looking at these pictures, I prefer the size 4. When I was in the dressing room, I preferred the size 2. I think what I would really like is a size 3 but alas...

Might have to pop in and some of the newer arrivals later this weekend...


  1. It's really nice to see a side by side comparison of the Hacking and Schoolboy blazers. I think they both look good on you, better than anticipated based on the reviews I've been reading on JCA.

    I'm expecting the Lace-over tank in pink. I ordered it way back when and just got an email that it's on it's way. I hope it's worth the wait.

  2. So glad you got the lace-over in pink! I would love to hear what you think of the color. I can't tell if it's going to be a nice neutral shade of pink or too "barbie-ish". Thanks for the thumbs up on the blazers. They are both nice - just not needed right now.