Thursday, September 1, 2011

OOTD - Shortcut Sweater and Surplus Pant

Oops. This is a short one. Our internet has been iffy ever since Hurricane Irene and I am way behind. I do have a bunch of Anthro and J Crew Reviews left but I will have to get to them tomorrow. This is one sleepy momma tonight. I'm not saying I'm breaking down any fashion boundaries in this outfit but I felt great and uber comfortable.
The bottoms are now being marketed as the surplus pant and are on sale for $24.99! I bought these in the fall for $13.99 and I have worn them to death. I find them more flattering than the Waverlys (which I also own) and their material has less give so they keep their shape better. They were called the Annie pant in the fall but I have tried on the surplus pant as well and don't find any difference. The sweater is the shortcut sweater in XS which is a great transitional fall piece. Finally I have the Stripe lace-up tee in XXS. 

Will be back tomorrow with a more exciting post! Zzzz....


  1. Comfy pants by J Crew are really good when they're good. And I'm sure that makes no sense, but work with me :) I haven't followed the weather at all, but sending you good wishes & continued safety.

  2. That makes total sense! Always love a good Gigi comment! Irene's impact around here was pretty minimal except for electricity/cable things like that. Thank you for the well wishes.