Thursday, September 8, 2011

J Crew Reviews - Schoolboy in Blackwatch Plaid, Betsy Sweater, Merino Pleated Skirt, Eden Cardigan

I ventured into a different J Crew than my norm since we were traveling this weekend and it was really nice. There is a SA at my local store who always avoids me and leaves me walking around carrying clothes instead of opening a fitting room for me and it makes a bit uncomfortable. I understand that I often come in, try on a lot and don't buy much if anything but I don't think it's a crime to try things on. Because I am often NOT planning on buying anything (really why bother since we all know it's going to go on sale sooner or later anyway), I never ask for help and always get my own sizes. I don't know why she chooses to ignore the fact that I need a room but it makes me not want to shop there. How do bloggers out there feel about trying on stuff but not buying anything? I shouldn't feel bad about that, right?

Anyhoo.... on to the more interesting - more fall J Crew!

Eden Cardigan (XS) in Heather Dark Grape, Perfect-fit Long Sleeve Crewneck Tee in Deep Turquoise (XS), High-waisted Skinny Cord in Dark Fatigue (size 27)

I like the Eden Cardigan - I think it runs a little big. But, the length is way better for me than the Infinity of last year and the pockets are placed better. I was trying on the long-sleeved tee to go with the Toile Jacquard Origami Mini. They only had XS and that is too small for me in Perfect Shirts. The cords are really attractive and I love the color. The skinniness of the leg is perfect - flattering and not too tight. I am not the biggest fan of the high waist. It does hold everything in but it was a little uncomfortable for me and unflattering if I were to wear something tucked in. I also got a bit of crotch bunching which is never good. I am REALLY short-waisted so this might have been problem. Wish they made the same cords in low rise. Sigh.

 Hmm... I know that everyone is drooling over this piece but it was not doing it for me. The sleeves seemed to have the tiniest bit of pouf which I DID actually like. The fit was on, the leather patches are a cute detail but it just felt too preppy for my taste. My high school is listed in the Preppy Handbook as one of the top 5 preppy place to go to school - so perhaps I am just rebelling :)

Betsy Sweater in Heather Aqua (XS) and Merino Pleated Skirt  in Saddle (XS)

I really liked both these items. The Betsy is super soft and has a nice shape. It does feel rather airy/flimsy - i.e. I would be worried that it would stretch really easily. I can't quite describe it - but I bet J Crew would say "lofty knit". The color is yummy. I actually love this skirt. It's super comfortable and I didn't feel that it showed too many lumps and bumps in size extra-small. Extremely sophisticated looking.

Tomorrow I will post reviews of the Liquid Silk Skirt, Origami Mini in Peony and Vintage Cotton Stripe  Shoulder Zip Tee (LOVE IT)


  1. Absolutely, you should not feel bad about trying things on with no intention of buying. I do it all the time. It's a smart way to shop, evaluating all your options so you can make wise choices when you do decide to make a purchase. And those of us who shop JC on-line get to see the clothes IRL thanks to your reviews.

    Have you tried the Matchstick cords or the Toothpick? I've gotten the Matchstick in past years and wonder how they compare to the High waisted skinnies.

    I love that color of the Betsey too. I'm just waiting to see if it goes on sale or promo.

  2. thank you for all your reviews!
    did you try on the tippi sweater? is it TTS?

  3. Thanks MaryEb! I do have the matchsticks from last year and I would say that the High Waisted Skinnies fit a little snugger in the waist/tummy area but similar otherwise.

    ina - I did try on the Tippi and found it true to size (XS). I reviewed it here

  4. I'm not into the blackwatch either. I love the plaid, but the colors are dark. The Eden is really pretty in that color.