Sunday, September 4, 2011

Some quickie Anthro Reviews - sale and FP

Been popping in and out of Anthro a lot these days. I know that once fall hits - there will not be much time for shopping so I may as well enjoy it while I can!

Lemon Liftoff Blouse (size 4) $118.00

I had to try this blouse on because I love anything with a bird print. And I am LOVING this whole secretary blouse thing that is happening right now. It's hard to tell in the snapshot but the sleeves on this puppy are seriously poufy. Unflatteringly so. Any time I try on a blouse like this all my husband has to say is "Little House on the Prarie" and out it goes. Looking more for a Maggie Gyllenhaal a la "Secretary" look. This blouse runs a tad snug thus the size 4.

Dyanmic Zigs dress (size XS), seen on AppGal HERE

After seeing this on AppGal over on Musings on the Mountain I decided I had to try on this dress. Hmmm... goes to show you that not everything looks good on everybody. It is great on her but was a little too much fabric on me. I am not saying it was too big - that was definitely not the case - fit well and super comfy because the cotton is so soft and stretchy - just not flattering.

Aven Bloom Dress (size 4) $148
This dress is extremely comfortable given the back panel of stretch. I sized up to a 4 because I am a bit more endowed than some and wanted to be comfortable. The silk is lovely, the print is lovely, I love navy. But, the sweetheart neckline and slightly high waist reminded me too much of a middle school dance dress. I'm having a flashback of the side-to-side slow-dance sway with some teenage boy while listening to "With or Without You". Just sayin'.

Winter Tree Shirtdress (size 4 and size 0) $178

So pretty. I was immediately drawn to it. I would say you could size down on this one if you are looking for a more fitted look (like in the 2nd 2 photos) or stay TTS if you want a slightly more drapey fit (the first photo is actually a size up but you get the picture). Beautiful, good length, comfortable, interesting neckline but WAY too expensive in my opinion. Perhaps on sale?

I think you could size down on this one. Again, I am drawn to anything with birds but not if it makes me look like a frump-a-dump which this top definitely did.

Beekeeper Blouse (size XS) $39.95
I love sequins done right for daytime. Also love a bold print. This had both and the sequins are a gorgeous color - sort of half-gold, half-pearl. The blouse hangs straight off the bust and sort of flares out. Not good for the busty. Oh well.

I did score one very exciting item in the sale section with an extra 25% off (the store was moving and having an extra sale) but I will post about that later.

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