Friday, September 9, 2011

J Crew Reviews - Liquid Silk Skirt, Jardin Skirt, Origami mini in peony, Vintage Cotton stripe shoulder-zip tee,

The last of my most recent trip. The store I went to was so well stocked and laid out. I actually had to sort of stand there and drink in all the color for a second.

Liquid Silk Skirt (size 4) in Bright Dahlia, Silkspun Sweater in Gatsby Green (XS) on sale for $39.99

The sweater was meh. It felt pretty cheap/basic and fit a bit big for an extra small. Did not feel like the 14 gauge knit of other JC sweaters I have. The skirt is lovely. I always size up with skirts that only fit at the waist because I am a little thicker there since baby arrived. It fits well, the material flows well and I love the color. I do not find it obnoxiously bright. I would pair it with a more neutral shirt/sweater for sure.

Jardin Skirt (size 4) in rich purple, Sequin Zig Zag Tank  (XS) in faded black

Barf and barf. I look like Cinderella but BEFORE the ball. Every time I see the Jardin Skirt in store, I avoid trying it on - and now I know why! It looks so adorable on other people but is not good for me. I have a curvy body and I just felt like I was wearing a wrinkled old bag. The tank runs HUGE. I'm not sure an XXS would even be small enough.

Love. Almost love together. If you are looking for a more fitted look on the tee, you could definitely size down. The tee is quite long, almost tunic-y, and would look great with super fitted pants (thinking of my Troupers in shadow). I had to size up twice for the skirt just like I did on the Toile one. I love this print but the silky material doesn't lay as nicely. If you walk it poufs out in front giving the appearance of man-bulge or very low-lying pregnancy. I didn't find this as much with the Jacquard one. The zip shirt is on my sale wishlist. We'll see if it makes it there.

Anyone else find luck with these items?

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