Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Anthro Reviews - Hyacinth Afternoon Shift, Tsuru Blouse, Noon and Night Dress and Sea Whims Tunic

I had a few returns to make (including the Floriography blouse which was a disaster on my frame) and grabbed a few things for fun. The most insane part of my visit was rebuying the Embroidery Pattern Skirt. I have an illness for that thing. I decided to bring it home again and style it completely differently to see if I like it. I just can't resist a well made silk skirt for $39.95!

Tsuru Blouse (size 2 and 0 respectively) $118.00

I truly love this blouse. The waist band does great things for the bod and the low cut front is just low enough to be sexy without being too revealing. Usually I can size down in Maeve but the 0 was too tight on my waist. Even the 2 was snug but I liked it. Depending on what you were wearing it with you might even want to size up so the band goes over the top of whatever you are wearing. The color is lovely and the material is gorgeous. 

It's hard to tell in my rotten pictures, but the shape of this dress is very flattering. Extremely form-fitting in the best of all ways. The print feels a little retro to me - perhaps even a little 80's but the interesting neckline keeps it from looking old. The size 2 felt good except for the bustline. I would definitely size up to a 4 to give my boobs room to breathe. That being said, I am large busted for someone my size. The material has an interesting texture to it because of the linen and is thick enough to avoid wrinkling without being stiff and uncomfortable.

Noon and Night Dress (size small) $158.00

I would definitely want the size XS in this, I was just too lazy to go back out and get it. I can see why this dress has been very popular. The material is SOOO comfy and stretchy - delicious - and the shape is quite charming - a little Audrey Hepburn with a twist. I will say that the side view was atrocious. The waist seam sort of dips down in the back and it made me look like I was about 2 feet wide. The XS may have helped this. Comfy and classic - I think this could be in one's wardrobe for a long, long time.

Sea Whims Tunic (size 2) $39.95

Yikes. This did nothing for me. The shirt is a-line in shape which made it feel too big. I don't even think I could size down because the back felt just right/tight. I don't have much to say about this one.

Disappointing cuts in the sale this week. Hoping for some better ones next week. Loving the September catalog, including this skirt HERE

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