Sunday, September 11, 2011

J Crew Review - Flair Skirt and Button Box Sweater

I decided I must try on the must talked about Flair Skirt - a longer length is always appreciated in the post-20's era. I found the material thick, soft and lovely but the shape a bit matronly. Here are the results:

Flair Skirt in Heather Acorn (size 2)

Flair Skirt in Heather Acorn (size 4)

To be honest, I didn't think either size did much for me. Size 2 is my normal pencil skirt size, size 4 is my normal "waist band" skirt size and I think I would go with a size 4 on this one. Both were fine in the waist but I felt that the size 4 pleats laid a bit better on my body. Either way I felt like a taller body would pull this look off better. I just felt a little dowdy on me. I think the material is luscious however.

This is a sequin tank on sale for $49.99 item #:52461 in Ebony. Super cute. I really wanted it in the vintage navy but someone snagged it before I got to it!

Button Box Sweater in Heather Clementine (XS)

I think this sweater looks fine in the photo. In real life, however, the line that separates the smooth part of the knit from the more open part of the knit was bothersome. It made this weird lump on top of my breasts - not the look I am going for. Besides that it was a basically comfortable sweater - I like the cut - but the line was a deal breaker. Plus it felt a little Kmart in quality.

I just spent about an hour crying over 9-11 footage (yes I lived in NYC when it happened) so I think I will head to bed and think some healing thoughts for those that were directly affected.

Peaceful dreams to everyone tonight.

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